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  1. Puts on the flame suit.... Some things I'd like to see in KOTOR III. 1. I wouldn't want a new PC, I would want to be able to Pick between Revan and the Exile. With DS/LS dialogue options for both depending on who you play. DS Revan would be similar to Jediphiles plot of deliberately falling to the dark side and manipulating companions to help him. DS Exile would either overthrow Revan for the title or become the apprentice. LS Revan would destroy these "True Sith" *Original huh?* LS Exile would be his best friend along with these Journeys. In the end they'd fly off in the Ebon Hawk into the unknown regions to safeguard the rest of hte galaxy from anything out there. (Of course I just thought of these ideas in like 2 minutes so they could use some refinement). Am I the only one here who thinks there will be a love story between Revan and the Exile? Canon Revan is Male and Canon Exile is Female....... The way the Exile forms bonds and the strength Revan has in the force would make such a companionship between the two a very powerful force to be reckoned with. Of course the player would choose whether or not to have this romance. 2. Robes, robes robes. I want every possible Robe. These True Sith must have a huge collection eh? 3. Keep the prestige classes, awesome 4. What empires were there in the uknown regions? Its on Wookieepedia. I believe the Chiss and Kilik empires as well as two others are in the unknown Regions. This would make for excellent areas of exploration. This gam edoesn't have to be confined to 5 planets. 5. Of course sub-plots galore like Jediphiles connection between Nihilus being the Exiles "Turnded Down" fate. ./discuss/manipulate/bend this to your will force users!
  2. I'm not a Revan/Exile fanboy (Personally I do not like Revan, flame away) but I wouldn't want them to both just die off. Perhaps they continue their adventures in the unknown regions, which remain UNKNOWN until thousands of years later, which there are still UNKNOWN regions lol. If they do make KOTOR 3 and tie up this story arc I would want any future games to be around the time of the Great Hyperspace War or earlier. I would love to run around in an early Republic and see that kind of crazy technology. (It'd be like the 1950's of space travel... or something). Possibly even during the time of the Infinite Empire and you are a Human Force Sensitive Slave who leads the revolt. Just speculation at best.
  3. Yea that will never happen vader and palpatine were close but no dice The Light cannot survive without the dark and vise versa Yeah. It's just vain hope for the sith that they'll ever succeed in destroying the jedi and rule the republic, which we all know, of course, that they never will. I wonder where the Star Wars Galaxy would be at this point in time here in ours. Since it says A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away. :D. I think the Legacy Era ends with Krayt and him breaking the Sith Rule of Two and actually ruling the galaxy, but a skywalker did Survive.... and I guess he will bring this new Sith order down. Who knows. I wonder if Lucas likes any of the stuff he didn't write about Star Wars... Which is basically everything not movie-related. Lol, Legacy would p*ss me off if I was Lucas.
  4. Nah, I don't think so. There are some truly manipulative, underhanded options along the way, but nowhere near the Kreia/Palpatine level. I don't think "thuggish" would apply - as I would agree it mostly did in K1 (except in the ending, where Revan and Bastila manipulated Vandar and the other jedi) - but others have disagreed with me, so you might be disappointed. A very special DS power called Force Crush. I think it's a game-hoser, because you can kill any one enemy with it. Basically it creates a huge hand that grabs the enemy and squeezes him/her/it for one round for 250 or so points of damage, no save, no chance to resist. Which means that if you have enough force points by then (which is more than likely), you can kill any one enemy by simply spamming the button to use it, even Sion or Traya. Still, lots of DS players seem to like it. Ok... Oh well, I guess I'll play through LS again, or maybe give DS a chance. Perhaps when theres a thuggish option I won't help anyone but I'll be a real jerk about not doing it :D.
  5. Alright all of us know that KOTOR I's Dark Side path was thuggish, really really thuggish. KOTOR II comes in the mail today (I had to get the PC version because the Xbox one isn't compatible with the 360 very well). I haven't toyed with the Dark Side in KOTOR II. Are the DS options less thuggish? Are there more of "Kreias manipulative ways" in there? Also what does DS mastery give you at the Enclave? Like LS gives you Force Enlightenment or something. -Thanks.
