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  1. 1) And when you run out of grenades? I had a maximum of 6 incendiary grenades and I threw them all into the tower. His health barely went down to half. Then it was back to the drawing board and going to approach 3. 2) Yup 3) Like I didn't try this approach first. Of course having grenades thrown your way every 2 seconds and respawning enemies flanking you while you're dodging the grenades is amazingly effective in trying to kill Darcy, who only pops his head out every 5 minutes. What I'm trying to say is that sniping him seems like the easiest and most effective method that once someone discovers this approach why would they bother with the other 2?
  2. I f***** hated this boss fight. Reloaded nearly ten times. I tried so many different strategies but they didn't work and I was PO'd when I managed to kill the little **** only to die myself. But then I noticed that you can lockpick a door with a ladder leading you up a tower with a handy dandy sniper rifle. After that, the fight was over real quick. The problem I have with this is that the game seems to force you into only one particular direction in order to succeed. So much for choice.
  3. No, I don't think so. I thoroughly enjoyed my first playthrough of VtM:B. Can't say the same for Alpha Protocol. VtM:B had a CRAZY amount of atmosphere and the music was awesome. Some of the levels were the most memorable of any video game I've ever played (Ocean House, anyone?) AP was just meh. Nothing really stood out.
  4. I agree. The controls for the PC is retarded. The mouse hovers like 5 inches above the actual box. But I have no problems with the mini game. It's like a word search, only you just look for the numbers that don't move.
  5. I don't believe they said "Hey we're gonna make it so you can change his face during the delay" so I'm not sure where the foundation of your gripe about the time extension lies. Well it's not like there weren't any gripes about Mr. Plastic prior to the delayed release either. On every message board I've been there's always several threads complaining about MT's face. They should have taken this into consideration.
  6. We're screwed then? What kind of spy has never had a pimple before in his life?
  7. You ain't the only one. His complexion is creepy smooth, like a baby's butt. He looks like he should be in a boy band.
  8. What's with this whole 'exploration' craze, anyway? I'd have hours of my life back if I didn't spend so much time backtracking from place to place in the Fallout games. Ambience. Environment. What's the point of being in Rome if you can't enjoy it? Fast travel can deal with the backtracking problems.
  9. I'd totally support a delay if they allowed for exploration within the hubs ala Bloodlines. Otherwise I can understand the "not RPG enough" comment.
  10. With this delay they should also be adding more facial customization. Another whole year to get things right, Obs.
  11. One can hope, but I highly doubt it. I'll just turn to DA for my in depth char gen fix.
  12. What's annoying is that there hasn't been an announcement of any kind. Just a simple "Hey guys, it's been delayed" would suffice so we can all go on with our lives and look to other games.
  13. I don't know why we can't at least be notified. That other company gives announcements when something comes up *cough*
  14. Has there even been an announcement that Oct. 27th is the intended release date? Everything's so hush, hush right now. What's going on? And I demand to see some PS3 footage!
  15. How legible would you reckon a 32 inch SDTV monster be?
  16. Except...you're not a CIA agent. This went right over my head, everywhere I read M.T. is a rookie CIA agent? No, you are not a CIA agent, whereas the OP is a woman. Capice? Also I don't understand why people are ragging on the OP for liking Deus Ex. She made it pretty clear that her beef was with Obsidian whose previous games allowed players to choose female characters. Deus Ex is not an Obsidian game. Her expectation is that AP will be like DX but this time she's sitting it out. That sounds reasonable enough to me. I can also relate to her frustration. It gets tiring playing the same looking character after a while, especially when the character in no way represents you. In an RPG this is even more disappointing because RPGs usually provide an escape from the typical focus group designed everyman. For instance the heroes of Alpha Protocol, Drake's Fortune, Wolfenstein and Shadow Complex all basically look the same. Sometimes I get confused when I see screenshots from these games as to which is which because of this similarity. Sure, in NOLF and BG&E you have to play a female character but guess what? Those games didn't sell particularly well despite raving critical acclaim and being all out awesome. I think A LOT of gamers feel like the OP, but they tend to be white males so this isn't usually an issue for them. QFTW
  17. So has it been delayed? Because Gamespot has also listed the release date as Oct. 27.
  18. Actually, the fanboys and haters cancel themselves out nicely. They come from both extremes.
  19. If the PC version has intrusive DRM of any kind I will not buy it. That is why I am pleading to the devs that they please, please don't gimp the PS3 version. I very much want to be able to play this game and enjoy it. Otherwise I'm going to be very, very annoyed.
  20. Totally agree about APB. The customization on that game is sick. Bingo! Ding! Ding! Ding!
  21. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on it now. There is absolutely NOTHING to play at the moment. I'm on my third playthrough of Jade Empire just to kill time... Just wondering, what is there left to be done? Bug fixes? What kind of "polish" are we talking about here?
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