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  1. Boarding gives more loot but takes more time. With a larger full double bronzer ship you can sink most targets in a couple salvos.
  2. He’s not alone, I like the turn based combat and I like hunting ships for loot/bounties. You have to accept there are players who like this aspect of the game just like I accept there might be players not liking it.
  3. I only board if I’m outgunned, otherwise it’s much faster to sink the ship with cannons.
  4. My strategies are basically: - Never board with the menu: too much unneded damage taken. - If I’m outgunned, spam 1 and board normally - Otherwise, I get into ideal range and keep shooting cannonballs, jibe, hold still if necessary, repeat. With the larger ships double bronzers are the way to go. With smaller ships I’d rather load faster cannons to get an improved rate of fire.
  5. I can confirm this issue. Pallegina is in party and the quest log tells me to "Pursue the godlike pirates to Dunnage" but there is no NPC in front of the house.
  6. Are you able to reliably pull targets with Into the Fray though? It fails pretty often in my experience, at least with Eder.
  7. I have Shieldbearer/Troubadour (MC) and Eder pure fighter as party tanks. Paladin/Chanter tank is very strong being very durable, providing healing, enemy debuffs, party buffs and powerful spells/summons thourouht the fight. You can use Pallegina with Eder if you want a different role for your MC. Not a Shieldbearer but should not be a problem.
  8. There was a lenghty discussion in World of Warcraft when they attempted some changes and I think some points might be interesting in the discussion for Deadfire too: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758896817 Fundamentally from what I understand from the whole issue: - Most players want Windowed Fullscreen: namely the ability to still use Mission Control to quickly switch back and forth from game. PoE1 lacks this capability and players have to resort to switching back and forth from fullscreen to windowed. I find it not good enough compared to Mission Control. - Windowed Fullscreen means the game window resolution must be exactly the same as the native resolution. If the screen is 2880x1800, the game window must have a 2880x1800 resolution. - For performance reasons this is not always ideal, so the game should be able to render internally at a lower resolution even if the game resolution is higher. WoW provides a “Render Scale” option to configure this. - If the render scale is too low, the game appears blurry/jagged even if the game window is at full resolution. A good compromise allows the best of both worlds, with sharp game graphics and text and reasonable performance. As example my WoW configuration is Windowed Fullscreen on a MacBook Pro 15” with Render Scale 0.7: the game window is managed by Mission Control and is a fullscreen window running at native resolution 2880x1800, but the game internally renders at 0.7 of that, 2016x1260, making performance good enough but still providing sharp graphics and text. The game has no menu, dock nor window decoration but I can still 4-finger gesture mission control or swap away from it. TL;DR: If any change has to be made I’d like Deadfire to take inspiration from WoW’s Windowed Fullscreen implementation.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something, but there is a way to manage saved games? I'd like to delete saves or even entire character profiles since I went overboard at the start with different experiments. I didn't find a way to manage saves and if I try to delete them manually they get synced back...
  10. I think the same buff would not stack, but different buffs do. I'm Shieldbearer/Troubadour and Pallagina has her unique affiliation, so we have different Sworn Enemy buffs and both can be placed at the same time on the same mob. The tooltip shows both of them separately. My MC is more tank oriented and Pallagina more damage oriented: it's working very well for me. Multiple paladins allow for stacking multiple auras: my MC provides Exhalted Endurance and Pallagina provides Exhalted Focus. Not to mention having two Lay on Hands available...
  11. I noticed this happening sporadically through the game. I thought it was just a random graphical glitch but I had the glitch in exactly the same group you mention, so maybe there is an underlying reason making it happen with some specific enemies.
  12. I’m unsure about the Ancient Memory + Mercy and Kindness combo since it would mean waiving Mith Fyr unless you bring another Chanter. I’m about level 15 PotD non-solo, maybe things are different late game but to be honest Mith Fyr seems too good to pass up to get more survivability.
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