  6. There isn't a Sith'ari yet. We have not seen someone destroy the republic so utterly that it has never come back. We have not seen someone destroy every LAST JEDI so that they will NEVER come back. It is yet to be written. It possibly never will be written. This might just be a Sith prophecy. IF someone became te Sith'Ari that would most likely make the events leading to him/her becoming it the events that actually *beat* the forces of good. I don't think Lucas wants that.
  7. From various reading everywhere on the internet I have concluded these things about turning party members to Jedi. 1. Can't train droids (Well of course lol) 2. Can't Train Mandalore/Canderous (That would be...... erm strange) 3. Can't Train Kreia (BIG DUH) 4. Can't train Bao-Dur (WAIT WHAT? I.. did it) Am I reading false information on Bao-Dur because I trained him to become a Jedi Guardian... No lies. He kind of sucked worse as a Jedi but... well I did that as well as every other party member.
  8. 1. Lightsiders dont' resort to its power, they give in to temptation of power, which eventually leads to their downfall. DS users have no control. Thats why perhaps Revan was so feared. He had some measure of control. 2. The Jedi spend more time learning about the force, this balances out the equation of just going and killing someone right away. *On the Saving Private Ryan note* - The Jedi would've imprisoned him, sentenced him to a trial, and by the time it was all through WWII would be over. If it wasn't, they wouldn't release him at some random place in France. 3. Agreed to some degree (Oo, lol) but, I don't ever remember seeing Anakin on the "winning side". The fight constantly shifted. Anakin managed to choke Obi-Wan then Obi-wan got a few kicks in and nearly got him with a lightsaber. Anakin was indeed blind with power (another drawback to the DS). Anakin may be younger, but wasn't he composed of only midi-chlorians? That right there plus your instant *DS Power* should've made him able to deal with obi easier. 4. Eh? That fight was more in favor of Yoda until Yoda absorbed Sidious' lightning (Which BLEW BOTH THEM away from eachother, it didn't just effect Yoda). ***OFF TOPIC MOVIE BLOOPER*** - You at first see Sidious falling, with no IMAGE of a Railing/Bar for him to grab onto, it then shows yoda then goes back to Sidious... and walla, theres a perfect bar there for him.*** END BLOOPER *** - I'd like to have seen that part reversed, what would've happened. 5. No comment Earlier Post Reference: Someoen said not to mention LS LightSide powers in this debate. There are some in the movies. I will ist'em. 1. Knight Speed (Upgraded/degred not sure) 2. Breach Control (More or so Universal) 3. Most likely Knight Valor if they can lightsaber duel with Sith who gained strength through DS transfiguration. 4. Force Jump (Universal DS powers I've seen in movies 1. Force Lightning/Storm 2. Force Choke (More or so Universal) 3. People who have played Dark Side in KOTOR post'em please, you are more knowledgeable. Of course we are not going to see Death Field or Stasis Field or Force Energy Resitance (That would look silly in the movie, a purple field aroudn a guy...) REMEMBER to not take things like this so serious, I intended this forum for fun debate, not fanboism. We are gearing towards an offensive forum, lets gear away for it (Or if you are Rping darkside... ahem). lol THEORY: About Yoda's age, this is true.... What if it is only possible to become "so" powerful before it ends or before you become like Nihilus, animalistic? That would auto-balance all arguments.
