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  1. And that is why I don't auto-patch single player RPGs . If they nerf brilliant I won't patch game till I get bored of Chanter. Even then I might mod it or keep old version of abilities file to replace in patched game. I don't think Brilliant is OP, it's that some abilities that use resources are too strong and cost too little. Balancing the entire system around one ability vs Keeping the outliner down with the rest, the former is better ofc.
  2. Chanter really get a free pass on the balance front. On the other hand, they have to justify abilities that need warmup, especially for team runs. Nice guide btw.
  3. Rangers and rogues are kinda fine in terms of power. They are just more of the same as they level up. It is more of a concept problem: devs are not sure what to give them besides what is already there. Rogues can hide and debuff for huge damage, that's it. Rangers have a pet and fight from afar for huge damage, that's it. The opposites are wizards and monks: they can shoehorn whatever whey can think off because these run on high concepts.
  4. This discussion can be examined as an encounter design problem rather than a mechanics problem: Now that strategic resources management is gone, what should each fight achieve? Unfortunately, the devs ran out of time or ideas or design spaces or a combination of all, it isn't anywhere answered at this point.
  5. I would say bigger, seeing this beta wasn't that indicative of the whole. May be a bit less than shareware-sized? Besides, is this discussion of theoretical interest or practical concern? Not like we are going to get PoE3 in this rate with the sales. Sayer aren't going to lead another game in the far future either.
  6. That is the roll, your tooltip actually has all bonus added up already. Check the small pop-up shown when hovering over the number for calculations.
  7. Soulblade is still good for spamming cheap Shred spell for what it's worth, it just stop being a very frontloaded dip class.
  8. It does make armour stacking Fanatic a broken dream, just like all those PL sensitive MC. SC is looking good. Thanks for the info!
  9. It is not a rookie mistake but the opposite: a veteran overengineered, unwilling to repeat mistakes yet cannot find a new path. PL is a generic power indicator, which is similar to natural accuracy, a sound if risky idea. Sawyer and co. are obviously able to identify the potential pitfalls and they do mend some obvious holes. Thing is the holes are obviously there if you look hard and it makes the game unintuitive. POE1 has the same problems, Deadfire took huge steps but might not be enough for new players.
  10. One thing of note is some PL8-9 abilities refill resources, so a SC might just squeeze more resources out of a encounter than a MC.
  11. I will add that when you multiclasses, you'll get only 2/1 abilities points for tier 7. Even if you don't consider tier 8-9 abilities, a MC will have most of their points at tier 1-5(6?) when a single class character can have more abilities around tier 5-7. Overall a single class will have more powerfull abilities/passives and a highter power level. The question is does increased abilities cost justify them? My concern is that spamming low level abilities could be perhaps more effective? But I think everyone agree rangers are the big loosers when it come to solo class (and rogues after?). That is a good point. MC actually can't pick up all the goodies of both classes over PL5. I wish we get more info on how PL scales before. MC is still very good for those powerful frontloaded if one noted builds though, even the problem has a deeper root with how some classes are frontloaded to the extent where the PL0 class features make the build.
  12. Prestige class in itself is not the problem but the associated issues like system bloat and splat books spam are the problem
  13. Actually, due to how the power level works, multiclass monk suffers from lower unarmed bonus and druid their form. The benefit of this combination is dubious, not even counting the lack of casting when shifting. Have to concede seeing a werefoo jumpkicking is fun though.
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