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  1. IMO Deadfire>Tyranny>POEI Tyranny had a lot of potentially but towards the end felled rushed and much content veered towards trash mobbing. A lot of loose ends left untied. IMO if Tyranny II never gets made it would be a MAJOR shame as it has the potential to be better than the POE series. Bugs are minor (I guess, by Obsidian standards )
  2. Known bug in 4.1. The spells still appear when you choose to cast them.
  3. Its misleading to look at the added sales from TB and conclude that TB is more profitable, since you don't know how many of the original adopters would have not signed on if it was RtWP. While I prefer, for Deadfire at least, slow mode rather than turn based, if PoE3 was done for turn based from the get go (reduce number of fights, but increase the quality of fights, properly integrated initiative system) it has a lot of potential.
  4. So I know I'm late to the party, but have been playing Whispers of the Endless Paths on a Shadowdancer (Hellwalker + Trickster). On the one hand the base damage has been horrible. On the other hand, once I upgraded it with Run Through I've had heaps of fun doing this: Need: Swift Furry Enduring Dance Backstab Cast defensive spells from trickster if needed, and then fight safely with your reach weapon while Dance charges up, or just drop some confuse/dazzling lights. Then shadow beyond and Run Through something in the backline. Sometimes you can hit multiple targets as well
  5. 'Vancian' casters in generally are very powerful in Deadfire, because they typically start every combat by casting their most powerful spell. While the priest, being defensive oriented, does not 'wow', as much as the wizard, they make up for it by being more useful in drawn out battles, particularly against bosses.
  6. Gog patches typically take longer, and sometimes the patch itself is poorly implemented in Gog and needs to be updated.
  7. Durance loses his priest powers and becomes a barbarian/monk.... ...and makes babies with Grieving Mother. Tekehu is stuck in shark form permanently. Xoti's dark form is a prominent villain/anti-hero. Aloth's alternate personality is extracted as an actual companion. Solaufein becomes a playable companion
  8. Temple of Elemental Evil does D&D-style turn based the best and has yet to be toppled. We shall see. If POEII manages that level of engaging combat it will enter my top 10 RPGs of all time
  9. This is amazing. I just hope it doesn't increase game time considerably (the advantage of real time was you could auto-play through trash mobs). I can see this being a huge buff to one-shot aoe spells and abilities. Does quickness or perception add to initiative?
  10. I love Xoti because she's an unrealistic stereotype. I find Maya and Pallegina boring because of their ties to the factions and their trying to be 'realistic'.
  11. Principi are the most fun. Vailian the most interesting. Huana the one that makes the most sense for a 'good' playthrough.
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