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  1. Anyone else somehow getting more hope for a KotOR III because of FO: New Vegas?


    'cause the peeps returning to an old franchise despite another company owning it and working on it just makes me feel that somehow they might also return to KotOR, despite SW:toR.


    We can only hope. Maybe we will find out some neat stuff soon, I have a feeling with the new generation of gamers playing Kotor 1 and 2.


    Is there a new generation of gamers playing Kotor 1 & 2?

  2. Anyone else somehow getting more hope for a KotOR III because of FO: New Vegas?


    'cause the peeps returning to an old franchise despite another company owning it and working on it just makes me feel that somehow they might also return to KotOR, despite SW:toR.


    Not specifically because of FO: New Vegas, but I have come to consider the possibility that SW:ToR might not be the killer of the single-player KOTOR franchise after all. There is a sliver of hope that Lucas Arts is greedy enough to continue both. :shrugz:

  3. Games that I am looking forward to about which we already know a substantial amount:


    Diablo III

    Dragon Age

    Starcraft II



    Games that have potential to interest me, but about which we know next to nothing other than their existence in development:


    Fallout: Vegas



    Games that are merely rumored, but have good potential to interest me if they do come out:


    Heroes of Might and Magic VI

    Warcraft IV

    NWN2: NX3



    Games that are not even rumored, but that would almost inevitably interest me if they came out:



    Pathfinder CRPG

    Civilization IV

  4. From older games, I still play games like Starcraft and Diablo II with their expansion packs - Brood War and Lord of Destruction. :sorcerer:


    From more recent games, I play Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East and King's Bounty: The Legend.


    I also sometimes do 'replays' of classic RPGs I have played before, but these replays are such that I basically try to redo what I did the first time, just to refresh my memory (and I sometimes even use old saved games to facilitate this - some of them very old!). I have replayed Dark Sun: Shattered Lands in this manner and I am thinking about replaying KOTOR.

  5. Ulimately they will balance each other out because one of them get lazy and the other side will raise up and defeat that side of the force.


    Well, Anakin Skywalker did restore balance to the force by ending the lengthy dominance of the light side... albeit only temporarily.

  6. I read a lot of news online and try to archive all the articles I read for future offline access. I do this by saving each webpage to my computer manually. Needless to say, this can be somewhat annoying and time-consuming, when I have to do it over and over and over many times per day every day. Is there some easier and less time-consuming way to do such archiving?

  7. Yeah I have a friend who paid close to 25000 Dkk for a top of the line mac laptop, and it's not like he is made of money or anything.


    I just can't fathom why people are willing to pay that much more for a few extra bells and whistles and a nice design scheme.


    It's a computer, not a new kitchen or a car.


    I would not buy a Mackintosh either, so I am with you here. That said, I guess the explanation for some people buying Macs is probably threefold:


    1) They view computers as fashion statements rather than merely working/entertainment machines. Most computer users probably don't do this, but some might and there is nothing inherently wrong with doing so.


    2) They don't know much about computers and think that futuristic-looking computers like Macs are automatically better than standard-looking ones.


    3) Customer loyalty to Apple, hate for Microsoft and a bunch of associated ideological reasons.


    Sometimes the three can operate in combination with one another and other times they work separately.

  8. One of my friends bought a 24" Imac (with an added Radeon 4850) this Monday and it's driving me nuts. I tried to talk him out of it but he just wouldn't listen to me.


    Anyhow, this is what he could have gotten (he paid over 19000 SEK):



    This is what he got (same gear as in the Imac, except the case naturally, is worth 12300 SEK):



    Of course, it looks like this:




    Still, is it really worth almost $1000 more just for looks?! I don't think so, especially since it will perform worse too! Apparently he does.



    Yes, I too find it mystifying why people buy Apple computers. They look good, but the price premium over the same insides is just incredibly high.

  9. I agree. Having 150 people is a pretty nice size for a game development company. :)


    Holy ****, Blizzard has over 1000!


    That may well be, but Blizzard is also its own publishes, not just a developer. On top of that, Blizzard has World of Warcraft and all the support staff who are associated with that.


    Edit: that's 1000, not 1000!


    Lol, I think we all understood that you mean 1000 and not 1000x999x998x997x996x995x994.... :sorcerer:

  10. Who do you think we'll fight in Diablo III?


    I think it will be Tyrael. Didn't he have Baal's soulstone in him for awhile? And isn't he on the front and center of the box art?


    It is certainly possible and has been speculated by many discussing the game. Tyrael was very cool and I would certainly like to see him get some extra game-footage whether as a corrupted Angel or as a paragon of virtue.

  11. How big is Obsidian Entertainment these days? I thought Obsidian had about 100 people or just over that number, but recent announcements seem to hint that it is substantially larger than that. I gather that from the fact that it is working simultaneously on Alpha Protocol, the next Fallout title, perhaps still slightly on Aliens (in suspended animation?) and on several unnannounced projects. That is a LOT.


    And there goes my interest... :)


    Mine too... the chances of my purchase of the Mysteries of Westgate have just decreased to near zero. Of course, the word 'near' is only there to account for the slight chance that they might change it and I will hear about it, which seems rather unlikely, since even if they do change it, I will be unlikely to hear about it, given that I will no longer follow any news about MoW from this point on.

  13. I am impressed! Congratulations Obsidian and Bethesda - this seems to be an all-around good decision. :o


    I am wondering, though, how is this going to work - is Bethesda the publisher and property licensor and Obsidian the developer, or are they co-developers and if so how will they divide the work (also won't it be inefficient to have two developers)?


    Also, how long has this been worked on already? Because if not long, is there really enough time to complete this and maintain quality/polish?


    Sorry if these questions have already been answered - I didn't read the whole thread.

  14. For some reason, my hope that the new secret project might be KOTOR 3 is being rekindled - the possibility of it at least does not seem as remote as it once did - perhaps LucasArts wants money both from the MMO and from a single-player game. :( Let's hope it is not a false hope!

  15. I can't share the enthusiasm for a D&D project, since that will mean the abomination 4e ruleset. And I've already sworn never to buy anything related to that. Pathfinder would work though...


    This. As much as I love D&D, I can't stand 4E (I don't even consider it to be D&D, but that's for a different discussion topic) and any new D&D CRPG would likely be forced to use that loathsome ruleset. Pathfinder would be a nice alternative.


    Most likely Atari will be the publisher, because they want to put their D&D license to good use. And right now Obsidian is really the only possible choice for doing a multiplatform D&D RPG. I suspect it will be either NWN3 or BG3, and will be a Dragon Age clone (For heaven's sake, I hope not).


    Well, it can't be NWN3, since Neverwinter doesn't exist in 4e. So I'm sure they'll call it something else. But it'll be intended to fill that market, I think as well. I do hope I'm wrong, I really have no intention of supporting 4e in any way, shape, or form.


    They can use the name as a franchise name regardless. After all, Baldur's Gate 2 had nothing to do with the city of Baldur's Gate, so it might be the same with Neverwinter Nights 3, or Icewind Dale or Baldur's Gate 3 - these are all just names they can place on any game in Forgotten Realms, though they might denote certain things about the franchise (NWN: toolset, IWD: combat, BG: scope - just some examples).

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