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  1. IMO the President should have to have been homeless at least once. How... what was the phrase? How can you be the head of something you don't respect or understand?
  2. Guys, I'm starting to think some of these legal challenges might not have been thought out all that well.
  3. It is an indictment that voting for anyone other than the two candidates that have been preordained as the only two candidates that are allowed to win is directly equivalent to literally not voting at all. Honestly hate the idea of this kind of voting almost as much as what the USA currently has. I want the kind of nuance that preferential voting affords me. I want my vote to go to the big party that I hate least ONLY after we've established that the party I actually like can't possibly get a majority, not for my votes for those two parties to be exactly the same. (We have preferential voting here in Australia, it rules.)
  4. Depends. If they'd voted Democrat, we'd still have no Trump. If they'd drawn a **** in the ballot instead of casting a legitimate vote, we'd still have no Trump. If they'd stayed home instead, we'd still have no Trump. Of course, IMO this is more of an indictment of the USA's voting system.
  5. No, get over it. Oh wait you managed to filter it anyway, hooray.
  6. Can you point me to a link where the election had been called in favour of Donald Trump and Joe Biden said that he wouldn't concede, that in fact the Republicans had tried to steal the election, but that if you ignored all the illegal ballots that in fact he, Joe Biden, was the winner? Because otherwise, I feel like maybe the situations you're describing are way less similar than you are making out here.
  7. If you want a point and click adventure with a more likeable protagonist, you should consider Nelly Cootalot and the Fowl Fleet.
  8. Just beat Covenant 25 on Monster Train, which I'm sure means nothing to most of you, but I was p. happy with.
  9. I haven't been following the thread enough to know which of the conservative talking points here are sarcasm, and which are earnestly held beliefs.
  10. The difference is now there's a clearly visible end date.
  11. I think a number of Republicans will start to carefully distance themselves from the flaming wreckage that was once their president.
  12. You know what, I'm just gonna let you two hug it out or whatever
  13. Timed exclusive wasn't Obsidian's decision. I don't remember 'player choice' being the main reason for no romance, I remember the stated reason being... well more what you said in the brackets.
  14. I've been playing Monster Train and Hades. Monster Train is a deckbuilding cross with tower defence game. Each game takes about half an hour or so, and involves you trying to take the last bit of the fires of hell or something like that to restart the fires of hell. I dunno, who cares about the story. You get spells or units from card drops, can upgrade said cards for gold, and then get into fights where you beat up angels with monsters or spells. Kinda similar to Slay the Spire; maybe not quite as refined, but still a lot of fun, and has more variance. Hades is an isometric beat em up roguelike (roguelite?) with a neat story that leans into the roguelike mechanics, lots of meta advancement to make your character more powerful for successive runs, great music and a bonkers level of voiced dialogue. Most runs tend to end up differently, and there's incentives (by way of prophecies) to mess with different builds. Also, once you've beaten the game with a weapon, you have to take 'pacts' (voluntary handicaps) in order to get more rewards. Both of them are great imo.
  15. Thanks dude. Yeah, it didn't really offer that strong a refutation.
  16. It matters because of the things in the rest of the post that you didn't quote. Dems still win even if Republicans take Arizona, right?
  17. Guess it depends. The fact that Trump lies so frequently (Forbes said 23 times a day in 2020, apparently Washington Post clocked him at 12 lies a day in his first year in office) means he's given a little bit less credit. It's easy to write off the occasional error as someone just not knowing the subject matter as well as they might, but if you continually obviously lie even when the facts are presented to you, that's a very different thing. It's difficult to know for sure how one might respond if Trump's responses were 'my bad, the figures were off, but that's not really the point' because that's generally not how he responds, he just follows up with another lie.
  18. Frankly the quote "as to aoc, she is almost as much o' a fact checking nightmare as is trump." is more dishonest than anything said by AOC.
  19. I'm honestly not that familiar with the fact checking websites you're referring to. A search for pants on fire got me to politifact, and when I searched AOC on that site, I saw a lot of hits for people lying about AOC, one hit that found that AOC's comments on Amazon were half true, and not much else. Factcheck.org gave me similar results, mostly lies about AOC, not by her. AOC comments being fact checked are one hit where she needed to brush up on her FDR related history knowledge, the bad maths on the Pentagon/healthcare thing, her being wrong on unemployment statistics, and her and Bernie interpreting a Koch brothers study on Medicare for All. (The author of that study said it reflected a 'misunderstanding of my study'. There is reference to other figures that the author of that study says he doesn't think is realistic. So over two years (seems to be about as far back as those sites go) we've got AOC being verifiably wrong like, 4 times?
  20. I can't actually read that because it's paywalled, but the bits you've quoted don't actually mention AOC saying anything, and don't really refute what's being claimed in any meaningful way.
  21. Seems a bit hasty to dismiss any ideas from an entire continent based on two leaders out of I'm not sure how many.
  22. Little bit of hyperbole? AOC's comments that earned her the 4 pinocchios were bad maths based mostly on misunderstanding the data, and although her response isn't ideal, she didn't try to double down. You had to go back 2 years to find some bad maths for AOC, if you track back about *checks twitter* 2 hours, you have Trump saying he won Georgia.
  23. I do, but they all involve Republicans committing voter fraud or Trump somehow finding an executive order loophole that lets him become emperor or something like that.
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