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  1. The question on my mind is - will it have the same quality of writing that the old fallout games had...? The comedy of pissing off an enclave guy from the computer in the posoidon (sp) reactor are kind of the depth that I missed in fallout 3. It had depth in a sense but the writing in fallout 3 destroyed the sense of immersion for me. As in I didnt want to play the game anymore because what is a game without the sense of immersion? The escape from reality means a lot to me. Fallout 1 and 2 managed to do that pretty well even though the graphics were bad. Gameplay has a lot more to say than graphics imo.
  2. Well... If you have the bloody mess perk on ALL body parts falls off... Without bloody mess its just the part that you hit. I sort of thought bloody mess was silly for this reason. Dont personally mind the heads falling off and stuff.
  3. In my opinion the best part of oblivion was exploring around. I didnt like the story, or the combat system and i would much rather ignore all oblivion gates because their content didnt appeal to me... BUT What I enjoyed a lot about oblivion (and more so than in fallout 3) was just exploring the world. It is a very beautiful craftmanship and it is very immersive just walking around and listening to Jeremy Soule... Almost Zen. (I think my point is that might enjoy just wandering around listening to dark music) Fallout 3
  4. Sorry for going slightly off topic. I enjoyed that post about fallout 1 versus fallout 3 a lot Mikael Grizzly. You
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