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  1. It's not so much the pain you want to avoid as the drunk dialing... And since we can't be there to take your phone away from you when you're drunk... well... perhaps it's better not to go there... I say keep 'em, though. It's always interesting to go back and read what you were thinking ages ago, gives you a different perspective on the present.
  2. Kill 'em all and let God sort them out? I like that!
  3. The real problem with enforcing a death penalty is not that some guilty person dies, but rather that someone has to carry out the sentence. The executioners generally have the same psych profiles as those they are putting to death. Taking a life alters a person irreparably and the reason "civilised" countries don't put people to death is that they understand the harm it does to the person enforcing the penalty.
  4. If you're playing on a PC, you might try downloading the KSE (savedgame editor) and seeing if there are any quest variables you can tweak for that timeframe.
  5. It sucks that you had to turn off your sound to get past it... but at least *you* won't have the cantina music stuck in your head for days on end!
  6. Erm. You DO realise that Titanic had a budget of 200 million dollars (vs. Dark Knight's "mere" 185 million dollars) and was renowned as the most ludicrously expensive film ever, requiring funding from both Paramount AND Fox, and whispered to possibly bring both companies down, right? I think he means "when [going to the] movies cost about half as much". Though the statistics I've heard say the average price of a ticket for Titanic was about $1 to $1.50 less than it is now.
  7. Showing it would have been less traumatizing, I think.
  8. I was really surprised TDK wasn't rated R. But, if they did that, there's no way they could get away with all the toy merchandising they've been doing... There is no way in hell I'd take my 8 yr old son (who plays Halo & other FPS) to see this movie, and I'm generally pretty lax about violence in movies. It's not the violence, though... it's more the creepy sick psychopath factor that gives me the heebie jeebies.
  9. 09% Rotten Tomatoes 5.8 IMDb The other Mummy flicks did not rate so well either, but not this bad. After what the critics did to Speed Racer, I'm not to inclined to pay any attention to what they say. However, the rotten tomatoes community rankings are pretty accurate usually and they're giving the mummy 40%... that's pretty dismal. In comparison, the community rankings gave SR 75% as compared to the critics 35%. Still, I loved the first mummy movie, but mostly because Arnold Vosloo is hot... he's not in this one, though.
  10. that's a q (Q) not a g... but... I kept checking this thread because after reading it on Friday (and having no clue how to help), I had the Onderon cantina music stuck in my head all weekend. Yay. Nasty business, that is...
  11. I can see the judge's point that the prison system can't cope with a man with dementia. But surely you can't just shrug and push him out onto the streets? I mean, if he's bonkers enough to strangle his own wife he might turn on anyone! Eh, I don't know about that... the *only* person I've ever been inclined to strangle with my bare hands was my husband... But, since I don't suffer from dementia, I just got a divorce instead.
  12. lol, yep, that's it. Bad math puns are a favorite of mine! :)

  13. Well, at least it's running again! It does suck that you can't find the save games, though.
  14. Are you running K2 as an administrator? I had problems with my save games saving / loading when I didn't do that. And I'm really not sure that those saved games really do exist... at least, even though they showed up on my saved list, once I'd run it as an administrator they weren't there anymore.
  15. I got a speeding ticket on the way to see Speed Racer for the last time in the theater. But considering I've been listening to the soundtrack in my car for the last month, it's very surprising I hadn't gotten one sooner.
  16. Well, if that happened and either of us was still feeling bored or lazy... well... that'd just be sad... :p

  17. Lazy and bored make for a bad combination. That's when I usually find myself watching something completely ridiculous on tv because I can't be bothered to find the remote.

  18. Ah, SilverShadow's stuff is what got me reading (and eventually writing) this stuff. I haven't seen her around in ages though. :(

    It's just neat to go back three years and see a name you recognize now in a somewhat different context.

  19. No, you did that wrong, you're supposed to say "hello bored, I'm ...." and then give me a funny name to call you... or something...

  20. I love Atton & Carth squaring off over the Hawk. Awesome! :D

  21. I'm bored now.

  22. Holy crap, I was just looking through some of my old reviews and I had a review from a Shryke! I'd no idea you'd read my stuff... :D

  23. you're just trying to throw me off the scent now... ;P

  24. Obviously if you write a story it should be what you want to write, but if you want feedback from readers character fluff is a must. Most readers (at least on ff.net) seem to be female and will generally ignore stories that don't have any character development. Of course, to have a really good independent story you have to have both. Which is why I'm not a real writer!
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