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  1. If you mean "old good cleric with divine, avatar, other amazing buffs and lots of heal from d&d", i think you must take priest of Vael+something melee, bcs mage's protective spell can get you same feel - with buffs you can do whatever melee do, but more better and still have heal.
  2. You can use bow or crossbow. Keep in mind, wep with blunted critical mod do less dmg on crit, than on hit. Or you can just modify this, for myself i remove this stupid penalty.
  3. Any1 find "status effect" storage? I tying found BluntCrit's mod effect with id ab8bae00-658f-4721-9c2f-7b1a4f28f5c2, but cannot.
  4. Bcs streetfighter have +50% sneak and +50% recovery when he distracted (with modal blunderbuss) or bleeded (with self-dmg from monk), and +100% crit dmg when he have both of them. Without this, rogue have +30% sneak dmg, +50% mortal and +20% deep wounds. I think summary this is more than devoted's +2 pen, +25% crit dmg, +15% hit>crit convertion, +10% recovery (12 acc from monk not stackable with 10 acc from fighter stance). Also, keep in mind - dual firearm reload now bugged, and with blunted critical mod crit do lower dmg, than hit (bcs 25% penalty its 33.3%, and 25% bonus its 25% bonus).
  5. streetfighter+monk. Lot of bonus dmg, attack speed, recovery speed. And with blunderbuss you can proc both side of passive.
  6. Its easy - just limit speed to 80% cap, OR limit speed effect to non-stackable, when only DEX+ most powerful buff + most powerful item's passive work. Ofc, they must keep values near 25-30 to each. Same with recovery. And with this solution we cant have stupid situation, when CRIT do lower dmg, than HIT, or when 40% slow = 70% haste.
  7. Your math some wrong. PER better than MIGHT bcs too many on-crit effect. Something like +100% crit dmg, repeat attack or paralyze totally outweigh MIGHT bonuses. Also, we have many sources of increase attack dmg, but very limited way to increase acc. With spell usually we cant take many buff to dmg, so there MIGHT look better. But power level still affected spell dmg, when acc still the same - so PER>MIGHT too. About DEX - a lot of buff speed or recovery stiff here. As example, you have 5.2 sec to double attack+reload with 10 dex, and only 4.4. with 21 dex. And you can do this more faster, like 2 sec to double attack+reload. So DEX important when you have huge penalty, or cant stack recovery bonuses. Keep in mind, you can found weapon with 75% speed buff, which equivalented 35 dex. So i think PER>DEX>MIGHT. CON and RES - and now you wrong. Evry point of avoidance have increase weight depends of heal gain and how many avoidance you have. As example, if you have 100 HP base, 50 def and 20 CON, you have 200 HP. If you have 20 RES- you have 100 hp, but 60% def. And you take 20% less dmg, so after 100/0.2 = 500 incoming dmg RES>CON. If you have 80 def, 10 RES get you half dmg. And keep in mind on-crit effect, which can totally break this balance.
  8. Ah, see now. Little confused bcs json string too long, so i missed "items" part when scrolled. nstgc, This is mine
  9. Pure cipher very strong. Two pure cipher even stronger, expecially with soul annihilation. About multiclass - you need some, who can buff your cast. This is monk who buff haste and int ( +might, if you choose hellwalker), or streetfighter - with blunderbuss you have -50% recovery time from passive. Btw, there is nice arquebuse with +75% attack speed for 25 sec, so dont worry about lost time parasit which you lost when take multiclass. About chanter - in my opinion, better let chanter's role to tank, bcs he anyway didnt land massive dmg.
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