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  1. Ok look. I would have had no problems if the game didn't tout any customization options at all and everyone was stuck with the same character model and that was it. But since you supposedly can customize everything on Mikey (clothes, hair, eyes, facial hair) why stop short at the face itself? It doesn't help that Mikey's character model looks creepy and this is the face that you're stuck with throughout the entire game. He looks like a...how shall I phrase it?...rapist. But I'm over it. I can still enjoy the game. Let's drop it. And I never played Oblivion. I hate Bethesda.
  2. Ah, well thanks mucho for clarifying. I guess I'll just make do with the lumberjack beard and pretend I'm Santa Claus (hopefully we can change the beard color to white) Yeah and only two of which weren't absolutely hideous. Go Jedi Jesus! Soul Patch Boy FTW!
  3. Correction: 27 options for faces I'm surprised that you couldn't. With a face like that, you could scare enemies into submission.
  4. I agree, but it looks like the face is fixed. I was hoping they were going to pull a Bioware on us and reveal a deep character customization system after showing a default character for so long but no dice. This is a surprising choice on Obsidian's part. Some things look very promising while others are really disappointing. I was initially excited for this game but now I'm firmly in the wait and see camp. I find it funny how the tagline is "Your weapon is choice" yet that seems to fall apart in terms of customizing Mike's face. I'm just surprised at this direction that they're taking. At least in KOTOR2 we could still choose between different head options.
  5. No. I have just grown to prefer certain options. It's like once you have high speed internet, why would you ever go back to dial-up? That's a damper
  6. I've been asking several times but have never gotten a definite answer. I need a DEV or anyone on the team to answer this very simple question: Can we customize the facial features and have a different Mike Thorton face? In every video I see the same bland face being used. Sometimes he's dressed up differently with different hair styles and facial hair slapped on, but it's still the same default face. For some reason I just can't stand this face. It's a little offsetting enough that we can't even play as a female, but to be forced into using this face is going to ruin the experience for me. One of the main things I've always looked forward to in this game was the customization options, but if you can't even customize the protagonist's own face then what's the point? I'll still buy the game regardless, but I'll just be a little disappointed.
  7. Great trailer, but I noticed that as far as customizing MT's face goes, the only things you can change are hair styles and beards. Are we able to change the face at the start of the game or is that the "default" MT that we are stuck with throughout the game?
  8. Will some awesome person do one with this picture?
  9. Wow 4 pages and finally someone asks the question that I was actually intending.
  10. I've been waiting for an answer to this question for a looooong time.
  11. Yeah.... So anyway back to my original question. What's the news for the type of DRM on this game, devs? Bioware already released info for Dragon Age and their game releases even later than AP.
  12. Sooo...no answer to my question, Devs?
  13. Well it says PAL on the cover. Maybe there's a different (and hopefully better) cover for the US region?
  14. Well the article was dated 6/06/09 so that was after E3. I saw the gameplay video with the Amish beard. I believe it's just the default face with the beard slapped on. What I want is to actually be able to change the face itself, not just add a silly beard. http://www.rpgfan.com/previews/alphaprotocol/index.html
  15. I read another article on that same site. It said: Is that true? If it is, I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping to actually tweak MT's face a little. I just--I just can't STAND the default MT. There's something about his face that annoys me.
  16. I also concur with the enemy AI being bad. Were they supposed to be intentionally stupid for the demo? Because I could count nearly 5 or 6 times where MT was in PLAIN SIGHT and the enemy just STOOD there scratching his ass waiting to eat lead.
  17. Some games use R2 which feels weird. R1 feels just about right because you're primarily using your trigger finger.
  18. I'm not a fan of multiplayer. I'd rather have one solid single player experience than an average single player experience with a tacked on multiplayer.
  19. With this hub system, how are side missions going to be implemented? Will they show up during the main missions?
  20. It's the latter; we have a menu of missions that you select from in the safehouse. Mike warps to mission, beats up/stealthily passes by a bunch of bad guys, and then you return to the safehouse to check your news, emails, etc., and repeat the process. Wow that's disappointing. I was hoping for some exploration in some of the major cities and such im guessing the reason obsidian didnt want it free roam is because they dont want u going around killing people mindlessly because that is something u save for GTA.... also they said in the dev diarys that they wanted a story based RPG because people love those and they never get old.. they arent gonna change it to free roam now because its too late in the project to change that now plus im sure they r gonna have plenty of side quests and little challenges that willl keep u busy... or u could just make a different save file and do stuff completely different then ur last one, like, if u were a good guy on ur 1st file, then on ur next u could b completely renegade and kill anyone u see.. including that arms dealer and shaleed, and the russian guy in the video when u go to the alpha[rotocol home site (alphaprotocol.com) i actually dont mind aslong as they have a lot of side missions to keep me busy... and guns... lots and lots of guns... and grenades... and rpgs... and some othere stuff too..... *cough* tazer *cough cough* I don't exactly mean free-roam GTA style. I meant something more along the lines of KoTOR or even VTM:B where you can explore within a certain "hub" or "planet" (if we're talking about KoTOR). What I seem to understand is that in AP you won't be able to do this. After each mission you'll just be warped back to your safehouse, select a new mission and get instantly warped to that mission again.
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