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  1. The italian voice for Duke Nukem isn't that great, he sounds like an old Serious Sam who smokes 10 pounds of cigarettes a day.
  2. The matches haven't been very impressive so far...
  3. i didn't find the various sword forms very useful. Plus you can just use flurry to smash everything. u
  4. Sorry, i don't know how to solve his problem, apart from suggesting the vertex buffer trick or changing the video card to a better one... What is your processor? You said it meets minimum requirement...
  5. If i remember correctly, there's a solution for the dramatic fps drop. This page explains how to fix the problem. http://www.tweakguides.com/KOTOR2_7.html Open the file swkotor2.ini which is in your game folder create the line Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 the number 1 will disable vertex buffer objects. Vertex Buffer Objects are an OpenGL method of storing vertex data in video memory. Enabling Vertex Buffer Objects (Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=0) can improve performance in certain situations, however it seems KOTOR 2 has some issues with this method and you should set it =1 if you want to resolve slowdown issues in the game (e.g. on Dantooine). It may also help reduce the incidence of crashes in KOTOR 2. Note that this setting does not exist by default, so you should create it under this section and set it to =1.
  6. What is your experience with Linux? Which version should be more appetible for people who don't know many things about operating systems and who don't want to buy Windows 7?
  7. Good luck, and may your project not end like the M4-78 project, or we might start talking about The Sith Lords Forever.
  8. Alex Brandon is a good composer, he made the soundtrack for some games produced by Epic (Unreal, Unreal Tournament and other games based upon the Unreal engine) together with Michiel van den Bos.
  9. Heh, at this rate TSL could come out with three additional party members, Hiro, Mikiko and Superfly!
  10. Looks like it's the final stage. 1.0b11 build was recently released, which means only one (1.0b12) is left till the public release (build 1.0c1). Dashus is working now on fixing all the game serious (game-crashing) bugs that prevent the mod from being released They should probably just call it Team-Dashus at this point. Sad most the team has quit on him. I knew that Aurora left the team two years ago, but what about the others? Who's still working on the project apart from Dashus?
  11. What about Exar Kun? He invented the double bladed lightsaber so he has to be one of the best duelists.
  12. When will it come out? "When it's done."
  13. I remember replaying Kotor 1 about 2 years since my last playthrough and it's been almost like playing the game for the first time. While I of course new the general plot already, I didn't remember most of the quest, not to mention the smaller ones. Unfortunately, I played TSL so much (along with modding) that I doubt it'll be the case here I last played this game in January 2006, so, whenever this mod comes out, it will be like playing from scratch again.
  14. Eh, having all the 24 characters of the two games in a third installment of the series could be fun, and being able to have a group of 5-6 people instead of 3 every time you get out of the ship could be a neat idea.
  15. Is there anyone who's going to try the leaked beta version, and then report a taste of the new features here?
  16. I suggest you add at least 256 MB of RAM to your computer, otherwise you will have to wait for quite long loading times bewteen areas, and possibly get a decent video card, a NVIDIA or ATI with at least 128 MB of memory.
  17. I have just found this website tslcr.co.cc, with the description "TSLCR is a project based on the source code of the abandoned "K2RP" project. It is a restoration mod being developed along side the M4-78RP, and will see a final Post-TSLRP release around the same time as M4-78." and other links which point to other parallel mods in developmental stage. Will these ones make it through?
  18. Does anyone know what happened to Aurora? There is a clip on Team Gizka's website with her voice but apart from that she never looked very involved with the project.
  19. It could be interesting to have more than two supporting characters while going around beating monsters. In KotOR there are 9 supporting characters, therefore the ratio is 3 / 9. In KotOR II the ratio is 3 / 14. Why not have a group of 4-5 supporters for this possible sequel?
  20. On their website i read that translators will be brought aboard after build 0.9b1 - what are their plans for this part? Will they have to send text material to volunteers, to have it back translated into another language?
  21. I liked swoop racing in KotOR I, especially the Manaan track. But swoop racing in KotOR II is so buggy you can even get stuck in mid-air and be unable to finish the race!
  22. I remember i managed to make her a Jedi after sparring with her three times and talking to Kreia regarding her heritage. I think you gain influence automatically during each match with her.
  23. 300, directed by Zack Snyder THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA!
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