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  1. It's not surprising they are crying foul. It's either that and make up some figures, or bend over and remove SecuROM. Since it hasn't been posted ITT (or I haven't seen it), it's about time people did something other than whining and bitching on the internets. Yeah, I just followed a few links. So sue me.
  2. I should have left my disbelief at home. Even if you are willing to accept the premise, it's still little more than a bunch of pursuits with a few character moments thrown in for flavor. I didn't doze off, so I guess I'm just easily entertained. No idea really. The consensus in reviews seems to be that Righteous Killing doesn't offer much more than Pacino and De Niro... so I'll probably be passing on that one. I might go watch Max Payne next week, depending on how bored I am...
  3. I thought it was a good lol/10 though. I came away entertained. Yeah, I enjoyed it quite a bit. But it's WAY over the top. It really is. Yeah, absurd yet credible humour. I think I've got enough time to get a run in before I'm off to watch Eagle Eye.
  4. So, 28 days under police custody is "reasonable", but 29, 33, or 42 isn't? Please explain what's the difference. And if the allegations are tenuous and possibly unreliable, why can't you afford to have said person running loose? That sounds awfully like police state-reasoning to me. If you absolutely can't have said person at large, then arrest him and formally charge him. Or is it that the justice system should apply for everyone but whomever happens to be conveniently labelled a "terrorist"? Also, you don't like this power on the hands of whoever happens to be the HS at the moment. It just so happens that I don't like it on the hands of the police chief or any other non-judicial officer either.
  5. Er, yes. That's what makes it so abhorrent. I don't think I've said the contrary?
  6. The fact that he didn't go to trial doesn't mean he hadn't been charged. Charges can be dropped. My point is that there's a fundamental difference in how that power is applied - laws make it so there's a very clearly defined way of doing things in judicial proceedings. When it's the police that's entrusted with that... not so much.
  7. Eh, I don't see what's all the fuss about. There seem to be some misconceptions, too. Mesh hit the nail earlier; this proposed measure is only a 50% increase on the already mind-boggling 28 day-detention limit, that is, detention at the police's exclusive discretion. Sorry Wals, but I think they already tossed civil liberties out the window sometime ago... The UK is notoriously heavy-handed in its legislation regarding this. Elsewhere, the limit is usually never more than 3-4 days. Yes, that includes the US. Elsewhere, suspects need to be charged with something before a magistrate can order more prolonged imprisonment. It's a good thing this bill or whatever it is wasn't approved. But considering how things are already set up, it's hardly a victory or something to celebrate.
  8. Haven't played the game, but after reading the graphic novel, I think the story is just an excuse for implementing the over-the-top Force mechanics and effects of the game. It's pretty hilarious how they keep shoehorning these Gary Stus and the ludicrous plots they devise for them into the timeline, just so they can keep milking the SW cash cow. My verdict: suckage. (ofc, that does not mean the game isn't a blast to play...)
  9. Who knows. You do know about "Project V13", don't you? The last I checked, Herve and the rats were going whole hog down there. Well, apparently he and his rat entourage somehow managed to convince enough investors to keep shelling out the dough... they even have a message board over there now.
  10. Looks like a Deadly_Nightshade sockpuppet to me.
  11. Who knows. You do know about "Project V13", don't you?
  12. Hahaha. Hello, Mr. Hades? Oh man. Just wait until Interplay announce their FO MMO. That's going to be EPIC nerdrage! Go go fake Fallout!
  13. What she said. I can still send you tons of hate mail if you want, though.
  14. Oh there's always a reason, it's just never a good one, being that it comes from a sense of entitlement. This doesn't refer to just rabid Fallout fans, it's rabid fans of anything. You know, I was going to say exactly that. But I don't think I could word it any better.
  15. No, it's you who's obviously missing the point, and I see that making a literary reference that isn't related to crappy SW literature was a wasted effort on my part. The bottom line is that your dislike of MMOs is completely unrelated to their quality, or to the enjoyment other people may derive from them. Further, you posted that your experience with MMOs was limited to playing "at a friend's" and stuff like that. So your "informed opinion" isn't even worth the electons you are wasting to convey it. Stop being so butthurt. A MMO is in the works. If you don't like it (how can you like or dislike something that doesn't even exist yet is beyond me), just ignore it. Is it so difficult to understand?
  16. Listen man, I'm just not going to get a 360, okay? *sticks fingers in ears* LALALALA
  17. You forgot to factor VAT in! Busted!
  18. My point is that you accuse us of derailing the thread, but you have made zero constructive posts in this thread yourself. Tsk, tsk. You are just as guilty as we are.
  19. It'll be the PC version for me, I don't have a 360 ;_; I mean, no. I'm a hardcore PC gamer, you poser!
  20. Only this is the MMO thread, and you don't have a mod tag under your name...
  21. Of course, you play games you like, and you like them because they are good. How clever! Unfortunately, Catch-22 was written a long time ago. Run along now.
  22. Shh. People can and will demonstrate to you how the games they like are in fact better than those you like. You just have no taste at all!
  23. And my point is that, to the pro-DRM crowd, the only things that matter are that another high-profile game is on the Internet for anyone to download, and it was 24 hours after it went gold - add to that the fact that it wasn't equipped with the last in customer****er DRM. Details, arguments and explanations will be ignored because those things undermine the proposed effectiveness of DRM.
  24. So, you're freely admitting to being a felon, then?
  25. How so? The game wasn't even released yet. DRM isn't even an issue. Unless even review and developer copies are going to be DRM'd now. IF anything this sort of event weakens pro-DRM arguments dramatically, since it makes DRM pointless. ANd it on a console anway. You read the part where he said "logic or not", right?
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