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  1. I know this because when I was younger, I did my share of pirating. I look back on that time with a ton of regret. Not only was I selfishly damaging the industry that I wanted to thrive, but I was trading short term enjoyment at the cost of my long term happiness. It was stupid.


    I was a hardcore pirate too.


    Heh, you guys remind me of former smokers! Like piracy, smoking is a bad thing and smokers who quit are often the most vehement anti-smoking crusaders, whereas non-smokers tend to be less agitated about others smoking. :(

  2. (snip)




    (just a general rant, I wasn't challenging anything particular you said. I know what your stand is.)


    I don't think anyone here has a problem with reasonable anti-DRM folks,


    Well, I am 100% opposed to DRM measures that make me reliant on external sources (e.g. activation servers) to play a game. Beyond that point, however, I am not even anti-DRM as such and don't mind things like CD-keys, having to have the DVD inside the drive and so on. I am even fine with program blacklisters that some DRM schemes use. Heck, I don't even mind SecuROM as such, despite what my signature says, I only mind it because the latest version introduced online activation and install limits. But introduce online activation and install limits and the game becomes an automatic no-buy item.


    However, the fact that the companies use a scheme that anti-DRM folks don't like does not give pirates a right to commit copyright infringement. [/i]


    I don't think anybody is defending the right of pirates to infringe on the copyright of game companies. They obviously don't have such a right - I don't think that's really in question here.

  3. Did anyone get the full book by the way?


    A woman I know on the DA board bought 25 copies and sent one to me.


    Who did that? Imported Beer?


    Yes. Though I think she only ended up buying ten.


    Either way, instead of sending me a copy, she ordered one from amazon.com and sent it to me. Now I'm trying to figure out what to send her.


    You could always send her a copy of Dragon Age or perhaps some sort of Dragon Age module after they are released. :p


    A bouquet of flowers might be appreciated too, but then you might have her husband hunting you down! :lol:

  4. Most games of the past few years have still used CD activation keys and I find those to be far more attractive as a form of DRM.


    True. But I was comparing it to the limited activation versions of SecuROM, etc.


    In that case we are in agreement! :lol:

  5. CD activation keys are just fine but nowadays I keep wishing for a steam version.


    I don't. Steam is just another form of DRM, albeit a slightly more attractive one than most. :bat:


    I agree that Steam is just another form of DRM, but I think it is less attractive than most. Most games of the past few years have still used CD activation keys and I find those to be far more attractive as a form of DRM.

  6. I don't think it's Bioware hate, actually it's Bioware exasperation.


    look at many of the comments here (including mine)... people respect them as a developer and enjoy their products (personally I haven't for some time - I find their linear, cut-scene heavy style, not to mention the smothering hype around their products not to my taste). I really respect the Bioware back-story and think they deserve their success.


    So, as probably the most influential CRPG development house out there, I think it's natural that Fans Like Us (i.e. gamers who care enough to spend our time talking about this stuff on forums) will look to Bio to push the bloody envelope. Not make something that, on the available (and burgeoning) body of evidence is derivative and vanilla and... meh. Yet the hype bombards us like Soviet artillery with how original and ground-breaking it all is.


    Do something daring, why don't you? You create your own IP and... it's vanilla high fantasy? I reserve the right to be wearily disappointed by that. I like these sorts of games. I'll buy it. I might even enjoy it. But I'd be even happier if the setting was fresher, newer.... different.


    That's why the realist in me posted the lowest common denominator comments, which I stand by. This setting is. Bio could have used their popularity and muscle to take us in a direction new enough to excite jaded fans but familiar enough to be commercially viable, but they've clearly chosen not to.





    OK - fair enough - thanks for explaining your position better. I do think BioWare did try new directions with Jade Empire and Mass Effect. I bought neither of those games - I tend to prefer more traditional and less 'action-based' RPGs and Mass Effect had unacceptable DRM, but they are there for those who want them. Many of us still do enjoy traditional types of fantasy with some twists, which Dragon Age promises to deliver. There is no reason BioWare cannot cater to both the traditionalists like me and those yearning for something new like you - they can do that and are doing so, but with different games.