  9. How exactly does breath control work? Does it filter the air to make it clean or does it just make it so you don't have to breath at all? From KOTOR 2 it sounded like you didn't need to breath anymore. This makes me think Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were using a different power because they had to use those weird little devices to breath underwater. Pretty much the only Star Wars game I've played beyond KOTOR 2 have been Jedi Outcast which also had speed and Battlefront which allowed Jedi to run super fast, so i assume here that speed is a pretty common power throughout history. What you really need to do here though is compare the magnitude of certain powers. In the movies we see Palpatine using lightning on Luke and it doesn't look too impressive. In KOTOR we have characters who hold up one hand and shoot lightning everywhere, killing all the enemies around them. Bastila's battle meditation. She had the power to augment the power of an enitre fleet. We see nothing cpmparable to this in any of the movies. Also, all the characters in KOTOR are way stronger than anyone in the movies. In the movies when someone is hit once by a lightsaber body parts usually fall off. In the KOTOR games it takes like a hundred hits with a lightsaber to kill someone. The old Jedi order obviously had some lightsaber resistance abilities. If I remember correctly the Republic started winning some serious ground victories after the Jedi became the Generals. Battle Meditation? Maybe. It all goes back to the game/movie argument. In games, people want Epic powers. In movies, you tend to stay away from a big red/orange death beam connecting a Sith to his victim.
  10. Once again, I will state my reasons why I think the Light Side is stronger. 1. Although the Light Side takes longer (you don't gain instant power through surrendering to your passions like the Dark Side, you must be very patient), you still attain the same measure of "power" a Sith will gain. It may not be in the form of Force Storm but it will be in the form of buffs/power-ups/enhancements (See KOTOR and KOTOR II's Light Side force powers for examples). 2. As stated above, you DON'T surrender to your passion. You are not a slave of the Dark Side, the Light Side does not dominate your life. In fact, I believe you are made even STRONGER by resisting such passion... whereas a Sith will give in and surrender to his emotions a Jedi will fight against them, strengthening his resolve and mental/force strength. As time goes by, a Jedi will become a great warrior. 3. Take the Obi-Wan/Anakin fight as an example. Anakin had just turned to the Dark Side, Obi-Wan hadn't. Yet Obi-Wan still defeated Anakin. (Although the fight was intensely close in some areas). 4. Yoda can absorb Force Lightning (GO DARK SIDE, your LIGHTNING IS USELESS AGAINST A WISE JEDI). Sidious had a handle to grab onto during that fight whereas poor Yoda just got blown off the Senate pad. *Note* Someone will most likely disagree that the Dark Side doesn't dominate you once you surrender to it. Remember that Luke turned to the Dark Side in order to get close to Palpatine, but it was extremely difficult for him to be redeemed. Leia had to threaten herself (I may have that detail wrong, been awhile :D). 5. Because the Jedi are selfess, they are fully willing to sacrifice themselves in a duel with a Sith/Dark Jedi. No, I'm not talking about a Jihad sacrifice, I mean that a Jedi isn't concerned so much about how his condition ends up, all he cares about is making sure that evil is defeated, no matter if it costs his life. The determination is greater in my opinion. The Revolutionary War is a good example. Britain was the strongest country in the world but the Patriots' determination was so great that with a good general (Washington) they were able to overthrow the Brits, and here I am today. A Sith isn't selfless and only cares about his own well - being, if faced with defeat and a chance to escape, he will cower and run. (Sidious would have fled from Yoda, see that part in the movie for details). In my honest opinion - you are not made stronger by giving into temptation. However, props to Sidious' ingenious planning and execution when bringing down the Republic. Pretty damn good ideas.
  11. It is, in many ways, stronger - the Sith lifestyle, however, could be improved. So you would like a corrupt, weak institution run by those who have the money, or power, to bribe those in office? That is what the Old Republic was and the New Republic is becoming. Give me a corrupt example of the Republic. If thinly spreading their army and getting owned because they want to protect their worlds then no.
