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  1. You can go utility with him without losing much on damage I've gone barb/cipher on story companion. Ability to mindcontrol one enemy, steal armor from another and then just smack them to death is great. Basically what you lost on damage you gain in buffs/debuffs
  2. Well if you ignore the fact that rests are pretty much free and without much risk... Per rest doesn't make much sense because there is also no disadvantages to just constantly resting to regen the powerful spells/items, except boring micromanagement. If there was some kind of limit to it, say "you can bring enough food to camp only 5 times per dungeon", I'd agree, it might make some things more interesting and strategical With current implementation of it, there is no "discussion"; "per rest" is just badly designed. I'd almost prefer they scrapped it completely and used some ot
  3. It is kinda bad, if you missed melee attack you can try next turn, if you missed spell it is gone, and you don't have that many spells per encounter all things considered
  4. Also, instead of having few "If X is below Y" just have an option to enter/select the number. Like currently it is impossible to do say "only throw that big aoe damage/heal if there is 3 or more targets"
  5. Are you sure that works ? It seems to me that registry values would only change defaults, and difficulty/scaling options are per-save
  6. You might want to look into some. There is one on wizard spell list that gives +5 to might and intellect and that is HUGE buff to damage and AoE for you. You can make it auto cast at start of fight pretty easily. That's bad point. POE1 still have limit on the number of spells that you could cast. Only real difference is that you don't always have "spell for the job" on you, but spellbooks kinda negate that anyway. That doesn't fix it, really, as you still kinda need to test spell in combat to know whether it fits you. If all you wanted is for player to learn spells gradually
  7. So far I've been to 3 ports and scoured 3 cities, visiting (i think) every vendor, and nothing. Anyone found it somewhere ?
  8. It is a bug and it was already posted somewhere else. Long story short, go to gane properties on steam and set "set launch options" to LD_PRELOAD=$LD_PRELOAD:./PillarsOfEternityII_Data/Plugins/x86_64/libSDL2-2.0.so %command%
  9. If your steam preload doesn't start decoding now, restart steam I don't really get why people gush over them. They still need some work to compete with steam tech wise, and the "but it is DRM-free" argument is bull**** as you can have DRM-free games on steam, just need a developer that actually wants it.
  10. Nice to see someone is l33t I guess, I lost count of how many times my main rogue died. They are fragile those rogues, can't take a hit at all even with plate mail on. ... your rogue wears plate ? Or is that some kind of bad joke ?
  11. Now I wonder if it is possible to run that build on companion, Serafen in particular as he can get barb+cipher class. Is there a list of what starting stats companion get ? I could only find a list of classes they can choose from
  12. Fire godlike wizard, just like in PoE1. *Probably* won't be importing save tho, considering in how miserable state my character left world in
  13. I do too but if system to program is complex enough then *basically* it is same as you'd micromanage it but without extra clicking. And tweaking it to do what you want is minigame in itself.
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