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  1. Minsc - He's mentally handicapped and has a hamster. That is his entire characterization, the sole extent of his dialog, and his connection to the story Korgon - Chaotic Evil, likes murder. That's it Aerie - Complains about wings. If romanced, she complains about it more Keldorn - Cliched Lawful Good Paladin. That's it Mazzy - Same as above, but a hobbit Cernd - Damn dirty hippie (on the rare chance someone actually uses him) Jan - Grobnar 1.0 I've said all along that Minsc is terrible. Keldorn and Cernd have a reasonable story arc that shows how pretty good character depth which is definitely not restricted to what you just said there. Keldorn's family problems make him anything but a cliche. Having Korgan and (I think) Mazzy in the party shows some pretty good non-cliched character interaction. Aerie is severely traumatized and works pretty well (which is not to say that I like that kind of behaviour, mind you). If I were to resort to that kind of characterizations, I would say that only Eder really shines in PoE. Durance, the Devil of Caroc and the Grieving Mother are particularly poor (the Grieving Mother hints at superb stuff but doesn't deliver). I can't say about PoE2 yet. Character interaction in PoE was also a bit strange, because Eder, in particular, appeared to have a long-lasting dislike to Durance from the moment the two met. Eder commented as if there was a backstory, although there was none. There was never any "I wonder what kind of guy you are, but you sure seem suspicious" from Eder, it was instantly into "bloody hell priest, I hate you". That was a bit WTF, in terms of writing. Keldorn being racist against Drow is about the only non-standard paladin thing he does, but the whole "evil races" thing complicates it. As far as Durance vs. Eder goes, Durance was a religious fundy that burned men, women, and children of Eder's faith alive under shady pretext. He fully admits and boasts about it to anyone that will listen. In cut content, GM was one of Durance's victims, though he doesn't remember her. I agree that the Devil was wasted. Took forever to get a second evil team member, and she had one crappy sidequest and that was it. I had expected her to be like Bishop from NWN2. GM did leave some interesting stuff on the cutting room floor, but I really liked her. Her, Durance, and Zauha were the three best characters IMO. A shame that we got stuck with Pallagina over any of them.
  2. Minsc - He's mentally handicapped and has a hamster. That is his entire characterization, the sole extent of his dialog, and his connection to the story Korgon - Chaotic Evil, likes murder. That's it Aerie - Complains about wings. If romanced, she complains about it more Keldorn - Cliched Lawful Good Paladin. That's it Mazzy - Same as above, but a hobbit Cernd - Damn dirty hippie (on the rare chance someone actually uses him) Jan - Grobnar 1.0 I actually like BG2's characters, and they do sometimes get a little development in personal quests, but they are usually one-note and static. IMO, even poor characters in PoE, like Sagani, are better developed. To say nothing of great ones like Durance. Honestly, NWN2's cast are all better than those in BG2, except for Grobnar.
  3. IMO, Dragon Age Origins already surpassed BG2 as this style of WRPG, and for me is the current high-water mark. I honestly liked NWN2 more than BG2 as well. BG2 is an all-time great, but obviously had some warts. The horrid pacing and lack of urgency in the first half, the pointless underdark/drow chapters, the characters that were one-dimensional examples of alignment. Irenicus was a brilliant villain, but your own party members had no depth. Maybe a romanced Jaheira, but the rest were "LoL Chaotic Evil!" or whatever alignment.
  4. Still not sure why Pallegina is in the game, since I doubt she was the 3rd most popular companion in PoE. She is a stick-up-her-ass paladin now, which makes her even more annoying than before. Her being a self-hating Godlike that a Godlike PC or Fish Boy can never call out is annoying. Casavir was probably a less annoying paladin at this point. I get not including the White March characters, and excluding ones that wrapped their stories up perfectly (GM, Durance, Sagani). Hiravias and Kana could have come back. I know they wanted to shoehorn as many D&D porn... I mean Critical Role people in, and didn't want to have to keep up with world states that much.
  5. So, its Xoti's romance tied to her personal quest? because, even spamming the poetry lady as a test, it doesn't seem to start before that. Though, it may be tied to Eder rejecting her too.
  6. Echo Beam + Death Ray has been a fun crowd-melting combo. Just stumbled upon Frostseeker, so thinking of tailoring to that. Accuracy buff + Haste + a storm of Mind Lances could be effective. It has been good for CC as well, and having Ringleader + the 5th level fear spell from wizard should be excellent to get in a few levels
  7. It is odd that after they ripped off D&D5e whole-cloth in PoE, they decided to stick some older stuff in with Deadfire. In the BG series, the only specialist wizard worth anything was the conjurer, and that is because it gave up only a single semi-useless school. The PoE wizards give up way too much Would have loved something like the 5E version of the sorcerer. No spell books, only a few spells per level, but you get the meta-magic to manipulate those spells in a variety of ways. No real PoE lore to back that up, but then they did a good job of reflavoring 5E warlock into cipher
  8. I have found Hierophant to be a fun and somewhat potent. Not a min/max powerhouse, but you get good INT synergy, and big AoE. Summoned weapons build Focus like crazy and wizard debuffs can leave opponents very vulnerable to the cipher's powers. Ascendant and Beguiler both fit, and can feed off the wizard half. Plus, there is something cool about melting a mob with Death Ray and the cipher's Echo ray running at the same time.