  12. Put your save game on a flash drive then re-install.
  13. I bought an Xbox 360 which the backwards compatibility with the KOTOR games is absolutely horrible. 1. Your frames will randomly die for 5 minuntes, not allowing you to play. 2. You will have extremely complicated moving bugs. You will glitch then jump like 80 ft from your position. 3. Audio in some areas/menus sounds like someone is playing Hard Rock in a blown out speaker at max volume and hurts your ears. 4. Audio lags out I ordered KOTOR II: TSL for the PC to avoid these major issues. After seeing various references to the Sith Lords Restoration project I'm beginning to wonder what it is. Is it a group of fans restoring cut content to the game? If so do they have a website I can visit? Maybe if they need a hand I can lend it. ---Albion72, Thanks in advance.
  14. Because Lucas wanted it that way, and others have continued the trend - plus they might lose sales if the "good" side did not win. Have you not heard of Darth Reven?! Bull****. Your view of "good" might be different from my own - and thus your "good" prevailing might be my "bad" taking control. 1. :D, you ignored the whole idea of the post. There are people out there that will always argue the Dark Side is stronger. You could answer any argument to any story by simply saying (The Author Wanted it that way!) Doh 2. Darth Revan is an iffy subject. It can be argued that he was both Dark Sided and Light Sided, or if you play the non-canonical KOTOR just Dark Sided the whole way through. Even with his power as the Dark Lord he still had a weakness. Bastila and and some Jedi borded his flagship and fought him, and due to the (As I mentioned Earlier) Sith lifestyle, Revan's not so loyal apprentice betrayed him. 3. My view of good is perfectly obvious. A republic/democracy instead of some Sith Emperor who believes if you can't fend for yourself you should just take a blaster shot the head and save someone else some trouble.
  15. Read before closing the thread: This is not a "PLEASE MAKE A KOTOR III thread" this is simply a thread on speculation on whether or not KOTOR I and KOTOR II are merely 1/5 of the true story arc we have been following along. After watching numerous character encounters and events on YouTube, I've pieced together the theory that both KOTOR and KOTOR II were leading up to a mind-blowing third game. Star Wars is done in Trilogies after all :D. Carth says that Revan thought something was behind the Mandalorian assault on the Republic, something in secret/hiding and something TRULY EVIL and he wished to Protect the Republic (With him either being DS or LS, thats saying something). We haven't heard anything about the so called "True Sith" that lay in the Unkown Regions. And the Reason we never hear of them and they were never heard of by the time of hte movies might be due to Revan and the Exile teaming up against this threat. Theory about the story of KOTOR III: Revan, the Exile, T3-M4, and HK-47 (Big maybe on Bastila) are going to fight their way through a Sith empire (Not the Sith you think of, the Sith Race --- Wookieepedia it if you aren't knowledgeable on such things). I think the ending of the game we will see the Death of Revan and the Exile, them sacrificing themselves in order to ensure that the rest of the Galaxy never has to encounter this truly evil menace hiding in the shadows.... and it will end with not one person in the known regions knowing about what transpired. Not even your former allies/friends/loved ones. One problem: Who will you play as? An entirely new character... I think you will pick between Revan or the Exile.
  16. Before you read: This is a RP (Role-play) thread. I don't want Light Side/Dark Side fanbois in this topic spamming insulting remarks about why they think their side is better. Debate in a role-playing fashion, this could be quite fun! The year is 507 ABY, Historians and Scholars from all around the galaxy have gathered for a debate on Coruscant. Some support the Sith Ways, some support the Jedi Ways. I support the Jedi. Long live the Jedi Order! If the Dark Side is stronger, why is it that the Light has always prevailed? If the Dark Side is stronger, why is it that the Sith (aside from Sidious) have never brought the Republic to its knees? If the Dark Side is stronger, why is it that your so called "Better Code than the Jedi's" only leads your order to destruction. If the Dark Side is stronger, why is it that you must lure Jedi into believing it is in order to convince them to turn from the Light? If it was stronger, then everyone would know it. If the Jedi were evil as you always made them out to be to your victims, why is it that not once did the Jedi every overthrow a government and assume control. Why have the Jedi never dominated any territory aside from their Temple. Why have the Jedi never governed someone else outside their order. Give me one instance of a Jedi (not fallen) that has started a galactic-wide war. Give me one example of a Jedi Council that has ordered Genocide numbering in the billions. Your Dark Side may only seem stronger because you drop the Jedi teachings. You embrace your emotions thus gaining your full potential more quickly than a Jedi. You have gained your full potential at the cost of your destiny. You are now owned by your own ambitions. The entire Sith principal is flawed. You cannot harness the force to the point where you can be the single most powerful person in the Universe. There will always be someone who will rise up and challenge you, whether another Sith or a Jedi. The Sith will never permanently rule, the good will always endure, because thats what it does best. Debate.
