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  1. 1) I like the idea of having a challenge that eliminates empower. 2) The reason I’m not in favor of eliminating it altogether is that the people posting on these boards is a small self-selecting portion of the overall player base. Most people just play the game without fully grasping the mechanics and- provided they’re not playing in story mode- find it challenging enough. My first playthrough was on hard (or the setting below veteran is) and I wiped to things that can’t touch me on POTD now. Part of that is better understanding the mechanics and part of that is knowing what to expect
  2. You make excellent points. I don't want to open a can of worms here, but have you noticed that even in our very cosmopolitan, modern society, you'll often find people of the same race hanging out together? There really is a lot of truth to the old "birds of a feather flock together" thing. Thanks, and yeah, I'd think elves would tend to stay with elves, dwarves with dwarves, Orlans with Orlans... just out of who they can relate too. To KDubya's point on the one hand I kind of agree, on the other, I do like Pale Elves, even if they called them something else (though White Walke
  3. I’m not a huge fan of the way races are handled on Eora, or at least in the game settings. Not enough that it really bothers me or lowers my opinion of the games... but I suppose enough to muse about it in a thread. Two arguments I’d make in favor of the way Obsidian has handled them are 1) if kith know souls are recycled then they also know they’ve probably been every race at some point. And 2) there’s been enough intermingling over time that overarching cultures (Valiens, Adeyrans etc) fall outside or at least overlap racial boundaries. But even so, it makes sense just from reproduc
  4. My thought- which admittedly may be terrible- would be just to keep POE1 generic enchanting to help empower builds using underrepresented items... I love the idea of grimoires having specific bonus/penalties. I guess the big picture problem right now with multiclassing and unique items is the synergy that allows for some fairly overpowered builds. Adding these variables would probably exacerbate that. Not that I’m really against it. I’m a crap player anyway.
  5. I personally like the ability to use spells per encounter without resting for the same reason other people have mentioned already. I get more use out of my wizard outside of saving him or her for a big encounter. I do think priests and druids get the shaft a little bit from having a narrow access to spells thanks to the lack of a spell book... And the reason I say ‘a little bit’ is because I tend to find myself using the same few spells over and over with both classes so I never feel like I’m missing out. Plus it’s easy enough to make scrolls for the spells I don’t really want to burn
  6. I have been to the bioware BG forums. My whole point is the BG games weren’t really balanced all that well either. I do feel like this game needs more balancing. I do agree that most wizard subclasses aren’t worth it. My whole point is that speculating about Josh Sawyer’s feelings in wizards isn’t helpful to balancing them. There have been some good suggestions in this thread though.
  7. I’m not sure just buffing underachievers would make the community happy. There’s plenty of people who complain the game is too easy as is. It’s also not that simple. Buffing underachievers has the side effect of potentially overpowering multiclasses with them. And as we are with rogues, it’s really the multiclassing that creates issues.
  8. BG2 was great for a lot of reasons. Honestly I don’t think game balance was one of them. I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of BG2 players didn’t hang out on the bioware forums discussing game mechanics. And again, if you are playing this game for the first time on its core setting, it’s plenty easy to lose fights just based on not having mastered the game mechanics. It’s also plenty easy to make any single class, subclass or multi class combination to finish the game with. Balance becomes more of an issue if you’re playing at higher difficulty and have mastered the game mechanics
  9. I agree that wizards from the IE games could be OP. Spell triggers, immunities and contingencies made them virtually unstoppable. I also agree with Loren Tyr that some specialists really suffer from lack of spells at certain power levels. Another thing that really hurts- in my opinion- but might not show up initially is that most people who really know the ins and outs of this game play on POTD where things like CC spells seem to take more of a hit than DD spells. So evoker is still viable where illusionists (for example) suffer.
  10. I’m onky playing veteran right now so this may change with POTD but I’m playing an evoker battle mage and love it. Just unload all of my damage spells up front then charge into melee to clean up. Illusion spells and infuse vital essence are always there when I need to be more tanky as well... Only my 2nd playthrough and again I think things change pretty significantly on POTD.
  11. Xoti’s romance was bizzare to me. One minute she’s crushing on Eder, the next she’s confessing her feelings for me and off of what I thought was a pretty neutral response, we were suddenly a couple. I found it so off putting I never even pick her up anymore. If I want a healer before nekataka I just hire a henchman.
  12. I always try to not fight dragons after Game of Thrones made me a fan of dragons.
  13. From POE 1 was missions for companions that weren’t currently in your party. Helped to keep them from falling behind level-wise. I like companions and like the different mixes of personalities that comes with mixing and matching party members, but I find myself not really wanting to change them out when they fall too far behind level-wise.
  14. As a casual player who was not involved in beta and played POE 1 awhile ago, I love deadfire. It’s not too easy for me, but I also don’t know all of the ins and outs of the combat system. I don’t know the full story, not where all of the good loot is at. I also find the world and people in it pretty immersive. So from the perspective of a casual gamer who hasn’t completed a full play through yet I think it’s a great game. The only thing that really gets me are the load times, but they were long for me in the first game as well.
  15. Here is mine. I think it's the save after he exits the cabin. If not the one where he is in the cabin will work. Oh, sorry, got a "you are not permitted to upload this type of file," response so... no dice.
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