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  1. Completed icewind dale 2 for the first time half a year ago, that took me something like 80 hours to do, damn that was a long game, but quite fun!
  2. Haha, you wish, there's sooo much more going on there, you have no idea! The whole codex is very split between two opposing viewpoints, namely PoE is ****, and PoE is amazing. Its almost a warzone! This review shows one side of the coin, but there's another side which will come with the vault dweller and grunker review. Hype hype hype.
  3. I would like both included in the game - improved feedback is really needed, but auto pause for turns would also be good.
  4. Yes - I just got wiped by Medreth using gatling daggers and shredding my entire party with 100 attacks per round. I dont think he/she is supposed to be able to do that :D
  5. Can someone give me a rundown on how to aquire chants or rest and get them? because I've tried resting and putting chants on that prepared chant page but I cannot see any chants in my casting bar after I've rested - so I figure I must have done something wrong... Edit - I've just noticed it says combat only... So I think I managed to answer my own question...
  6. ... Micheal Hoenig or Mark Morgan or Rik Schaffer. Jeremy soule is overused, and has become boring in my opinion because you get used to his style. Not saying he isn't an exellent composer but I'd like something more retro or dark.
  7. Heh Sawyer. Thank you for making wonderful RPG's over the years. You guys at Obsidian are wonderful and I love you all! :D
  8. Possible. I will wait with voicing my opinion about this till I see what obsidian is actually going to do. I'm not someone who has so little faith in them that I dont think they haven't thought through this subject extensively and more than people in this thread have, though this is an assumption.
  9. It makes sense from a nostalgic point of view, which I feel like is not entirely without its merits.
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