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  1. i went with inquisitor cause well a pirate inquisitor got me good, else it would have been paladin/barb or fight/barb or something. a prate inquisitor that invades peoples minds and delves out justice is the way to go. i made myself lol so much in my playthrough, kinda going all out on my imagination. im prob going to reply as a fanatic now cause i want to build my story around menzzago and a undead army, albbeit im not even sure it will matter, jst makes me lol.
  2. long shot but its till cool tho, perhaps in a future dlc or some such we will have feedback, dont give up hope, undead army is the way to go. finishing as pirates is the exact same thing just help with a fleet event, if i had a real choice i would ferry dwarfs to menzzago and have my army aswell. i really took a disliking towards the slaves, even tho after death slaves is fine. yes im really a bit mad irl.
  3. i agree, also alot of quests are somewhat very underwhelming, i would go in detail but im finished with it and donmt wana add to indepth spoilers about my experience, needless to say im not happy i had no undead army, if that was even a option. should have allied with slaves, to i guess open up more options, trying not to spoil things for guys reading this, but yeah search online and look for stuff if you feel so inclined.
  4. Are you talking about Ukaizo? I'm right before finishing the game but I haven't pledged to one of the factions yet. Can I not gain access to his undead army for the final quest? i never had that option to give him adra i tried to do it before getting a certain ship and after getting that ship, before even speaking to the queen none of it worked, i just killed him at thast point, i do believe you need to feed him slaves from crookspur to get him on your side, alas i did not have saves before i wiped them out so i finished with pirates, undead army would have been nice tho.
  5. meh could not get him to work with me no matter what i did, just killed him left the orb alone perhaps in future i can get something from it idc, getting tired of quests like this. i'd be willing to feed him my fellow dwarfs but alas thats not a option... lol
  6. what options and skills do i need to make peace with him ? cannot seem to get him to work with me.
  7. Feel free to hijack this thread and remake a better one or continue to post things you find, atm i see nothing in any form of searching i do both google and on this site. Here we go, i'll keep updating this with items i find. copy and paste the format pls, and i will add to the main post. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon: Magistrates Cudgel / MACE. Location: Subterranean Temple / slight northeast of Tikawara. Class it binds to: Cipher / Monk / Fighter. Things to know: requires 15 resolve to pick it up, food bonuses etc work for this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon: Marux Amanth / Dagger. Location: 2nd floor / Poko Kohara Ruins / Poko Korara / Behind Unstable Gun Powder Barrels(blow them up to bring wall down). Class it binds to: Paladin / Priest / Rogue. Things to know: very close to the entrance of second floor basicly on north eastern side. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon: Blightheart / Arquebus. Location: Burial Site on island that "Motare o Kozi" is / top middle right'ish of world map (direct center of top right world map square?). Class it binds to:Ranger / Chanter / Wizard. Things to know: event on beach blocks path. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. is there some kind of way to make a item souldbound, or can anyone use them i have lots of items with stars on them and no idea if they are soul bound items or not ?
  9. to confirm when i tried to enter both day and night they said its closed, at a later date it opened back up but cannot be sure when.
  10. hi just thought i would post a quick guide on how i got Pallegina (companion) even after she has i guess broken her vows. 1.) first of all talk to her in queens birth, i was nice to her not sure if that helps(did not reload to test), i did sugggest she joins me in hunting down our enemies, she walked away. 2.) i went to the palace and spoke to the queen, pallegina was not there and had no option to recruit her, however the valian npc's said during the dialogue with the queen they will send for her(pallegina) and request she comes to the valian trading company headquarters in queens birth. 3.) here is the tricky part, if you go to valian headquarters and doors are locked and guards outside wont let you in (unless you turn hostile on them), so use the sewer grate next to them and go through to enter the toilets in order to remain non hostile, sneak out of the door and into the i guess reception room on the immediate right(down screen), pallegina is there and will now join your party, you can even exit through the main door and the guards outside will think nothing of it and remain non hostile. hope this helps, like if it did. EDIT: only posting this as i had trouble finding her and found nothing on the google search to help. correct anything if you find it wrong or want to add some insight.
  11. yes i see all you guys and gals watching this forum, looking for stuff to read until release. im pretty sure last night it was like 10 guys, was* you all resting for a big gaming session ?
  12. maybe you would find it more appealing to sleep now and wake up in 11 hours ready to do a full game session rather than being tired by time its released
  13. gotta ask but by injuries do you just mean shortened HP or is it something new that if you say break all body parts you can also perma die ?, sorry the way you explain it is making me wonder. Broken arm might be -5 Dex, Concussion might be -5 Int, etc. I'm sure someone has a list (or will have a list) of the actual injuries, but that should give you an idea. think you read what i asked wrong did not ask wound descriptions asked about perma death.
  14. god what a laugh, guess my hopes of a summon based group went out the window, unless i make my main a druid or priest, what the hell is the reason for druid tekehu and priest xoti not being able to use summons, may aswell mutliclass them as they dont bring anything special to the table not being multiclassed. from what im seeing it looks like the pure classes is even underpowered.
  15. gotta ask but by injuries do you just mean shortened HP or is it something new that if you say break all body parts you can also perma die ?, sorry the way you explain it is making me wonder.
  16. so in short m8, cure them wounds before you lose a companion or your own char to death. this also means that if its a very prolonged fight ressurecting companions or your main MC might not allways be the best choice until after battle, at that point you can then rest and cure wounds.
  17. Inquisitor, focusing on pistols and sabers, yar there she be *bang - bang* yar burial at sea.
  18. watched this video a day or 2 ago, might help answer some questions about this type of thing, heres the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjzD0NlZRCM
  19. can someone explain to me please what the difference is with sidekicks and when we get them and are they permanent additions to the group.
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