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  1. Don't tell Darren, but I was messing around with post counts. I wanted to see what would happen with a negative number. Doesn't seem to increment.

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    Matt MacLean and Brian Heins?




    * Designer on Neverwinter Nights 2 (PC)
    * Writer on Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer (PC)
    * Lead System Designer on Alpha Protocol (PC/Xbox360/PS3)
    * Area Designer on Fallout: New Vegas (PC/Xbox360/PS3)
    * Systems Lead on Dungeon Siege III (PC/Xbox360/PS3)
    * Lead Designer on South Park (PC/Xbox360/PS3)
    * Writer on Pillars of Eternity (PC)
    * Designer on Unannounced Project
    Project Director
    Obsidian Entertainment
    February 2014 – Present (2 years 2 months)


    Wrong Matt. =p

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    The tooltip is vague, but it will probably not be fixed because it would require larger changes to the UI system to display the information correctly.


    This is something that's always bothered me when games get updated (sometimes they're actually just released this way) where tool tips or information about classes/skills/abilities/etc is either vague or has changed due to patching and it's not updated in-game. Is the reason always because there's too much work for too little benefit? I find it extremely annoying to look in-game at the description/explanation of some aspect of the game and it's either totally wrong or too vague to interpret properly.



    Every game is different. I assume sometimes it is an oversight.


    For PoE, we don't really have a systematic way to display the kind of information that would need to be displayed. It is something we could technically do, but it would likely cause many different spell/ability descriptions to need revision. It probably wouldn't be worth the effort to make the change unless it was a large systemic problem.



    Obsidian's Official Reply: St. Ydwen's Redeemer will destroy vessels of a level lower than the wielders. For vessels of an equal or higher level compared to the wielder, it will do additional damage instead.


    The tooltip is vague, but it will probably not be fixed because it would require larger changes to the UI system to display the information correctly.

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  5. After speaking with Paradox I was told that it is a technical issue with GOG technology. I guess they would have to make upgrades to their pipeline to support it. When they fix those pipeline issues we should be able to offer the upgrade path to users.


    NOTE: I have not spoken to anyone from GOG, so I can't personally verify if this is the case, but I don't have any reason to think it's false.

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  6. I will bring this issue up to Paradox to see if this is something they want to pursue.


    There were no bad intentions in not selling the upgrade paths to GOG users, it was just that not many people have requested it. Since there is inherent overhead in creating DLC (in terms of initial setup and maintenance) there usually needs to be enough people requesting it before it makes sense for us to do it.


    I will let you know what the answer is in the next day or two.

  7. I think this does answer my question . . . but it would be a matter of hacking together one of the other 'sources' (Steam, COG, or the other one) with the Mac App version--and I suspect your caution applies there as well . . . maybe even more strongly. Kinda sucks. As someone I think said of the COG situation in another thread, he had to buy the whole game again to get the update to work. So, I guess White March II isn't in my future . . . or not any time soon.


    If you are looking to get TWM - Part II on the Mac App Store we are trying to get it out early next week if possible.

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  8. The Steam version says you have to have Pillars via Steam--which I don't, having purchased it (and White March I) as a Mac App. COG doesn't carry that kind of warning, so I'm hoping I'll be able to do it that way. Any ideas about this . . . whether WMII is going to work for those of us who got the game as a Mac App?


    A quick edit: I've just seen some disturbing comments about the way COG works (or doesn't) . . . gives the impression that, if one did not begin with Steam, one might not be able to keep up with the changes to come, including the new WMII, to which I was really looking forward. Will be happy to hear any specifics about all this, positive or negative.

    Hey, Updraft. I am a little unsure of your question.


    If you are asking whether you can mix purchases on Steam and GOG, the answer is: you probably can't and even if you could it probably isn't a good idea.


    Steam and GOG are two separate services and Obsidian doesn't support purchasing different products through different services.


    You might be able to hack it together to work, but I don't recommend it.

  9. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer




    Hey, everyone. Big news today! The second part to the Pillars of Eternity expansion, The White March - Part II, is now available. You can pick up Part II for $14.99 or the Expansion Pass (which contains Part I and Part II) for $24.99 on Steam, GOG, or Origin. The White March - Part II brings an epic conclusion to the Watcher's story in the White March.


    If you need to get more hyped up, check out the awesome release video below.




    What's New?

    In addition to bringing closure to The White March storyline, The White March - Part II introduces many new areas, spells, abilities, and soulbound items. You can see some of these spells and abilities in action by watching the video below.




    The 3.0 Update is also now live. 3.0 introduces many new features that everyone (whether they have the expansion or not) can enjoy. If you would like to learn more about these features, just watch our Update 3.0 New Features video by heading over here. You can also look at the update's current change list by visiting Obsidian's Community Blog.


    Another important addition in The White March - Part II is our new barbarian companion, Maneha. Maneha meets the player in the village of Stalwart, where she's searching for clues about the Abbey of the Fallen Moon, a mysterious, ancient temple to Ondra. She's been a mercenary, a pirate, a pilgrim, and a treasure-hunter, but most recently, she's become a Giftbearer, a member of an Ondrite order dedicated to helping the faithful forget the secrets that haunt them.


    If you would like to learn more about Maneha, take a look at her preview video here.



    Redeeming the Expansion

    For those of you that may not have redeemed your expansion key, please read through this thread on the Obsidian forums. It will give you full details on how you can redeem all of your rewards, including the expansion.


    The key that you will be given is for an Expansion Pass that will unlock both parts of the expansion.



    Kickin' it Forward: Mind's Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse



    We're big fans of the World of Darkness, particularly the classic Vampire: The Masquerade & Werewolf: The Apocalypse settings! (Remember that epic Vampire vs Werewolf boss battle in the Vampire Bloodlines cRPG!?). Our friends at By Night Studios are putting out a new edition of the Mind's Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse live action role-playing game, so that fans who want to be able to have vampires & werewolves fully battle it out like never before, now finally can! They've recently hit their funding goal, but have some really cool stretch goals; including never before released Werewolf tribe pins and battle Klaives! So break out your claws, fangs and check it out!


    That's it for now. Now get into the White March!


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  10. I bought the expansion pack via Paypal before it was announced it was split to two parts. Now Steam's showing that I don't own Part II even though backer portal says I'll get it automatically. What to do?


    Is anyone else seeing this issue? It should show in your game's DLC. All backers that purchased the expansion got the equivalent of the Expansion Pass.

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