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  1. I can be the supreme archdiocese super deluxe virgin?


    Sure, the older you are while still a virgin, the higher your rank. Also, the more 'virginy' you are the higher your rank. Extenuating circumstances, such as injury or priesthood or other such factors that could explain your virginity act to lower your rank.


    I am pretty high in the hierarchy. :ermm:

  2. TheHarlequin, can you point us to those statistics, which you say indicate that the U.S. is the biggest market for games and Europe is relatively insignificant by comparison? I am asking, because my impression was that although the U.S. is the biggest market for games overall, much of this is for console games, and for computer games Europe may well now be a bigger market than the U.S. (in much of Europe, computer gaming still dominantes over console gaming) ... and this is clearly meant to be exclusively a computer game.

  3. I don't know how much you know about nuclear winter, but I do want to point out that a nuclear winter would not actually last an enormously long amount of time. Depending on the scale of nuclear exchange percipitating it, nuclear winter would last anywhere from a few months to something over a decade (let's say 20 years at most). Whereas even at the lower end of the scale it would be long enough to wipe out most mankind from exposure and food shortages, you should bear that in mind if you want to keep the game realistic - no multigenerational time spent in nuclear bunkers (because nuclear winter would definitely be over long before that) and probably no drastically new technologies or major radiation-induced evolution of new life-forms due to the inherent time-constraints. You could, chose to ignore this aspect of realism, but that is what it would be like. After the nuclear winter ended, you would actually get global warming...

  4. Where do I get a membership form?


    Preliminary membership in the virgin club is automatically conferred at birth free of charge. The age at which full membership is possible may vary based on local norms and customs as well as the law of the land, but is invariably granted by age 18 provided that the applicant does not violate the terms and conditions that act as prerequisites.


    There are various levels of exclusivity assigned to different categories of membership that you may aim for:


    Honorary virgin: This is the easiest title to attain, since it can be granted even to those who have violated the prerequisites of membership in the past.

    Virgin: Has not gone 'all the way'

    Super Virgin: No romantically-connected touch


    There are also age categories:


    18: Adult

    19: Choosy

    20: Picky

    21: Prudent

    22: Prude

    23: Shy

    24: Misanthrope

    25: Loser


    This may not apply to priests and some other special categories of people.

  5. I already turned in my membership to that group some time ago.


    Once you turn in your membership of the virgin club, we cannot unfortunately reinstate you again as a full member. Fear not, however, as you can become a honorary member by forswearing all future physical contact with girls! :brows:

  6. Well, it seems from what has been said that the only way to avoid problems in relationships with girls is to avoid relationships with girls. We can all be virgins forever! Anybody wants to join the club? :sorcerer:

  7. I wish you luck on your project. I am pretty impressed with the engine project you worked on, so I guess the chances of this being completed seem higher than for most enthusiast-led open-source projects.

  8. I have had the... experience... of playing BigRigs over the road Racing. If you ever see this:




    Cancel. Please, for the love of all that is good, hit Cancel.


    Thanks for the tip! Make sure to check out Strawberry Shortcake too! :*

  9. Reason #1 why it sucks. It destroyed an awesome setting like the Forgotten Realms.


    I agree that that's one of the major reasons it sucks, but lest we forget I also want to point out that not only did they destroy the fluff and especially Forgotten Realms, but they also raped the rules. Raped them them, waterboarded them and then cut them apart in small slices, threw them into a mixer where they shredded them and finally canibalisticaly devoured them. Their, ehm, biological products, ehm, then became 4E rules.

  10. Geez, I think advertising is one of the first places they should make cuts.




    They should also remove the annoying DRM from their games... I don't buy their games because of it and I am sure many people have reacted in a similar way...


    I too no longer buy EA's games because of their DRM, but I don't think our numbers (those not buying these games based on DRM) are very significant. Still, they actually have to pay Sony for the DRM they use on their games. What an utter and ineffectual waste of money in this tough economy! This is an area where they could gain customers by saving money. :)

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