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  1. Going into the "Crow Bait" scenario on Heroic Difficulty, I saw that the scenario effect was to take 1 point combat damage upon encountering an ally. To counteract this I bought a "Rune of Shield II" and hit "use" and saw the 4 hour countdown clock turn on. But when actually playing the scenario I am still taking 1 automatic combat damage when encountering allies. The rune shows up in the list of active effects for the scenario and is working normally to reduce damage from lost combats, but not the scenario effect. 


    While testing further I also found the Goblin Commando monster bypassed the rune with his automatic 1 ranged combat damage.


    The wording of the Rune of Shield states "Reduce all damage dealt to you by 1." which seems to imply it should apply to all damage sources. Certainly in the case of the Goblin Commando who even uses the same wording of "deals ... damage".

    Is this a bug or is the rune intended to only apply when losing combats? If the former, let me know if I can provide any additional info that might help in troubleshooting. If the latter, might I suggest a change to the wording to make that more clear? 



    Additional context:

    iPhone 6 iOS 

    PFID D1194DDA31C602A1

    Pass & Play: NO

    Perma-Death: NO

    Wildcard power: if you acquire a blessing or ally, end your turn (works normally)

    Characters in turn order: Seelah, Seoni, Lini. (issue appears to be unrelated to character)

    Locations: Desecrated Vault, Guard Tower, Farmhouse, Woods, Wooden Bridge. (issue appears to be unrelated to location)

    Ally cards encountered: Troubador, Guide, others I cannot recall.


    Thanks for the info, SystemShaper. The original intention is that it reduces damage from all sources (not just combat).

  2. Already an iOS user into Adventure Pack 3.  Bought Steam base version, added on the free Epic and Legendary Card DLC.  Installed, then fired up the game and device linked.  Game restarted.


    I do not have access to the Legendary and Epic rarity Treasure DLC though it says it has been installed.  Only my previous card unlocks.


    Example:  Per the Steam Epic and Legendary DLC description I should have Favor of Desna/B/Epic.  In my collection it shows up as missing when I got to the Filter Treasure option under blessings along with Favor of Erastil, Favor of Irori, and Fabor of Torag. 


    I have also tried quitting and restarting.  The cards do not appear.


    Please advise if you need any additional information.


    Some people have reported problems, but that it starts working shortly after. I would give it a few minutes, but if it still hasn't resolved in a bit I would email support@obsidian.net directly. They will be able to fix any problems with your account not being granted the proper licenses.

  3. so i have loved the game on iPad and was excited to see it pop up on steam. super disappointed that it is not Free to Play for a base version like we see on tablets especially since i have already purchased a lot of the content over on iPad. but that is besides the point. i purchased the Obsidian Edition however many of the listed rewards are not there. i wanted to see if this was a known issue before i got a refund and then repurchase the standard edition. dont want to pay for nothing.


    and so far here is a list of what i am missing. i have only had a few minutes to poke around so i will only list things i can confirm is not available.


    • Gold, Runes, and Charms: 5000 Gold, 8 Runes, and 21 Charms
    • Pillars of Eternity Promotion Cards: 2 promotional ally cards: Eder, Pallegina
    • Goblin campaign Deck 1 with 2 New Goblin Characters.

    i will have to look around later to see if i have those 3 legendary items as well as the 106 Epic and Legendary cards


    Hey, 8bagels. Sorry that you didn't get everything you were supposed to. We have seen some errors granting folks licenses in PlayFab. I'll send this over to our support team to make sure you get everything you have purchased.

  4. Are you planning to at least keep Android cross-compatibility with the GoG version? I would very much like to be able to access my PC party on my Android phone and vice-versa.

    Since we are going to have to change the build I can't say for 100% certainty how it will play out, but the original plan was for online GoG users to have parity with Steam users. Linking will most likely work exactly like it does on Steam.



    It wasn't there before your post. We were able to stealth add it to the store while you weren't looking. =p






    I'm truly amazed and grateful if you really have do this only because of my single feedback. If not, then please don't make fun of me guys - I hadn't sleep for something like 40 hours for now and I can't tell if you are joking or not ;_;



    No joke. We added it to the store after you mentioned it. So, thank you for the feedback.

  6. Ok so,if the plan is to provide the obsidian version free of charge to players that supported earlier, wouldn't it make a bit of sense to make the Obsidian upgrade a separate DLC as opposed to bundling it with the base game,as it is now on steam? Then we could just purchase the game now for sale price, then devs could just send codes for the Obsidian content on steam(or a 99% coupon, however Steam works idrk).


    That is actually how it is set up on the back end of Steam. There is a hidden Obsidian Edition Upgrade DLC that will be handed out to Ambassadors once everything is ready on our end.

  7. Hi BAdler, if we already made the $25 purchase do we still need to purchase the base game and the code will update for there?

    Hey, Archangelrey. My apologies, but I am a little unclear about what you are asking.


    Are asking about whether you need to purchase the Steam version of the game, even though you have spent $25 on the mobile versions of the game? If so, the answer is yes, you will need to purchase the base version of the game on Steam. That said, if you spent $25 on the mobile game you would qualify for the Ambassador Program and get a free upgrade to the Obsidian edition.

  8. Hey, everyone. As a thank you for your patience with the Steam release delays we have decided to make the Epic and Legendary card DLC free for a limited time. If you have always wanted a chance to play with those awesome Legendary cards now is a great time to pick up the Steam version and the card DLC. Thank you for all of your patience.


    Also, did i mention the Steam version is currently 25% off?

