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  1. Go right ahead. And be sure to post how you did it.
  2. Fix'd. Moar fix'd. Hahaha. No. Of course you don't see it, silly! You aren't playing!
  3. That's why I said "if the situation calls for it". Democracy is a great system for the tyranny of the majority to enact oppression. Further, American colonists didn't have the "right" to fight against the King of England, either. History's full of examples of laws, regimes and systems toppled by people who are simply fed up. I think you are intelligent enough to realize that simply because democracy is the system we have now, it doesn't mean it's the best there can be. Yes, of course, informed opinions are of paramount importance. That said, I don't think I can say I have an informed opinion wrt this case. But don't you dare question Internet Justice!
  4. You might want to post your DXDiag log. Also, KotOR2 doesn't like Vista. If that's your OS, you should take a look at the help thread for specific Vista-related issues and fixes.
  5. Does anyone else find this statement: at odds with this one: ? Blind faith in the system and its rules and unconditional acquiescence with regards to its decisions are at the root of injustice and, at a greater scale, tyranny. It is your duty as a citizen to speak up (and if the situation calls for it, fight) when you believe the system isn't working as it was intended or injustices are otherwise being committed. That's the essence of modern civic virtue.
  6. Heh, agreed. He was at least willing to discuss his ideas, even if he refused to consider that things may not be as clear cut. That probably makes him a moderate among some of his peers... I think it's sad he quit posting.
  7. Left4Dead. I expect to teach some of you n00bs how real men survive a zombie lollercaust. /ronery
  8. Depending on the MMO, 0%. Expand your horizons, please. Again, depending on the MMO, 0% since there are measures in place against powerleveling by high level characters, and loot generation can be made to depend on player level. Helping guildies can be fun, anyway. I know I've needed help on occasion from veteran players and I've returned the favor when others have needed it. That's what guilds are for... cooperation is what makes MMOs fun.
  9. You do realize that this is, after all, a Star Wars product, yes? It's not supposed to be on the same level as Macchiavelli's Prince - it's a product intended for kids as well. It would take, I think, true literary genius to provide effective mental gymnastics for well-read people, without boring those merely looking for casual entertainment, all wrapped in elegant, subtle yet sharp writing. Has it ever been done? Can it even be done? In any given literary work, there's always going to be people who believe that X or Z wasn't tackled with enough depth... I think your disappointment with her character stems from unrealistic expectations. Granted, I'm not a native English speaker, but I'm replaying the game ATM (go go thievery!) and I think that technically her lines are fine. Can you provide a few examples?
  10. I may be jumping to conclusions here, but somebody who downs 2-3 litres of beer while an infant is under his supervision is either too stupid to care, or just doesn't care to begin with. Accidents happen all the time, and nobody's fully exempt. Being a complete ****wit facilitates accidents greatly, though.
  11. Last time I checked, fire hurts like a bitch. As a matter of fact, the pain starts before there's any contact with the flames. So how did the child crawl ALL the way into the firepit, or at least enough to be burned to death? Anyway, this ****er got off easy, if you ask me.
  12. You trying to get cynical on *me*?
  13. Yeah, that was pretty unsurprising. I'm in support of this legal action. While it might be a hassle to need to carry your DVD's with you if you want to watch them on a laptop, there is too much room for abuse in allowing full copies on the hard drives like this. Sorry, but violations of copyright must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This is just assuming that everyone using this is a pirate, which is against presumption of innocence. Things are not banned based on the "potential for abuse", or stuff like cars and rat poison would be banned. The problem is that the Courts are still bending over and protecting the MPAA's "copy rules". I'm not sure if this is upholding the DMCA or simply the result of lobbying to safeguard their corporate anti-copy policies. The legal arm of DRM?
  14. Yeah, what's with games auto-detecting system settings in multilanguage releases, anyway? Can't I be an Englishman living in Italy?
  15. You're just butthurt because Swedish is too ugly and unimportant in the world to get it's own game localization. I'm Spanish and I pretty much agree with him... If you think some English original voiceovers are bad, cheap dubbing is EXCRUCIATING. I've downloaded English versions of games I own just so I can do away with it. Now I just order from Gameplay UK.
  16. Rumors, unverified claims, excerpts from interviews, and assorted speculation (links to articles included at the bottom) /drive-by
  17. Yeah, OK. We don't want to chase new users away, etc. Time for my medication, it seems. And a timeout.
  18. NWN is not one of my favourite games, but unlike you, I can see its strengths and see how those may be appreciated by other people - the fact that I don't like it does not make it the *inferior* game. Yeah, and now that you're 18, you are so above everyone else. I used to think that way when I was 18, too. Seriously man, if that's an example of the things you posted in BIO, it's not surprising you got such a nice response from the regulars there. Maybe it has nothing to do with the fact that you are being as unreasonable as you accuse others of being, but simply because you are trying to objectively "prove" something which essentially depends on subjective perceptions. This is simply not true. Sorry, combat was as good or better than BG's. The use of the 3rd ED ruleset accounts for it. No party, alright. On the other hand, NPCs were ostensibly better than those present in BG, as they bore the weight of the plot. I'm not talking party NPCs here, btw but the rest of the characters you encounter. No. NWN+SoU+HotU is a LONG game. Maybe not as long as BG2, but... that's probably the longest game I've played. Of course any other game compared to it is going to be "short". Easier than BG/BG2? Where the only difficult encounters were achieved by blatantly cheating up the AI? Heh. Yeah. More linear than BG, right? you can take the rose colored glasses off now. (thanks Hurlie!) Sure. Because everyone has the money, the time and the education needed to abandon whatever they are doing and set up a succesful game studio. And God forbid you like modding as a hobby! You weren't cheated out of anything. If you didn't read up on what you were buying and the selling point for you was that "from the makers of BG" was stamped on the box, you have nobody to blame for your disappointment but yourself. The game delivered everyting it promised and more.
  19. Fair enough, it seems I've mischaracterized you. I love BG2 myself and fire it up from time to time when the fancy strikes me... and I find a mod to make it worth the hassle. But statements in the shape of "X is tha best evar" are only valid as far as the taste of the person making it goes. At any rate, I think the market being flooded with crap games is to be expected. Maybe the good:crap games ratio has decreased over the years, but the net amount of games worth playing per year has increased, I'd say. I remember some good old games, but certainly not 3-4 per year.
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