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  1. LS- Bastila (stop looking at me like that) DS- Yuthura Ban (great character, hope to see her again)
  2. Aug 2 2004, 07:59 PM Ivan remove that goodam picture if you can or at least apologise. Making fun of people in that way is pathetic and mean, and the "I wont be PC" defense is not a defense. ...and in a total unrelated matter, how can you report something to the mods?
  3. Never read WOT, but Rand reminds me a bit of Tomas form Feist`s RiftWar saga, the seconds book features near immortal warriors and he just cuts them to ribbons. Even the way he does it is crap, he runs in, all dead. End.
  4. An RPG were you a experianced game developer working for a new outfit that has taken over a very popular game and you have to get it out! A mini-game could be going to the fan forums and trying not to give anything away.
  5. While its within the Winter release still (as is Feb) Id be very suprisied (and somwhat worried) if the game got brought forward 2 months.
  6. Well if the Ep3 trailer repeats the near-criminal mistakes of Ep2 (tip GL at least pretend its an actual film, not a 2 hour advert for toys!!) Normally you get plot, the trailers I saw had "electrum lightsaber" (scene) "assault ship"(scene).....maybe Ill pay GL a vivst with some of the new weapons! :angry:
  7. Nietzsche is considered by some to be a for-runner of fascism and your right hed make a interesting Sith.
  8. As an aside I find it rather bemusing the PC is the last known Jedi....the female Jedi in the concept art isnt exactly low-key, shining white clothes and shining white hair. The Sith wouldnt even need o sense her........
  9. Normally yes, but you (and you alone) have the proof of the truth (thats hes guilty). Surely justice is served by you handing over the evidence, though you could in theory (though not the game) attempt to defend him bu justifying the murder.
  10. On the Trial, Sunry was guilty. I took what I found out to mean; He kills her, the Republic cover it up (he tells you this after you confront him with the tape). The Sith find out and frame him for a crime he actually commited. So hes been framed and IS guilty. Its not orally grey either; You fight for Justice(even if it harms the Republic) or the self-interest of the Republic over justice(Dark-side, even if it harms the Sith).
  11. Its more enjoyable that way, as long as the game is engrossing so you dont recall that its happened again and again and again. Like sci-fi shows, every week just a few people decide the fate of the whatever it is this week thingy.
  12. Spoiler (for those who didnt read a certain give away post) > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Darth Sidious is Palpatine, as said it hasnt been formally revelead in the current films yet and alot of people cant spot the simple clue thats its the same actor (just look at the entries pictures and Ep1)....though granted alot of sci-fi sows use the same actors to flesh out several roles (Babylon 5 springs to mind). I dont know why hes only reffered to as Emperor in the original films, maybe he had no name at that time or maybe the writers fought it sounded better to just have him known by his title (in the way some books refer to The Enemy, nothing more).
  13. The same views of the JEdi/Sith could apply to all sentient life. All `true` evil (that is a deliberate choice to do harm as opposed to `natural` evils) comes from sentient life, doesnt mean that being sentient is evil, its what we do with it that counts. The Jedi dont create the Sith, its a `dark` progression form them, but they didnt cause it.
  14. Well partly its to do with referring to America of France etc, when you mean a particular regime, though yeah some do have a go at all americans, but given what a large chunck of americans say/think/vote for its not totally absurd.....but again thats largely the fault of a corrupt system/media than americnas being uniquely `nasty`.
  15. And intellectually lazy, "we are the best and can do what we like to whom we like" anti-everyone else (excpet Israel of course) is rather common in the US. Id ignore them, but they happen to be the Government.
  16. I love the fact you say "all of those" when you dont know what SSCT is. SSCT= Strange School Crush Transference ON all three; 1. Bastila would win a fight. 2. Yuthura was pribably a better characther relatively (given what happens over 1 plant) compared to Bastila over the entire game. They actually make good counter-poibts to each other, having crossed the same bridge twice (YB- Good motives-DS-LS, BS- Naive LS-DS-LS). 3. No comment.
  17. Do it a third time..........maybe itll go "ME me me......."
  18. We talking a fight, as a charchter or for SSCT appeal?
  19. Jolee said he couldnt kill her, she went off killed alot of Jedi and was herself killed in the final battle (assuming hes telling the truth or knows the truth).
  20. Hunt for the Red October. Though Clear and Present Danger was very good, if a bit off near the end (seriously....how often do you think the second most senior intel guy in the US has a gun battle with drug cartels!?).
  21. Im guessing alexia goes darkside given what they have got as an answer....... Quite a few Babylon 5 answers (or is just that the site is B5 heavy?).
  22. Kosh is a name of two B5 charachters. Both the Vorlon Ambassador at seperate times, one nice (not your one) and one cruel (your one).
  23. That went as expected...... Agent Smith. Oh and try www.tk421.net for a hero or villian of sci-fi/fantsay test. Its at the bottom, click Character. I was Cpt. Sheridan form Babylon 5 on that.
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