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  1. The +2 CON from Neketaka Shrine (cant confirm the other +2 RES shrines) will NOT force a rest if: - You have 8 Religion - You choose "Sing an Ondrite.." option - You are injuried (will remove the injury instead of a forced rest). --------- The Delemgam on Tikawara will NOT offer the spore if Agresive AND/OR Cruel disposition (cant confirm Shady). ---------- @Kaylon i experienced that "adra potion supressed" thing once, saved & reload fixed it.
  2. You have asked by PM and i have been nice with you and given something else to keep you going instead, as proof of good will, yet it seems its not enough because your epennis is very big and you think you deserve more. What knowledge exactly have i taken from this forums or you? And if i did, that i did NOT, then it would not be as "free" as you say it is when you demand something in exchange. This stops rigth here, rigth now, my fault.
  3. Yes, you can compete the challenge with SC monk, at some point, any class can make vela stay where ever they choose to. Custom Poe1 background where you sacrificed Vela didnt work btw, or maybe shes a doppleganger in disguise... @Kaylon
  4. Consider it a probe to see if it was common knowlege maybe? Dude, i have asked nothing from you and have give you something, im a helpfull person, but that i cant share for respect to the rest of players untill competition is over. See, i cant play much and id like to get the badge for my effort, dont care about beeing world first and dont even care about having my characters name in a metal panel, in fact, in the rare event that i could be among the 12 first ones id ask Obsidian to have the name of that player i think has been more helpfull, althougth not very lucky yet, beca
  5. Tactician/Skaen and to answer some previous question if its class dependant, yes its class dependant but having not tested i suspect it can be replicated with atleast other 3 classes.
  6. Thats what i was saying, too masive to be shared, would be not fair with the many people who has put time and effort. Discovered by accident during Ashen Maw. Sitting now at Neketaka myself, lvl 20, my timing a bit worse than Decadency, 37 days left for Dlcs, Huani, Dorodugan, Sigil Master and guardian, probably because the way i faced stuff in the begining and different class. Good thing i may be able to complete SSS without losing temp bonuses but they are not important at all now, they just speed up things a bit. Bad thing i can only test or play 2/3 hours a day, althoug
  7. @Wotcha: you missunderstood my words, im not against collaboration, what i was saying is that the day after somebody uploads to youtube the whole run for bragging rigths you gonna have 100 nobrainer clones with more spare time than you...
  8. it was pure luck, no theorycrafting, nothing to be really be proud of, im a total noob compared with many of the people who roams these forums. Its gonna be really fun and interesting to see the different solutions people has found out to solve the different problems they face with the challenge, just hope the first ones dont make it public so it turns from a competition of cunning into a competition of copy-cats who can play 24/7.
  9. @waski: Nope, not related with brilliant, in fact i dont need the cloack at all but sadly Berkarnas is still mandatory for the Concelhault killing. Besides, to get Rakhan boots you need to talk to Director Castol and you wont following an optimal path...
  10. With any mob in the game. I have an arsenal of tricks/meta-tricks like regaining all resources back in few seconds, but this one renders any encounter into nothing. Will only make it public after theres already 50 rewarded players, would not be fair to people who actually put effort and thinking into the challenge that a legion of no-life kids who can play 26 hours a day get rewarded instead of them.
  11. Hi Decadency, im the guy who told you about the Nemnok>Belranga>Ashen path on the Victors Twitch channel. Did you manage to complete SSS without losing the temporal buffs? And btw, just found the mother cheese of all cheese, you gonna laugh when you see it.
  12. Cant play the game, it randomly crashes aaaaall the time. Heres some of the reports i got, all are access violations. Interesting that i got Pillars 1 to play something while 2 gets fixed and it crashes too WTF !, 0 issues with other games. Windows 10 Steam Nvidia GTX 1060 Ryzen 1700 2018-07-01_134020.zip 2018-06-30_225254.zip 2018-07-01_134020.zip DxDiag.txt
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