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  1. Whichever they think up a better premise for gets my vote. I like their reasoning for brand new protag tho.
  2. Pretty hilarious that you think Fortnite was the major influence here.
  3. If people are 'resting too much', the problem isn't their ability to rest unhindered, the problem is a game system that requires them to rest to get spells or health back.
  4. BTW they confirmed you get to choose all your companions' equipment except for some special item that they use in their special move. They revealed some info about a couple of companions, Ellie who's kind of a space pirate who will be totally all right with you murdering and looting and who is proficient at finger guns, Parvati who's a sweet naive mechanic who'd prefer you didn't murder anyone, please and who from videos I think swings a comically large hammer at people, and Felix who is a rebel, fight the powers that be, smash the state etc.
  5. Don't worry, I'm sure someone will mod in a literal space nazi for 'balance'
  6. I don't mind that. Hardest difficulties are already for masochists anyway, why not give them something else awful to contend with.
  7. The suggestion wasn't 'no release', it was 'no physical release', ie digital only.
  8. Hmm, well humour is subjective so if you don't find it funny you don't find it funny I guess, but I don't really see how you could get 'campy' from what we've seen so far TBH. Looking like a generic shooter is kind of a weird thing to take from this; they've given enough information about things like dialogue and reactivity and the various science weapons that I think you'd have to be going out of your way to hate on them to call it a 'generic shooter'. I'm not sure where you got 'designed to compete with Fallout for the purpose of competing with Fallout' from. The setting is pretty different. (not post apocalyptic, not even set on Earth) And especially the 'for the purpose of competing with Fallout' part, they definitely haven't revealed any such purpose so my guess would be you've made that up yourself. Obsidian may have gotten a reputation for buggy games because they had 3 games ten years or so ago which were buggy on release due to being pushed out the door too fast, but they've been much more stable more recently once they developed their own in house QA tools rather than let that fall to publishers. That being said, it is true that they generally develop relatively complex games, and when there's that many moving parts there are bound to be things that don't work, so it will probably have bugs, although not for the reason you state. It's also weird that you suggest they're 'not exactly making an effort to share info about the game' given the fact Game Informer has released something like an article every week giving more information on the game. Not sure what you mean about 'announcing it in opposition to 76 and to distract from the MS acquisition', it's been in development for like 2 years and is coming out this year, so this is about the right time to announce it. I'm not sure why I bothered making all that effort to respond because you're obviously just intent on hating on the game and ascribing motivation to Obsidian that isn't there, but hey, you do you.
  9. I dunno how we define AAA titles, but Kinect Sports has sold over 3 million units, and gotten p. decent reviews. Their reboot of Killer Instinct was relatively well received too. And they're currently working on Battletoads. The guys they bought who made the Forza games apparently keep churning out Forza games that people like. I dunno kinda feels like you're just determined to expect the worst, and I guess that way you're less likely to be disappointed so good thinking I suppose.
  10. Perhaps it would've been worthwhile using more precise language than simply calling it a 'clone' since that means an exact copy, and it seems that wasn't quite what you were going for. If you meant one thing, but multiple people interpreted what you said another way, that's a clue that you need to better communicate your intent.
  11. Late on this one but TBH I didn't think NWN2 was that great But it had a fantastic add-on.
  12. Yeah, probably. Just digital version, though. Unless I get it on PS4 for whatever reason. (Probably not though. Probs PC.)
  13. Hmmm, the way you're describing what we can expect from Outer Worlds almost seems to paint it as a lesser, more shallow experience, and that's not what I've taken from what we've heard so far. Most notably, I saw them talk about reactivity, which has given me hope for an experience akin to Alpha Protocol. I don't think it will be a 'casual Fallout experience' at all.
  14. Prediction: nothing ever because it's not that popular an IP.
  15. I can see how the aesthetics are similar, but calling it a 'Borderlands clone' massively undervalues a lot of what they've said they intend to do with this game.
  16. They just bought Obsidian. They didn't buy them to make something like you describe, because that's not what they've ever historically done.
  17. Hope not, doesn't seem to fit the tone of the game, and also I hate them in general, I've never encountered such a system that wasn't horribly unfun.
  18. Who's bored enough to go through and actually write down all the info about the game? Me. It's me, I am. Microsoft purchase has no bearing on game. 'Next generation of a throwback RPG.' Approx 20% of team worked on NV. Approx 3% of team worked on FO1&2. No 3rd person. Yes putting gun down. No radio. White chocolate is in the game as an enemy (maybe this is just a joke but maybe it's a joke and also an actual thing that's in the game.) No intelligent aliens, yes alien lifeforms. There's a day night cycle. Takes place in our galaxy. There are 2 'outer worlds' but also moons and dwarf planets and gas giants and space stations and asteroids. All worlds you travel to have breathable atmosphere. (No needing to get a spacesuit or whatever.) They are hoping there will be DLC. There will not be microtransactions. They're pretty sure there's 4K console support. Releasing on Steam, PS4 and XBone. They're 'talking about' NG+. They're going to look into modding support after shipping. FTL travel works by getting close to light speed and then 'moving at a discontinuous velocity' to skip past light speed. Player has to be human. Physical character creator has presets and sliders. It is possible to make a character that looks like a walking nightmare. You choose the name of your character; crew members address you as Captain or Boss. No power armour but there is heavy armour. You 'effectively' put points into skills at the start of the game, and someone comments on every choice you make. No morality, yes reputation. They 'hope' you can beat it without killing anyone. You can beat it having killed everyone. Joinable factions. It appears shooting people in different body locations garners an appropriate reaction. No children in game. There's hacking, but no minigame. There's emails in the game but they're not called emails. Game is funny. You don't need to have companions. Each companion has a specific side quest which improves their combat ability. In Supernova difficulty companions can permanently die. Companions can't ruin stealth. You can't romance them because they didn't wanna make romance an option. Some companions would be 'hard to flirt with.' They declined to answer about whether all the companions were human. Tim's favourite companion is as yet unrevealed. (It's a robot, right? P. sure there's a robot companion.) They're not yet revealing the name of the spaceship if there is one. You can't upgrade it. There are laser weapons. You can't tame any alien creatures, but you can get robots to turn on each other. They don't have what they're calling 'boss fights' but they have encounters designed to be more difficult. There's about 24 flaws, you can have 3 in one game, or 4 on hard or 5 on supernova. Leonard does not believe it contains any fart jokes. Lots of endings. Ending slides. They have a solid write up and a couple other ideas for a potential sequel. No chance of co-op in this or a sequel. No celebrity cameos in the game at the moment. Definitely coming out in 2019, Tim Cain guarantees it personally.
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