  17. You can go into the Start Menu --> Run --> dxdiag That stands for dxdiagnostic. Give it a few minutes to load up the information, it will contain all information about your computer. (Your amount of RAM, your video card, your processor speed, etc). Just remember to flip through the tabs.
  18. Topic One/Question: How much did George Lucas actually write beyond the six films? Topic Two/Theory: There has been an ongoing discussion about which Jedi order was more powerful. Call me crazy but I think the new Jedi Order (after the first Purge by the Sith Triumvirate) is more powerful. Bare with me, I will state me reasons now. BEFORE YOU READ: I am in no way trying to be a movie fanboi. I am just stating why I think the new Jedi order is also as powerful as the old. I love KOTOR I and II, they are my favorite games! Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace We see many examples of Jedi abilities here that we've seen in KOTOR I and II. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan must use breath control in order to save them selves from dioxes (sp?), the gas that the Trade Federation floods into their guest room. Wookieepedia has stated (with citations from Kreia) that few Jedi have mastered Breath Control, but the ones who have could hold their breath for hours and even days. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are two Jedi who had a relatively typical Jedi life - no epic teachings of any sort. Later on in the movie we see the pair of Jedi run from Droidekas. Watch this seen again and you will notice their extreme running speed. (Comparable to Knight Speed and its enhancements from KOTOR I and II). You will obviously not see force aura, energy shield, etc in a movie because that would just look silly and many fans would be disgruntled (I didn't think Lucas would have a purple stasis field around people!- Type reactions). Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars I can't say much as I haven't seen this movie for quite some time because it was sadly RIPPED OFF by someone I trusted. Weird. Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith: This film was more about the downfall of the Republic and the death of the Jedi rather than Jedi/Sith powers. However, a Jedi's powers would have been useless in Sidious' brilliantly orchestrated plan. The people the Jedi trusted the most during the war turned on them in an instant, so however strong they may have been would have been useless. When this movie came out I became interested in Mace Windu. I read the wookieepedia article on him and found some most interesting details. He was indeed a very powerful Jedi, creating his own lightsaber art and having a very strong connection to the force. Yoda is able to deflect Palpatine's Senate Chair Disks, and Yoda can also absorb Force Lightning with bare hands, something you don't see in KOTOR I or II. Other than these moments, the movie focuses more on Lightsaber combat, which I can't blame them. Most fans really love the lightsaber combat, I do. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader deflects blaster fire with no lightsaber, a power in KOTOR II (not sure about I). This power is still around. Reading various Wookieepedia articles on individual members of the new Jedi Order (Read the USUALLY titled "Powers and Abilities" section for all the info) has led me to believe that every power from KOTOR I and II has made it into the New Jedi Order, and is being used... we just can't see it through the mask of film making. Discuss.
  19. There are absolutely horrendous bugs with Star Wars KOTOR II: The Sith Lords. There are random audio bugs (Sounds like a speaker broke and is trying to play some hard metal, it happens periodically for short times and makes my ears want to bleed. Another bug would be that sometimes you can't move, you just get stuck. You have to save and quit then reload to fix this. Another movement bug is that your character "skips". The game will freeze then SKIP like 80 ft forward, annoying if you are trying to enter a door and you keep skipping past it. Right now, I also have no combat audio. No combat music, sword noises, force noises, anything.). If there is a way to fix this without me having to buy it for PC, I would greatly appreciate this. Thank you!
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