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  1. Okay thanks but the problem is that their spawn in this quest is scripted and they spawn literally in a full circle around my party. Any tips for how to deal with that?
  2. So I'm a bit stuck (hard + expert) on The Wailing Banshee quest in the light house. On the first level eventually like 15+ wraiths spawn and I can't seem to be able to deal with them. Main is a Cipher, and using all the other named party members I've discovered so far. I guess what I'm asking is, what are good ways of dealing with wraiths, do they have a vulnerability that I can exploit? Thanks, Colton
  3. Just a nitpick. It would be nice to be able to wear an amulet as well as a cape. Discuss? Albion
  4. I'm about 22 hours into the game and just started Act II. When should I enchant? I have this irrational belief that I should wait until as late in the game as possible to enchant because what would be the point if I find better gear along the way anyways? Then I'll just want to enchant that and the supplies/money that went into the previous enchantments are worthless. Thanks, Albion
  5. Yes I'm not asking for myself. Add me on Steam if you suspect, . I ask because he's trolling me by trying to justify his torrent and I want him to get trolled in return. But alas, I guess it sounds like that will not happen.
  6. I purchased Pillars of Eternity on Steam upon its release (wish I had remembered to back it way back when because I totally would have paid even more). I have a friend I recommended the game to. He torrented the game, which angers me, because it was a Kickstarted project with the community in mind made by a developer studio I have a lot of respect for. I don't know why he chose to torrent this game, because he hasn't torrented any others. So I was wondering if hopefully this certain friend will get trolled later on in the game by some sort of anti-piracy script that prevents the game from being completed or him from going any further in the game. Thanks, Albion
  7. Is this dungeon intended to be completed late-game? I ask because I wanted to clear it before continuing the main story, but I'm running into real difficulty on Level 3, 4, and 5 (everyone in my party is about level 5 right now). I'm playing on Hard + Expert.
  8. Hard + expert. When I finish the game I may try Path of the Damned + Expert + Trial of Iron. Trial of Iron scares me. I would hate to make it to the end of the game just to get wrecked by a chance spell. I'm not sure how one would even go about completing the game with these settings? You'd have to keep your main character back away from the fight as you send legions of fodder adventures picked up in taverns to break through the enemies. Or you could copy the save file, which defeats the purpose entirely.
  9. I would say you're fine. The max level is 12 and its unlikely that you'll reach that unless you try to do everything you come across and fight everything that you can. So you're already 1/3 a way through the levels, assuming it took you another 20 hours to do the others that would be a good 30 hour gameplay experience (I'm not sure how many hours Pillars takes to fully complete everything, but if you take your time, enjoy the environments and atmosphere, read all the dialogue and books and stuff, then you'll be in the world for a fair bit, and for a lot of that time you won't be leveling). So long story short, don't worry about it!
  10. Torment: Tides of Numenera looks like the game I've always been wanting, holy smokes. I just absorbed as much information as I could find on it and I'm literally drooling to step into that world.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions thus far guys (and keep them coming)! It's a shame that science fiction in the same genre as PoE or Baldur's Gate hasn't been exploited yet. The potential is limitless. Like what Lord Weh was saying, being able to get your own ship and crew and going on intergalactic adventures would awesome.
  12. Title pretty much says it all. I'll be more specific here. I'm looking for a game that's like PoE (both graphically and in gameplay). I'd prefer it not be Fallout 1 or 2 since they are post-apocalyptic, even though they do have science fiction elements. I'd like something that's more in the realm of space opera or cyberpunk or just anything with a generally futuristic sci-fi feel to it. If you could help me out that would be cool. If this genre doesn't have sci-fi games that's a damn shame, a lot of potential there. Thanks, Albion
