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  1. The IE combat scripting that governed the AI was abused badly by gameplay programmers in some instances of BGII/ToB, especially in the latter parts. It was common for AI casters to repeatedly activate contingencies/chain contingencies/spell triggers that contained illegal amounts of illegal spells. Often they would trigger even when timestopped! Not to mention the spell/innate ability machineguns that some NPCs were (read: Draconis). Abuse, cheese, engine/ruleset shortcomings and overall imbalance made the final battles a mess... But the worst design decision ever was probably when LA decided to strip the superb iMuse music system from TIE Fighter Collector's ED in favor of static digital audio tracks. Yep, that made me cry.
  2. Too much fighting, very little (as in zero) character interaction in those screenies. I wanna see some hot ghoul babes up close. Preferably the glowing kind. And no examples of melee combat, either. I'd like to see how they'll handle taking on a deathclaw mommy and her cubs with only your palm strike and piercing kick skills to rely on. Because absurd combat is Fallout too, right folks?
  3. They are a big plus for me, as far as immersion is concerned. And in RPGs immersion is everything... The lack of deep relationships in K2 is a bit of a letdown in the midst of the game's otherwise excellent writing. No way. When I arrived on these boards just after Kotor 2 was released, they were a hotbed of Bao-Dur/Exile romance fever. Personally I really enjoy romances in games, and the thought of a soppy love story motivates me to replay certain games more than others. I must have been through Baldur's Gate 2 half a dozen times purely in order to explore the romances - both Bioware's and the work of various modders. I still haven't completed the Aerie romance - one day I will. Funny. Aerie is the one romance I haven't completed either, and I have played this game to death. I think it's her whiny attitude (coupled w/ her less-than-optimal build and stats) that throws me off...
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