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  1. Interesting, what about non-Jedi/Sith force sensitives, neutrals so to speak? And whatever happened to Jolee Bindo?
  2. I'm currently working on a piece of fan-fiction that deals with the Exile's journey in search of Revan (because I hate the canon version, as we all do), but I need some help figuring out which Jedi are still left around after all of the wars that ravaged the galaxy before and during the events of KOTOR 1 and 2. Which notable force sensitives are still alive and well? I know Bastila Shan is, as well as all the people that the Exile chose to train in the ways of the Force, but who else? Any other notable Jedi/force sensitives? Thanks.
  3. I would assume the upper symbols are just merits that are stitched onto the officer's uniform to signify rank, achievements, etc. The lower patch is most likely a designation of which corps, group, branch, etc the officer belongs too. Not sure if there are any links to these outside of the artwork design for the characters, to be honest.
  4. I'd start with the Ulic Qel Droma and Nomi Sunrider stories at the end of Volume One and continue through Volume 2. Then go back and read the beginning of Volume 1. Thanks for the suggestion but I had already read everything about the Great Hyperspace War by the time you posted, lol. @Zoraptor I will take a look at those books as well.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Already purchased Parts 1 and 2 of Tales of the Jedi Kindle Edition off Amazon, 68% through the first one (concluding the Great Hyperspace War). Going to definitely replay both KOTOR games when I'm through with these. I'll also pick up Republic Commando. Any other suggestions?
  6. I googled these forums and was surprised (and delighted!) that they were still around and that the most recent post was within a couple days. I've been all nostalgic recently listening to KOTOR II's soundtrack, and I really wanted to ask other people who are familiar with the type of story KOTOR II portrays a question. What other expanded universe stuff portrays the Star Wars universe in a similar/dark way? It could be anything, books, comics, games. I'm hungry for more stuff like KOTOR II (if it exists) and would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks kindly, Albion72
  7. I've owned the games for some time now, downloaded the restoration mod and the M4-78EP mods for the first time though. I can definitely say that I was missing out by not playing through the content in those mods.
  8. Can I still use the mods in the link above if I apply the widescreen fix in the stickied thread, which states I have to roll the game back to an oldier, buggier version in order for it to work? Is there any other way to use widescreen without having to do that? I'm using 1360x768.
  9. I remember that when TOR turned out to be a lore butcher for me and the game fell through (in my opinion, not everyone's) I kind of got sad and left this forum for some years. I enjoyed coming here to speculate about where Revan and the Exile went after the games. I remember the anticipation, everyone hoping we'd get a new KOTOR that delved into these questions. Hours upon hours of reading fun speculative threads and contributing to them influenced my childhood, as I was pretty young when I started KOTOR (not sure how young, I'm 19 now). I don't know what prompted me to search this forum again, but I did, and I'm glad I did. Its good to see that there is still some community interest in this game, and that the mods themselves are still getting worked on! Anywho, I had an idea. We should create a thread that compiles all known links/downloads/content that is out there about KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 and see if it can get stickied. The reason for this is because eventually all that stuff will get drowned out, as much of it already has by TOR. Its not anyone's fault, but when you search for KOTOR stuff that you used to be able to find easily, TOR stuff comes up instead. This happens with many games (such as when trying to find PlanetSide 1 stuff on the internet, only PlanetSide 2 stuff shows up). I think it would be cool if we could create a compilation thread of everything on the internet about the KOTOR games. Examples: Fan fiction Fan art Walkthroughs/tutorials/guides Mods Links to videos that show cut content etc Anyways, going to be downloading KOTOR 2 now and trying it with some mods, as I have never done that yet. Cheers, Albion72
  10. TOR killed the lore for me. It was fun going through such a rich story in KOTOR 2 with the Jedi Exile just to have the canon ruined (Exile made a definitive gender... female) as well as that horrible death the Jedi Exile got. Do any of you remember the discussions we had years ago about the possibilities for Revan's journey into the unknown as well as what the Exile would do? Well all of that is gone now. If KOTOR 3 rolled around, I'd call it Knights of the Old Republic: [insert conflict here] instead of KOTOR 3. I would like to play a game set earlier or later than the KOTOR/TOR games but not one that is set in-between KOTOR 2 and TOR, since that lore is absolutely ruined for me.
  11. Interestingly enough however, that listing on IGN states LucasArts in conjunction with Obsidian is developing the third installment, letting Bioware stick to the MMO. Knowing LucasArts and their money habits, they would probably want to develop and sell the single player game. As well as that, 300 years after the events of the KOTOR universe leaves enough time for a third game to happen, as it would probably happen soon after or at the same time as KOTOR 2 (remember that we don't know what Revan is doing so its quite possible the third game takes place at the same time the Exile is doing whatever it is he's doing).
  12. Haven't discussed topics on these forums for quite a bit of time, didn't there used to be multiple KOTOR 2 forums, I guess they merged it all into one, which makes sense. Its good to see people still occasionally post here, even if most of the threads are about troubleshooting issues. Since I've been out of the loop for awhile, has this been confirmed or dismissed? http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/793/793795.html Other than that.... How's it been going?
  13. I doubt it. I don't think BioWare specifically wants to speak of the Exile. Maybe Revan. But I doubt they want to give away too much information about Revan as KOTOR is still a product and they probably won't mention the Exile that much since he was in KOTOR II which isn't their product. Besides MMO quests focus largely on the present tense, and things that you must do NOW so that something bad doesn't happen LATER. But yes your above theory is possible, and if its a really long quest/conversation/explanation that is very detailed and satisfies my need to know what happens, then I'm fine with it.