  13. My appreciation for this mod does not have adequate words to describe it. Thanks a lot!
  14. Completely throwing out everything all of the NPCs say about Revan due to "bias" is a bit unfair. There is nothing else to go on. Except your playthrough. But your playthrough is what influences the NPCs, who then go on to talk about you... lol. The point of KOTOR 2's descriptions about Revan was to break down generic "black and white" stereotypes regarding the Force. The Jedi viewed Revan as DS and evil because he defied their council and went to war, leading to another war which almost destroyed the Republic. Many others viewed Revan as a hero because he saved the Republic from the Mandalorian onslaught (and in the LS version, destroyed Malak and the Star Forge and ended the Jedi Civil War). Still others viewed him as a tactical genius because he was leaving key Republic locations intact rather than just mindlessly obliterating it (the Disciple talks about this) because, presumably, Revan knew about a greater threat and wanted to strengthen the Galaxy against it. And still others (notably the regular people of the Galaxy) don't really care because they were just so tired of war at this point that it didn't matter to them who won and many viewed the distinction between the Sith and the Jedi as moot. KOTOR 2 shows that there is no easy answer to the question of the Mandalorian Wars and Revan's decision to join them, or his decision to wage war on the Republic, or his decision to leave. And this is equally true for both DS and LS playthroughs. But ignoring what Revan's companions say about him is a big mistake in my opinion, because he played a large role in each of their lives and surely what they have to say has some truth to it, even if it is only a singular aspect of Revan's personality.
  15. You are also forgetting that before TOR was planned there was most likely going to be a KOTOR 3 in which both Revan and the Exile would be involved in the main plot. You aren't giving Obsidian enough credit. They did the best they could considering they aren't allowed to say if Revan was male/female or DS/LS. Its not like they had the resources to develop two completely different main stories, one in which the Republic is gone and the galaxy is controlled by the Sith and one in which the Republic is still around. Revan leaving to face an unknown threat added a great deal of mystery to the overall story and made me want to see what KOTOR 3 was going to be about, especially since I like the Exile so much. In fact, KOTOR 2 is the reason that Revan is as cool as he is in my opinion. Without KOTOR 2 he would be a lot less fleshed out and a lot less mysterious. And I also disagree about the Exile being overshadowed by Revan. I think the Exile's story is far more intriguing, especially considering the Exile's decision at Malachor and return to face the punishment of the Jedi council. I'll agree that KOTOR 1 is closer to what the Star Wars movies are like in the sense of generic good vs. evil but I won't agree that it makes it better than KOTOR 2. KOTOR 2's story and atmosphere, at least for me, is far more believable and interesting. The galaxy is in tatters at the start of the game and it really shows from the conversations you have with NPCs throughout the game.
  16. I'm fairly certain that Darth Nihilus, Sion, and Traya were born from the Mandalorian Wars/Jedi Civil War, so it fits with the established lore of KOTOR 1. Malachor was the battle that made it possible for force wounds to be created in the first place, and both the Exile and Darth Nihilus were a result of that battle. When Malak is defeated it is the Triumvirate (Traya, Sion, Nihilus) that pick up the splintered remains of the Sith that were under Revan. Obviously neither of these three lords has the Star Forge so it can be assumed that even if Revan remained Dark Side he took the Star Forge with him wherever he went.
  17. I play Light Side Revan and Exile each game (boring I know). Revan is always male, Exile is always female (I made it this way before SWTOR). Revan is always in love with Bastila Shan whereas I like to think female Exile is always in love with Atton Rand. Each game as the Exile I always pick the dialogue options that say she's not a Jedi any longer, because I like to go along with the philosophy that being a Jedi or a Sith is not what defines you as a force user, but rather each individual's own personal motives. I like to think of Revan going into the Unknown Regions to confront the true threat with the Exile leaving behind Mira, the Disciple, and Visas to sit on the council of the reformed Jedi Order along with Atris, Bastila Shan, and Juhani. Carth Onasi is tasked with doing everything he can to strengthen the Republic's military. Mandalore is told to keep reuniting the Mandalorians so that they can eventually be used in battle against the true Sith. The Exile then departs, taking Atton (representing, in my view, the Exile as not being strong enough to completely separate herself from those she loves, particularly Atton), Bao-Dur (because of his technical know-how), T3-M4, and HK-47. Along the way Jolee Bindo pops up and joins them in their mission into the Unknown Regions to find Revan.
