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  1. Some people take things way too seriously, or get too purient on subjects that quite franky it should never come up on. However thats there problem, not whatever they choose to go on and on and on and on about.
  2. Ive read of a reference to some kind of Jedi civil war and/or dispute with the Republic, so while the Capital is still under Republic control the Jedi (regarding internal disputes, Sith attacks and issues with the republic) could of been `hollowed` out so to speak, then just faded away (in the open anyway). Another reference suggested the Republic was barely functioning anymore as a single entity, so is `open` so to speak to the level of attacks required to srush the Jedi.
  3. MY class will be Consular, sounds good and is good.
  4. I really like the idea of an apprentice, it sort of gives a more active version (though of a different nature) of the Revan-Bastila bond in the first game and given how that (in some way) will hang over this game it creats good depth, more RPG than hack-n-slash, better cause-effect and good continuity with the first game. You are after all a guy/gal who followed Revan off to the Mandalorian wars and then esp. of you go LS, you have a good mirror to the Sith master/apprentice realtionship. Someone earlier mentioned romance between them.....well that would be interesting, given obviously not only the Jedi (and SIth) codes views on love but also how it relates to a master/student relationship.
  5. My game time was about 55 hours, though a few of them were me running about doing nothing and taking a lot of `the long way round` paths. 50 seems good, though Id like some more.
  6. Well they were just the training centre council, not the main council which is on Coruscant. I doubt it exists at the time of Kotor 2 (given what weve been told) but I guess it could be `underground`....or perhaps you have to help re-form it (But the Devs would keep that under wraps I hope).
  7. I <<hangs head in shame>> needed help on only one part. The Pressure valves on Mannan. Even worse was IM VERY VERY good at maths....well used to be it seems and maths based problems used to be a piece of cake (and this one was a piece of cake as it turned out).
  8. I choose option two. While I liked her and wouldnt object to her being back ( as a character generally and on my active team) she does really `belong` to the first game, and Revans story. Whatever fate awaits him/her she will be linked too (assuming shes still around if you get my meaning). As a cameo (or always being off-stage) that will allow strong contiunity while not burying Kotor 2 under the weight of Kotor 1. Though I hope the Jedi in White (Atris?) isnt a rehash of her, though she can still fill a similar role without feeling like a copy.
  9. Male; I mainly play as `me`. SO its was always uber-LS and a male, though Ill go back and have some fun once Ive played it straight.
  10. I think she was a good character, and given what happens in Kotor 1 was a good character to have opposite yours (temetations, hidden secrets etc). Spolier > > > > > I would though of preferred some more depth and a more viable `fall` to the dark-side, it seemed rushed, though not unbelievable (and it didnt help it was awfully like a certain Paladin).
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