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  1. http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2011/6/22/
  2. Making what consumers want is how a industry survives. A industry that doesn't will soon cease to be an industry.
  3. Yes, naturally. Making 9000 clones of the same game is helping the gerne and market evolve. Deriviating from that is "running the business". Well, we'll see, I predict this game will bomb, and ultimately that's the proof that they don't know how to run a gaming company.
  4. So they set out to make an loot centric ARPG that is targeted at people who didn't like Diablo? Okay, then they are terrible at this thing called running a business.
  5. It's stupid because their system can be duplicated by a group that wishes to play that way and enjoy their games that way. If you and 3 of your friends decided that you will play the campaign together, and that each of you will only use the same characters in that game whom you will not use in any other game but only when you play together, then all of you can duplicate the experience of the single player keeps the save game for everyone game without Obsidian making their save system that way. In other words, having a save system limited in this way only limits the number of ways this
  6. Being different does not make it bad per se, but in this case it does because there is a good sound reason why nobody else decided to go this way. Because it was a bad idea. All the reasons people have for wanting to play a loot centric action RPG has been taken away, because you don't get to keep your loot, or your levels. This game is going to bomb and it will deserve it.
  7. Then they should have made this a single player game and forget the whole "co-op" thing. Because it seems that's the game they really wanted to make. Bottom line, there is no game in this generation that works this way. None. Even games that were designed to be co-op do not work this way. Resident Evil 5 was designed to be a story centric co-op game, but each player gets to and keep their own levels and weapons. Demon's Forge is about to come out and that is a co-op game, and I'll bet it won't work this way, it will allow both players to save their own progress. Halo allowed both play
  8. How often does your friends lose HDs, also easily avoided by doing back-up save (on PC atleast) in case you are really that worried... Do they live in a rural area where Internet is down all the time? The game can be finished in 15 to 25 hours according to reviews, doesn't take a huge commitment if you ask me. Unless you play with some really casual players. But then again why would you choose someone like that as the host if you know how the multiplayer works. Maybe Nathan or someone could tell if it's possible for the host to send the save file to someone else in case the host decides to
  9. Not necessarily - if you play on without your friend, then he/she comes back, they will be able to 'jump back' into their character, which will be auto-levelled to match your character. They just need to take a couple of minutes to distribute their newly gained points. While this means they miss out on a part of the game, that would have happened anyway in any system - it just means you don't have to waste time helping them level up and they doesn't have to give up playing with you because you're too far ahead. But you can't play on if he's the host and all the progress is saved on his
  10. Does this game at least have New Game+, where once you finish a game you can load that character into a higher difficulty level?
  11. Save game may be correct but not the rest as I understand it. Using your example. If I host I get first choice, and choose Reinhart, which leaves 3 from MY pool for you. You choose Cat which leaves two others available from my pool if anyone else wants to play. When I save and quit, our inventory, including whatever your Cat has, gets saved to my system. If, when I continue, you don't come back you just wasted 8 hours of monster killing time, albeit hopefully had fun wasting it. If you decide to play Cat in someone else's game you have to make sure she's available in their pool. Once in y
  12. My guess is that your savegame is not just that of one character, but all four characters, so when you play online coop, each player is picking the character from their pool of four, but just have to make sure that they are picking different ones. You're picking Lucas from your pool of four and I'm picking Catarina from my pool of 4. And everything I pick up gets added to my pool of inventory and gold and everything you pick up gets added to yours
  13. If the "story-telling" gets in the way of fun gameplay, then really you should adjust the storytelling to accommodate the game playing. Lootwhore games are not about the story. Diablo had almost no story, people still loved it.
  14. I agree with Clockwerk completely on this, if they don't have multiplayer Sacred 2/Diablo 2 style, then this game will at best be a bargain bin pick up for me. The only reason I was looking forward to this game and planning to get it day 1 is so that I can play it local co-op with friends, but I don't think any of my friends are interested in playing as my side-kick where all the gains and kept to my gamertag and my save file and they get to keep nothing when they walk away. I was planning on pre-ordering this today but now that I see this I am going to hold off until further announc
  15. disagree, the witcher was epic! I found the combat in the Witcher to be very mediocre.
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