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  1. i don't see any 1.1 potd ranged dps sorry.. most of them are tank/melee/solo potdI think there's a language problem that prevents you from getting the joke. But it doesn't matter - it wasn't a good one in the first place... There are not that many ranged caster builds besides the Master of Missiles and maybe a few others. Maybe because casters are not so good at doing sustained dps in Deadfire (besides the PL cheese with alchemy + decay spells or the shock helmet abuse). For example I'm playing Serafen as a ranged dps caster atm and he simply sucks at it (if I don't use Mind Control). Maybe Maia as a Geomancer will be better - but I doubt it. Better go the DoT route I guess. lol sorry didn't got the joke ahah
  2. I noticed a huge lack of ranged dps caster build in this guide.. Like 90% of the build are melee/tank.. Am I missing something?
  3. Oh yeah this works if you only spam missiles. I just like my big AoEs too much :3 i like AoE top but micromenaging is not my thing.. Considering how easy potd is.. I wish there was a way to autopilot with other spells too..
  4. they both didn't dropped for me, cleared forgotten catacomb no sign of reckless brigandine.. and i didn't got the second duskfall from killing valera
  5. In particular did they removed Reckless Brigandine and Duskfall? They didn't dropped in this playthrough and they always dropped in my past playthrought Tnx
  6. I have briefly tested it, and it looks to be partially fixed. For example tooltip was showing 1.4s reload time, while checking the frapsed video was giving me 46 frames, which corresponds to 1.533s. And for reference: in v1.0.2 I couldn't get below 2.766s (even if tooltip was showing 1.0s) thanks a lot.. Confusing but yea it seems partially fixed then
  7. I can't find this information anyone tested it? I'm referring to the bug which you can't go under a fixed reload time even if tooltip say so
  8. I'm building a backliner summoner and with 1.1 patch i'm 100% sure it's gonna be troubadour.. This is the only game I know that made a summoner subclass worse in summoning than other subclass
  9. Peaceful approach.. Get both weapons.. Kill valera get armor and another sword.. Raid bardatto vault get everything ahhah
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