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  1. you recall the ending of the game? You drive away on a boat from the hidden area that the alpha protocol hq is at.
  2. It said action espionage rpg on the cover of the game;You can't really gear a game towards a more specific audience than that. The problem with the reviews was that the reviewers went into the game expecting a shooter rpg, like mass effect 2.
  3. Hopefully sega will change their minds about it. Give me blind optimism at least.
  4. Damn those are some brutal scores. It's safe to say that Obsidian definately is not on the same page with modern gamers. For us oldskoolers that might not matter but for company that need to make profit in order to stay aloat, it's a terrible thing. Obsidian will suffer the same end result as Looking Glass and Troika did, if they don't ace with Fallout: New Vegas. There is no way that they can mess up fallout, just impossible because they already have the base formula and ideas.
  5. can i download this early off of steam??
  6. why don't you just use a 360 controller if it bothers you people that much?
  7. thanks, I just might pick it up, I've got enough money lying around.
  8. I enjoyed the first mass effect alot despite its flaws, do you think I'd like this??
  9. I'm thinking of waiting a couple weeks to a month until the price drops, but a lot of positive feedback from the people on these forums make me think otherwise, plus i feel like i need to kill some time now that i finished up my red dead redemption play through.
  10. ^^ It's in real time with some turn based gameplay (vats).
  11. I had DA:O on the PC, and it, too, was buggy as hell. There you go, the Joystiq guy didn't say the same of DA:O on PC... just shows how good the PR ($) is working... Yes.... when all else fails, blame BioWare and accuse them of bribery. DA:O was buggy (and boring) but by western RPG standards it was fairly well polished. The console versions were hammered fairly. AP is unpolished and buggy and I can see why it's getting a bad reception. The combat and AI is last gen, the visuals are bland and outdated, the story and writing and branching paths is as good as I expected but Tho
  12. I'm going to wait a month or two until the game drops in price, because I don't want to drop $60 on a game that could be great but it could be terrible.
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