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  1. Completed icewind dale 2 for the first time half a year ago, that took me something like 80 hours to do, damn that was a long game, but quite fun!
  2. Haha, you wish, there's sooo much more going on there, you have no idea! The whole codex is very split between two opposing viewpoints, namely PoE is ****, and PoE is amazing. Its almost a warzone! This review shows one side of the coin, but there's another side which will come with the vault dweller and grunker review. Hype hype hype.
  3. I would like both included in the game - improved feedback is really needed, but auto pause for turns would also be good.
  4. Yes - I just got wiped by Medreth using gatling daggers and shredding my entire party with 100 attacks per round. I dont think he/she is supposed to be able to do that :D
  5. Can someone give me a rundown on how to aquire chants or rest and get them? because I've tried resting and putting chants on that prepared chant page but I cannot see any chants in my casting bar after I've rested - so I figure I must have done something wrong... Edit - I've just noticed it says combat only... So I think I managed to answer my own question...
  6. ... Micheal Hoenig or Mark Morgan or Rik Schaffer. Jeremy soule is overused, and has become boring in my opinion because you get used to his style. Not saying he isn't an exellent composer but I'd like something more retro or dark.
  7. Heh Sawyer. Thank you for making wonderful RPG's over the years. You guys at Obsidian are wonderful and I love you all! :D
  8. Possible. I will wait with voicing my opinion about this till I see what obsidian is actually going to do. I'm not someone who has so little faith in them that I dont think they haven't thought through this subject extensively and more than people in this thread have, though this is an assumption.
  9. It makes sense from a nostalgic point of view, which I feel like is not entirely without its merits.
  10. Then there's no reason to argue, because I'm sure obsidian has got it covered. It looks like they've done their research for this game.
  11. Am I the only one who would love to just play a 2d infinity engine style game here and wasnt the purpose of this whole kickstarter to go for this? or what?
  12. about obsidian needing their own IP. I think if Wasteland 2 is succesfull enough inxile and obsidian will be merged and then obsidian will have its own IP in wasteland 2. I upped the pledge from 50 to 100 hoping for this to happen
  13. Molarbear, I'm not sure if that is true. If its a 2d CRPG then Im guessing it doesn't require so much as a fully fledged 3d CRPG would. But I must admit to not knowing quite how much these things cost.
  14. Inxile has hired mark morgan to do the soundtrack. This gives me enough reason to back the project honestly. :D
  15. I really prefer 2d rpg's to 3d rpgs. I have a lot of reasons for this. 2d is easier to code and so there's less bugs and or crashing, and there's also much less processing power required to make the game function, which means the game can run on several computer systems, even those without graphics cards. This also makes it so that its easier to create more content. Isometric 2d is also easier to make tactical and strategic. Like bioware's infinity engine games were all very strategic and you had to consider a lot of things when taking on opponents, whereas dragon age, the *spiritual* successor to baldurs gate (hahaha?) has more tactics than most rpgs these days and yet the amount of skills and spells you could get in the game is an insult to baldurs gate players imo. Take a 2d castlevania versus a 3d castlevania. The sheer amount of content in something like castlevania symphony of the night is mindbogglingly much compared to ANY 3d castlevania game, and I can imagine that the funding behind the 3d castlevania games is probably so much bigger. There's a reason platforming died. Consider now something like diablo 3... It has to be bigger than diablo 2 in scope, why do you think it has had a development time of 11 years now and is still not released yet...? - Blizzard is trying to make a 3d isometric hack and slash rpg bigger and better than a 2d isometric hack and slash rpg, and thats no small feat! Considering the insults bioware keeps throwing at me with dragon age 2, boring mmo, mass effect - yes I know the game has really good storytelling but I'm really at heart an rts/platforming/rpg gamer, and when things compine elements from these franchises then I am happy... And considering how all modern games are fps/hybrids of somekind and considering how much I dont like fps. It doesnt make me all that happy to see more mass effect games. Fallout new vegas was amazing though. Which has to do with soooo many choices you had just like in the original fallout games. Do you make a stealthy dude, do you make a conversationalist? or do you make some brutal fighter which is able to destroy the world?!?!? And all of my choices seem to reflect everything in the world, and that imo is much better than linear storytelling which mass effect, dragon age, or whatever would shove down my throat. These days the games I play the most are either indie titles, obsidian titles due to superb dialogue, or replaying old classics, so I would definately back you with, well I can pledge you 50 dollars now for whatever you make to make an original IP. Here's hoping that my dreams come true and yours aswell. Martin.
  17. Was it ever sane, to begin with? nope
  18. Those Mutants are the best Gizmo! I have always loved the lore about super mutants from fallout. I was very saddened to learn that fallout 3 didnt expand on it. FEV = WIN
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