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  1. The Armor Class attribute should be represented by a number that gets lower as the protection improves, even to the point of negative integers. That'll be so reactionary, it will make the collective heads of next-gen gamers explode. Harumph!
  2. Adventurers Hall all the way, from start to finish! Brought to us by the developers of Icewind Dale, Temple of Elemental Evil, and NWN2: Storm of Zehir. Culminating in a 15 level mega-dungeon. Well done, Obsidian Harumph!
  3. It's encouraging to see the younger Obsidian staff get an education in a truly excellent computer role-playing game. Harumph!
  4. I believe we will be able to leave and come back. At ten levels, it will probably require several level ups to complete and reach the ultimate end of the dungeon. Besides, the Endless Paths dungeon is the central focus of this game. Harumph!
  5. Indira, I think the Adventurer Hall is just a fancy way to get the party editor/roster interface into the game. You know, how like in Storm of Zehir they introduced the ship's manifest to create the other party members, or the registries at the inn to swap them out. I've seen the comment before about a limited party (or no party) at the beginning. While I understand where some people might be reading into this, the fact is this is a party-based IE inspired game, yes or no? In Baldur's Gate, full parties were assembled pretty early on. And for those of us who made custom-parties, we had the whole group together right outside Candlekeep or the other party members were found in cages in the Irenicus starter dungeon. The delvelopers have made the point that it is "possible" to solo this game. Now am I to understand, based on what some posters think, the player "must" solo this game, at least for a little while? Not likely. What I see is an opening cut scene where the main PC witnesses this very dramatic event. And from there, it will not take long to gather companions in the starting area. The vague comment that has been made "After a time... you can recruit other party members" might be no longer than a half hour of playing time. As the Irish say, may you be a half hour in Heaven before the devil knows your dead. Anyway, this game is about exploring the Endless Paths with a custom party. And a bunch of other stuff thrown in. Harumph!
  6. Are you one of those who voted for Call of duty on the main page? What a bizzare thing to say. Based on his comment, it is more likely he would vote for Icewind Dale (given the topic of this discussion) or even Temple of Elemental Evil on the main page. By the way, Icewind Dale had a sequel, and expansion and a downloadable mod adventure. That's more than some other title in the Infinty Engine era. Harumph!
  7. The fear from the OP and its ilk is delicious in the morning. It's sound of tyrants trembling. Harumph!
  8. Well that didn't take long. Full Party Creation? Oh, hell yeah! I knew Obsidian would get it done. Now we just need to see what final form this all takes, including how party members other than the first PC are involved in conversations. Harumph!
  9. The PC is just one more member of the adventuring group. How would character creation choices be any more irrelevant than other party members? If I made the PC a paladin, there are certian times I would want him to take over the conversation, using his unique set of character skills. Other times, I would want the wizard with his lore skill giving his input. Or the street-wise thief in a city enviornment. Yes, this is being talked about as a protagonist-centric story. But it is still being pitched as a party-based IE style game. Don't discount custom parties too soon, especially at this stage of development. Either officially or backdoor, hamfisted in by some crazy old-school fan.
  10. Imagine rolling a stupid half-ogre with INT less than 8 in Arcanum and then using Virgil to handle every talk in the game. Would that be the same game? Would a unique style of gameplay with people's reactions mixed with choices and cosequences still exist? But in a party-based game, it should be a team effort. I'm not familiar with Arcanum, but if this Virgil is an intelligent well-spoken character, then he should be used to handle conversations, and that is perfectly valid. I would think the half-ogre is only there for muscle. Again, that is the player's choice. It could be funny to let the half-ogre try to talk his way out of a sticky situation.
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