  7. Well said - I honestly don't get what's with all the BioWare hate on here. BioWare and Obsidian are the two developers making RPGs of a style I enjoy and their approaches are relatively similar (yes, there are some differences, but similar overall), so why the Bio-hate?

  8. The only hint we can provide is that the game will be awesome.


    Ha, way to help out Rorie. :lol:


    Yeah, at least you could answer us one of these three questions:


    1) Is it a licensed game or a new IP? (My suspicion: licensed game - hence the early contract signing)

    2) Is it a fantasy game, a sci-fi game or a modern game?

    3) Is it a RPG?


    It is a game.


    But srsly, not going to be able to talk about anything for a while. I'm sure you guys will have fun speculating in the meantime.


    Alright - I guess you are bound by those pesky secrecy contracts and have to keep --> ;(


    My speculation:


    1) Licensed game (hint from the contract signing so early on)

    2) I am unsure here - it could be fantasy or sci-fi - I doubt it is set in contemporary/modern times

    3) RPG - Obsidian is good at those, so why mess with success...

  9. ^Whew, dumped some coin there. Beautiful system!


    I know...a tad excessive, probably, but what the hell... My laptop was starting to depress me.


    I think it's great. If you can afford it - more power and kudos to you! :o

  10. The only hint we can provide is that the game will be awesome.


    Ha, way to help out Rorie. :o


    Yeah, at least you could answer us one of these three questions:


    1) Is it a licensed game or a new IP? (My suspicion: licensed game - hence the early contract signing)

    2) Is it a fantasy game, a sci-fi game or a modern game?

    3) Is it a RPG?

  11. Yeah, I remember it. It was lame, they basically said "this is a good game, but the adventure game genre is dead, so we aren't going to finish it." I was bummed.


    I thought they said the game did not reach the Blizzard standard of fun?


    Don't mourn the passing of the adventure game genre - many of its conceits have been assimilated by the CRPG genre, so it is more like the merging of the two than the elimination of one of these two.

  12. SEGA was just frustrated with the lack of hype for the game, so they devised a scheme to make the fans turn rabid by pretending the game was in limbo a.k.a. "probably cancelled" and leaked a few pieces of obscure concept art to get things rolling.


    Voila! Cult following in the span of a week or two. I applaud your marketing department, SEGA.


    If so, it's a big fail. I have mostly moved on now and stopped following the game due to its uncertain release and I suspect so have many others.

  13. Whereas I love D&D and would welcome a new D&D game, whatever its name (Neverwinter Nights 3 or Baldur's Gate 3 - it makes little difference, as neither is going to be tied to the original story of either of those games), I truly cannot stand 4E (which for me isn't even D&D) and I fear any new D&D game would have to follow that abomination of a ruleset and flavor. :lol:


    Most of all, I would welcome KOTOR 3, but given TOR, that seems unrealistic.


    Given these limitations, I hope either for a new NWN 2 expansion, or a new IP.

  14. If you are sick of fantasy games don't buy them. If you keep buying them, they'll keep making them.


    I intend to keep on buying them, so I definitely hope that they keep on making them! I love fantasy! I have no interest in RPG games set in contemporary settings.

  15. The videos were very cool, but the actual in-game cutscenes and most of the dialogue was pretty cringeworthy. And the voice acting. Dear god, the voice acting.


    Compared to Czech version the English voiceover of W3 was godly!!! I played Czech version for 15 minutes then sold it and imported UK version...


    I have only made the mistake of buying a Czech version of a computer game once. Ever since then I refuse to buy a game version in any language other than English, even if I really want the game and only the Czech version is available (Slovak versions are pretty much nonexistent anyway). I am in the U.S. at the moment, which makes it easier to practice this particular policy of mine, but I kept to it even when in Slovakia.

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