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  1. Man i loved Elex BUY i could only play it for about 10 hours then it wouldn't work anymore for some reason lol
  2. I am about to play this. I tried to play it last week but i could not get into it for some reason. I think it is because i heard it was so short BUT i have also heard that people are doing 30 to 40 hours not the 15 or 14 hours i had been hearing. As much as i cover every square inch of a game then it will take me a good while so ima jump in again!!
  3. Oh yeah. i hate that crap where an enemy runs back to where they were at full health haha. And it isnt even very far you have to go b4 they do that
  4. Character models have a potato arse anyway so 1st person is fine
  5. I was also wondering do bonus stats on armor help a companion. Like a +1 melee weapon bonus on armor or something like that. i can't tell
  6. Yeah. I keep a piece for lockpicking only but the lighter armor DO give more bonus attributes so it says
  7. Oh. so it does not have to be the same exact item? Just has to be the same effect? if so then that is good because it seemed mighty tedious if you had to fill that slot everytime xD
  8. I am not sure what you play on but spacebar does it on PC.
  9. Yeah, I double checked everything. This was early in the game when i had around a 2 health per second regen or something like that but it just never moved haha. I re-logged and it started working but apparently there is a small issue there
  10. Hello! My health just recently stopped regenerating. It used to regen at about 3.2 health PS but now it does not move, even when i eat a %200 regen booster :(\ Is this a bug yall that someone else may be experiencing or ?
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