  14. Interestingly enough every MMO that I've played has had Role-playing servers. Yes there are idiots in MMOs but there are also ignore lists. You are paying for continued updated content. Patches should be fairly regular adding more features and more things to do. Its not a single-player game that's the point of MMO. You can play Solo, but there are lots of options for group activities too. Screen shots/footage of the game is really old.... I'm pretty sure the game isn't even in Alpha Beta yet. Every game's graphics/engines are immensely different from final release. I've seen graphics updated greatly and some dumbed down to the point that you ask why they even did it.
  15. Why the hell didn't the game developers think of that when they were making the first game. That sounds like a good idea. There is no confirmation as to whether or not this is in the game or not... So yes, its a good idea and its very well possibly in the game. Or goign to be when they get around to it.
  16. I'm fairly certain the MMO will be fun. There are always Role-playing servers that enhance the immersion with rules that players must follow or they get banned basically. You can't name your character xLegolasxxO0O0OwnagexxxX for one. You must speak with fairly good grammar skills. And you must not act out of character unless through private messages and the other player(s) permit it. It almost seems like you aren't in an MMO world but in a world filled with very intelligent bots. In the starting areas you'll encounter certain individuals that... well... disrupt your experience but they never make it past the starting areas and once you get past it you really never have to deal with them at all. Just because its an MMO doesn't mean it insta-sucks. I'm sorry, but thats just a biased opinion. If you truly don't like MMOs then you shouldn't say the game is going to fail simply because you don't like MMOs. It will fail in your opinion, not in the opinion of a million other people. I loved Star Wars Galaxies until the company thought it was a good idea to make it more like WoW. I was a droid vendor... I'd sell and purchase and barter droid parts.... You don't get that in Non-MMOs. Of course there is always that good chance the company making this MMO will screw up and design it based off WoW, but I doubt it. They have people who are die-hard Star Wars fans play testing it making sure that its got a Star Wars feel, and not an MMO World of Warcraft/everquest Type feel to it. But meh if bashing MMOs is your thing then whatever. You can't hate an MMO because its in the same universe as a single-player game you like though. Sure... I want K3 really badly as a single-player MMO so that I can finish off the storyline, but I'm perfectly content w/ K1 and K2 right now until a company realizes its a good idea to make K3. The MMO is quite some time after the single-player games too so you probably won't hear anything about the events of K1 and K2 next to maybe a mention of Revan/Exile doing some battle or something. Thats just my opinion. They sure as hell don't want to focus their MMO on teaching history lessons and even less want to talk about Obsidian's KOTOR 2, its just not smart.
  17. Heh idk. Games are becoming more advanced. Just played Arma 2... whoaaa.... They have a lot of development time for this MMO and can implement something such as this. Can't be much harder than doing a set of quests that determine whether which path you take.
  18. Not necessarily. I think the chances of Bioware doing a single player continuation of the franchise died, yes, but not Obsidian's. In fact, if the writers at Bioware are smart (and I feel they are), they will look for a way for the people here at Obsidian who are passionate about getting a chance with Kotor III to work with the The Old Republic. I can still see a real Kotor III to end the game series working, especially knowing that Drew Karpyshyn is at Bioware now working on TOR in Texas and Chris Avellone wanting to do a Kotor III. No. Kotor is dead. There won't be another game. EA will say that it distracts from TOR. They need people to keep playing so they can rack up impressive stats and therefore attract new suckers players. They do, however, own Bioware. EA can't tell Obsidian what games to make. Obsidian could very well make KOTOR III and not care what EA has to say about it.
  19. actually an article came out on g4 june 16th about a secret game obsidian is currently workin on and it says- Developer Obsidian Entertainment (Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords) might be currently up to its irradiated eyes in Fallout: New Vegas development, that
  20. Light: Knight Speed Neutral: Dominate Mind Dark: Force Crush
  21. It will be interesting to see if they do allow people to stay grey or neutral. They have it so publicized that it is Jedi vs. Sith that it makes it appear as if you you have to be either side. I'm thinking it would be cool to run a guild of mercenaries, that sell their special services to one side or the other... depending on who's paying more credits... Kind of like what the Mandalorians have become in KOTOR II.
  22. So I take it that it would be hard to carry on a discussion before it gets drown out by new posts?
  23. Would love to see Mandalorian Wars Battlefront III or something from the KOTOR time period. They would have to have a deep storyline w/ a cinematic here or there. More Jedi/Sith/Mandalorian/Republic heroes. Lots of maps that are of decent size. Bigger battles, the 360/PS3/PC can handle it.
  24. You mean you don't think the video is epic? I thought it was epic.... :D Its probably not an intro or anything game-related TBH. I imagine the Jedi need a place in the game to gather and what not, so destroying the temple would be lame. Also, it would also imply Coruscant was conquered. I can't remember if this was the case, if it is, then the trailer is completely plausible. On a side note: I feel bad for the defeated Jedi who was fighting the Sith who looks a little like Malak. After he gets stabbed he must fall to his knees and watch as Coruscant is bombed and raided. *cries* But really, all of them looking like Revan might mean they either idolize him or Revan is the Sith emperor. We may never know.
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