  9. Also because she is voiced by Ellie from the Last of Us. But, mostly vampire.
  10. The Ranger is too classic of a pirate ship name not to use Second ship will be Iovara's Truth. Just because my character mentioned still loving her in a random dialog
  11. Last I checked (today), the bad poetry lady's infinite Xoti and Serafen approval has not been fixed, if you don't mind getting diplomacy points along. That is, go visit the bad poetry girl upstairs in the Mare with Xoti in your party, ask her about her life, pick diplomatic option, repeat as many times as you need to get Xoti to 2. It still works. Ended up not needing it, since once was enough, so I must have been on the cusp. Tried it with an older character and it can still be spammed.
  12. There aren't standouts like GM or Durance, but there aren't clunkers like Sagani or Kana. It is a better average IMO.
  13. Both her story and that of Durance got wrapped up nicely in PoE, so it is cool that they don't appear as party members. Pallegenia being there is kind of confusing, because I don't think she was that popular. I guess she gives an insight into the Valians, but an original character could do that.
  14. Outside of GM, Zhoua, and Durance, the characters in PoE were bland. Eder was a bro, so that worked fine, but the rest were meh at best. Was disappointed we got the milquetoast Aloth and Palagena as returning characters. The current crop seems to be better. There are no evil characters, which kind of sucks. Bishop and my evil tiefling sorcerer in NWN2 being evil homeboys was cool. In DAO, you could have a balanced evil squad with Morrigan, Zeveran, and Shale/Sten. BG2 was the king of cool evil parties Not much chance for evil (so far, haven't been through that much of the game). PoE was loaded with even minor evil choices. I think kicking a beggar is the only "cruel" choice that has even occurred. Considering how evil my Watcher was in PoE, it is kind of strange to see him doing good in Deadfire.
  15. I have the "keep creating new characters" bug, so I have only gotten to level 8 and pretty much been in the main city. Xoti romance is a bear to get to start. My Heirophant finally got it to pop up in the middle of her personal quest. Building her rep seems easy at first, but it is really easy to bork it, especially if you take her on any of the Gullet questline. Fish Boy can easily knock it down by being "irresponsible" in his dialog, though he really kills Aloth's reputation. Got him to -1 red in a few convos due to Aloth's "pride" dislike. Any way to farm Xoti approval for my wizard? I already did her quest with all of the romantic and sexual tension choices. Mayor Eder is also about to drop the hammer on her.
  16. The Underdark is the worst part of BG2, Totally ruins the pacing and offers basically nothing to the plot. It is like the Orc questline in Neverwinter Nights 2, or the Fade in Dragon Age Origins - the part you always hate replaying.
  17. Xoti's romance doesn't start until level 8 for me, with her personal quest. Until then, you get some minor flirtations. I've been playing the front of the game, because I keep starting over, and I don't get anything from her with any character until that threshold. Tekehu and Maia pretty much throw themselves at you from the get-go. Early game characters make take a while, so you don't get dialed in before meeting the rest. My character and Serafin are Raider homeboys, but he's never once hit on my character, so I assume it is the same thing. I think Eder also **** blocks you with Xoti for a while. She seems to gravitate towards him until he gets sick of her. At least mayor Eder does.
  18. The level seems to oddly be a huge Ram hog. It takes far more than anything I've seen yet, including huge maps like the docks district in the main city
  19. This seems to have corrected itself for me. I tried to upgrade my Ram, but the stick I got was not compatible, so I put the old Ram back in. Booted up the game and it ran faster. Tried the ruins for the hell of it. They loaded up easily and I was able to play through just fine. What the hell?
  20. Tried turning the graphics down, tried area transition from town, everything ends up the same. I have 6GB ram (soon to be , so I am in a little better shape than people with 4GB, but the same problem. GOG Obsidian Edition btw
  21. I really hope at least in a hotfix before July, atm with Luminous Adra Mill Bug i'm a little stuck Is it a bug in the main quest? The lower levels of the digsite bug is still there, which is a main quest, so who knows.
  22. General Wizard + Ascendant so far on veteran has been sweet. Not playing very far, since save import is borked, but until that is fixed, I am trying builds. Even if you don't reach ascended, you still generate gobs of focus, and can pretty much throw powers around willy-nilly. Drop a Chill Fog to debuff, hit a few blasts with a rod, then just unleash. Whisper of Treason from stealth to get mobs to cluster on one of their own, then dropping Chill Fog or Slicken on them has been an effective way to open to battle.
  23. Same here. Reported a few days ago. Even tried a save from 2015, and she still appears https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102036-11-vela-bug/
  24. Thanks for the advice guys. General Wizard + Ascendant looks sweet. Still debating between that or pure gen wizard, but I appreciate the knowledge.
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