  18. It depends how much post-KOTOR 2 lore you want to consider (and by that I also mean how much SW:TOR lore you want to accept). If I recall correctly, that novel explained it by saying that Revan and Malak were under the control of the Sith Emperor and he was using them to weaken the Republic for his eventual invasion. If you don't want to consider that true, then you have more freedom/flexibility in interpreting Revan's motives. In my opinion: LS Revan won the Mandalorian Wars, discovered the true Sith in the unknown regions, sought out the Star Forge because perhaps he thought it would be useful in defeating the true Sith, but the Star Forge corrupted both Revan and Malak. Following Revan's capture and mind-wipe, he helped defeat the still corrupted Malak and destroy the Star Forge because he remembered more and more about its Dark Side nature and how it corrupts, but he still hadn't recovered all of his memories regarding the true Sith. A little bit of time after the events of KOTOR 1 and he remembers, then leaves to fight the true Sith on his own, not wanting to drag the Republic along with him because of how weak it was. DS Revan, like LS Revan, won the Mandalorian Wars, discovered the true Sith, then sought out the Star Forge and fell to the Dark Side. He is captured by Bastila but throughout KOTOR 1 remains Dark Side, keeping the Star Forge intact. He remembers the true Sith and sees them as a) a threat to his rule, b) a potential ally, or c) only their leadership as a threat. So perhaps DS Revan takes the Star Forge and any Sith remnants with him to fight the true Sith, either to eliminate them, or to eliminate their leadership and install himself as their emperor so that he can then lead those forces back against a still weakened Republic and finish them off for good.
  19. I'm going to buy the KOTOR comics and the Knight Errant comics. For me the Old Republic Era is just so much more interesting than anything after it.
  20. death is not necessary for redemption,and that's the case are both LS,but i'd put Revan as Dark Side in order to keep the Star Forge,it could be used for 'good' goals redemption is not actually necessary for them to do good,the exile had to execute an order in the mandalorian wars,if wasn't the exile,it would have been another guy and the results would have been the same as Revan had to do sacrifices in order to win. i think that revan did the right thing and it's a war hero. Me3 didn't get like this,it didn't have an alternate scenarios,and most importantly,your choices didn't impact the game at all i don't think that the unknown regions are a good idea for a final battle,since all the things revan worked up for would have been useless i prefer it to view what ME3 should have been,btw ,in the game should include an ending where you lose an ending where win without much losses an ending where you win,but much of the galaxy is destroyed an ending where the galaxy is under control of the new sith order my exile will go with Visas I would think that at least half the game should be spent in the Unknown Regions. Perhaps gathering enough evidence of the threat that the Republic would be convinced they need to do something, then the other half could be rebuilding the Republic/gaining the support of various systems, with an ultimate showdown, Star Wars style, big freaking space battle with Revan/Exile confronting the leader of the True Sith and all of his Dark Force users...
  21. That would actually be a cool game. Its similar to how Mass Effect 3 worked, with getting the support of various species so that they would help Earth against the Reaper attack. I'm writing a fan-fic of how the story ends so I won't say to much, but I will say that I would have preferred an ending where the Exile follows Revan into the Unknown regions, bringing only T3-M4 and HK-47. There they encounter a mysterious threat (not necessarily Sith) where its up to them to stop it. Then they return to known space and live out the rest of their lives in peace. Revan with Bastila and the Exile with Atton (always favored an Atton romance).
  22. I would try making this thread over on the Steam KOTOR II forum. You may be a lot more likely to find a response there. Also search that forum for threads in which other people might have had the same problem as you to see if there is a fix. Also, are you using the Sith Lords Restoration Mod or just the base game? Here is a link to the KOTOR II Steam forum: http://steamcommunity.com/app/208580/discussions/ Best of luck in getting the issue resolved.
  23. if wasn't killed by Revan in the Temple of Ancients I'm rolling lightside ending for Revan/Exile. essentially is the 'canon' version that you're working on No lol, I hate the canon ending. If we are talking pre-TOR canon then yes, we knew Revan/Exile were both lightside, we still didn't know their gender or where they went after the games.
  24. if wasn't killed by Revan in the Temple of Ancients I'm rolling lightside ending for Revan/Exile.
  25. This is a good, gives me a lot of room to work with. I'm thinking Jolee taking off w/ Exile to find Revan would be cool.
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