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  1. I am running PotD Solo Rogue. My stats are Con 7, Might 7 and the rest are 16. I put most of my points into stealth and mechanics. Currently I have completed White March and White March 2, and in theory, if I head straight to the end game now, I will have all 4 crown achievements. But I am wondering if I can pull off the ultimate achievement. So far I have completed all bounties and defeated the first archmage Concelhaut. I would still need to kill Adra Dragon, Sky Dragon and the second archmage with her two Bog Dragons. Can it be done with stats like this? Are there any specific talents that will help with these fights? I have plenty of coins, so it won't be a problem to retrain the character. Also, I have some outstanding quests - Stalwart Mines (got to the final fight with the giant spore, not sure how to tackle it all alone with my rogue), Nesta quest, Bleak Walkers quest, Blood Sands druid (if I want to get Berath's blessing). If I didn't complete those, would I still get the achievement?
  2. If it wasn't so difficult, I would prefer to kill the dragon. But so far I haven't done so, because the other fight is easier. I wonder if PoE made dragon fights so difficult on purpose to discourage people from killing them.
  3. I did this in PotD solo run with a rogue when I reached level 16. Didn't even try to tackle it earlier. I cleared out the lower part of the camp, so that my exit is clear later, basically the groups by the entrance and by the training grounds. I did not try to enter the cave. Then I sneaked up to the captain (made sure I had my 2 camping supplies and enough crafting materials to make potions of major endurance), and when that fight initiated, I just ran through them, and they got distracted with some undead and forgot about me. So I got into the keep from the top, and opened the switch in the keep. I was able to get the undead in the cave to attack alguls in the workshop, until both groups got thinned out. After that point, I had easy access to the keep and could rest as much as I need to and come back. So I only had to deal with one monk - the drunk orlan by the entrance. As long as I kept him stunned, he was easy to take out. The other monks come in pairs, and this is why I decided not to try to clear out more of the camp.
  4. Any tips on how to do this fight on a solo play through? Or should I just avoid it? I have an item which makes me immune to charm and a bunch of figurines
  5. Human. I usually do all my first runs as a human. I also played as elf (both kinds) and wild orlan.
  6. Rogue class talents are great for solo runs. Stealth bonus makes it easier to avoid unwanted fights, and talents like escape and shadowing beyond help to separate groups of enemies or pit them against each other. I did one in story mode and now I am doing PotD run with a wood elf rogue.
  7. White forge final battle doesn't have to be difficult. If you save some of battery defenders/spirit groups, you can lure the guardians towards them and they will fight each other, and battery sirens are quite a match for guardians, unlike figurines, which just get roasted. I just did this with a solo rogue. I discovered it by accident while trying to separate the group. After that the battle was easy. Lured them towards the first group, and used shadowing beyond to sneak back to the forge to kill off the fragments, which were easy pickings with figurines and rogue abilities like sap and finishing blow. Also, you don't have to fight Ondrite monks. If you sneak out with the reliquary and go straight to the top, the veil lifts and you can talk to Ondra, and you can exit the area. Just don't go back to the monastery, because they all turn hostile.
  8. I have not seen this in any walkthroughs, but there is a way to complete Regrets Worth Trading (quest in Stalwart to get Okrun's heirlooms back) without having your character dive in the pond and potentially get injured. I am doing a solo run with a low-con rogue, so coudln't cast protection against elements and couldn't dive in the pond without either a way to raise my con way up from 3. Eventually I was able to raise it up to 11 (belt of +3 con, reset with +3 con bonus and eat chicken which gives another +2 con). I don't know if I can still dive in the pond with my constitution being 11, but by that point I took out a group of bandits north of Galvino's cottage in Durgan Battery (they are kinda in the dead-end of the road there), and they had a notebook on getting giftbearer drops out of the pond. There is a lagufaeth which lives in the pond, and it can be convinced to bring stuff up in exchange for fish (which fortunately I had in my inventory). So, the order for this quest is after you discover the location of the drop - take out the bandits north of Galvino's cottage in Durgan Battery (if you haven't already done so), and read the note they drop in the loot. Then comeback to the pond. Choose dialog option Xonton Tilla (it calls her up), then Cuallo Tilla (praise her to encourage her to swim), then the third Tilla option you haven't used yet, when she comes back up, say Cuallo Tilla again and give her some fish. There, now, you have the chest from the bottom of the lake even if you are a low-Con rogue.
  9. Here is a summary of my PotD solo run so far. I am at level 16 now, and in theory I could go and finish the game off and get Triple Crown Solo achievement, but I still on track for Frozen Crown Solo and Ultimate achievements. I wish the experience cap was higher. I feel like I still have almost half of the game left, and the level is already maxed out. What's still outstanding for the Ultimate Achievement. the last 3 bounties from Caed Nua, Durgan Battery to finish off White March, White March 2, Siege of Craighold, Battle for Caed Nua keep, Od Nua fight, Adra Dragon, Sky Dragon. My stats without items are Might - 7, Con - 3, and the rest of them are 17. I put most of my skill points into Stealth and Mechanics. Skills: Fast Runner, Deep Wounds, Escape, Shadowing Beyond, Sap, Finishing Blow, Mental Fortress, Marksman, Gunner, Shot On The Run. I do have enough coin to retrain my character, and I might do so before the big final fights. I didn't skimp on rests on this run, so I always have some kind of stronghold bonus going on. Also, I didn't try to minimize the number of kills, even though I did not try to wipe out every single enemy group. Some groups can be pitted against each other. Set off spiders and beetles onto the looters bunch on the first level of Caed Nua and was able to open both entrances to Maervald's room. Then got spiders and beetles to kill him and his blights for me. Shadowing Beyond and Escape was especially useful for this. In Elmshore, lions attack all humans, so I got them to kill of druids, knights of crucible (I sided with Dozens for the hearings), and later the leaden key people at the exit. Same with the cook's quest from Gilded Vale - got the wolves near the entrance to attack the bandits for me. For bounties in closed quarters I used dominate ability on my Ring Of Changing Heart to thin out the groups and prevent them from following me to the exit. Usually had to rest a couple of times before the group size got manageable. For some bounties in larger spaces, I was able to lure the leader away from the group, and avoided fighting the rest of them. In Raedric's Hold, I pretended that I am siding with Raedric, then sneaked away and killed off his group one at a time from the distance. In Northweald, animals can be pitted against primordials, so I used that to thin out the groups and get them away from their starting points, so I could get to quest locations. I think this is about it for now.
  10. You have to use confusion (scrolls, bow from the alpine dragon) and figurines for these fights. I have found a Ring Of Changing Heart (Resolve +3, Dominate), and it has been very helpful when fighting groups which have members that can be dominated. They just gang up on dominated member and thin themselves out while I am shooting from the edges.
  11. I am looking for suggestions on solo fights in small spaces. I play as a ranged rogue, so my strategy in open space fights was: trigger the fight, run away until the enemy turns back to its starting base, shoot the straggler, repeat until the straggler is dead, go on to the next one etc. If too many run at me, I activate a figurine as a distraction and escape or shadow beyond until I am at the edge of the fight. This strategy doesn't work in small spaces where I can't run away from the enemy. Any tips?
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