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  9. A question: for those of us not running out to buy the game on steam, just playing mobile, are they going to be fixing the bug that's causing the game to crash basically whenever you try to do anything involving your party, or are they dedicating all their time to the steam project right now?


    Our dev team is looking into the mobile crashing issues, but we don't have a fix in place yet.

  10. I have a question:


    So the PC version is going to have special Edér and Pallegina cards. Is it possible that some future expansion would be wholly Pillars of Eternity-themed?


    I'm not asking if it's definitely going to happen or anything, I'm just wondering if such a thing might be possible.


    While anything is possible in the world of video games, i wouldn't bank on it for the immediate future. Although, if there is enough demand it would make the decision easier.

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  11. @Ethics Gradient


    I understand all of that, but I'm more concerned about future potential content updates, so I'll summarize it into one very brief question, to make explicit my intent.


    Will further content updates - Adventures, Class Decks/Characters, etc - always be purchaseable with in-game currency/Gold on either or both platform(s)?


    I'm aware the Obsidian Edition promises such for free (and I wonder how far that goes, because they can't just keep making costly content and maintaining the game with updates for years off the back of a one-time $40 purchase, and it effectively means making more than $15 worth of DLC is nonviable because users would just purchase the Obsidian Edition upgrade), but I would have expected further content to require payment as per a typical DLC market... though that would contradict the "Free to play" mobile model, which is supposed to work in synchronicity with PC.


    We haven't discussed our monetization strategy for future content. We probably won't decide that for a while, but once we know I'll try to update you guys.

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  12. Since I am somehow the one misinterpreting things based on the way people keep talking about these changes, i need more clarification: 


    Question:  If in the future, you offer a DLC pack - let's pretend it's a Character Class Pack (Example: Magus Class) for DLC.  Or we can pretend it's Adventure Path 2 Adventure Deck 1. Something along those lines that is actual CORE GAME content.  And I purchase it on Steam.  Will it unlock via IOS/Android? 


    Question: Same situation - but vice versa? 


    I want to fully understand, because this line has thrown me off


    The PC version of the game is not using a free-to-play model for revenue generation. There are both business and technical reasons for this. This means folks that purchased content on the mobile version of the game will need to repurchase the content on Steam or GOG.


    Seem to contradict this: 



    • "If I merge my PC/Android/iOS accounts, does that mean I will see all of my unlocked/purchased content on all of these platforms?"

    Yup. For example, if you had some special promo cards on your iOS account and you merged it with the PC, they would show up on the PC build of your game - even if we don't have that content for purchase on the PC. It works in reverse too. If you purchased the Obsidian Edition on Steam and linked your accounts you would unlock the treasure cards on your mobile versions.




    I don't know what future content you guys will offer, but I just want to make sure that once I get past this $25 buy-in fee on Steam, that all platforms are treated equal and that it will be a Pathfinder Platform I am buying into, and not split based on where you buy it.  


    Because i will come back one day if you release more actual content despite that I feel the only people who are paying double tax (despite your ambassador program) are those of us who were faithful and actually paid for your content.  


    Right now there is no situation where someone could have unlocked characters or adventure decks from mobile to steam - so I want to know how the future of that part works.  


    Any content you purchase, regardless of platform, should unlock for all of your other linked platforms. So, if you buy a DLC on Steam, it will unlock on your mobile accounts (and vice versa).

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    After reading your feedback we decided to make the pack available for purchase with gold.


    If you navigate to the character tab in the store you should see the Character Add-on deck available for a gold purchase.


    Huh, it's there. I don't how could I miss it. Thanks



    It wasn't there before your post. We were able to stealth add it to the store while you weren't looking. =p


    This DLC will upgrade a base version of the Steam game to an Obsidian Edition - free of charge.



    This is crap.


    I wrote and deleted this post like half dozen times, and it's probably for the better because no one needs the stream of invectives  this froth-inducing 'news' made me wanna spout.


    So, instead, I'm gonna try to explain it as concise and civilized as I can:


    - I wouldn't have liked it, but I would've accepted it if PC version was only available on Steam. Many devs overlook GOG at all, and I can only deduce there are sound business reasons behind it.


    - I wouldn't have liked it, but would've understand it if no compensation for mobile users was available at all. In fact, I would've preferred it to what followed; at least, it all mobile users would've been treated the same.


    - Getting the game on both Steam and GOG, but offering reparation only to Steam users feel like someone I supported just spit in my face


    I've been with the game on mobile from day 1. My money have been on the game on mobile from day1. In the early days, I've been an active member of the community, and -I like to think- a constructive one at that. I'm probably in top 3 users by quantity of reported bugs. I helped new users get around the overwhelming ruleset and the sometimes unintuitive UI.  I never complained about the delays, or stability issues, or bugs - because I know what you have to deal with, and the ungrateful labor the devs had to go through to bring the complicated beast that is PACG to an interactive format.


    And for all that, I now get a slap in the face, and being told that -on top of my current investment in the game- I now have to pay "wrong choice of PC store" tax that other paying users don't have to deal with, just because I have the audacity to prefer GOG. I'm literally* being shown that my money spend on mobile is worth less than the dollars of Steam users. (And regardless how YOU see the situation, this very definitely MY perception of it)


    I can't believe it, but this 'compensation' actually made me want to buy the game on PC LESS, since shelling out 15$ more bucks than pretty much anyone else on my level of financial (let alone other) commitment to the game is just adding insult to injury - and that would be adding it *myself*, and I haven't really found to have any masochistic or self-humiliating tendencies.



    I realize I'm in a minority here (most people are not only OK with it, they *love* them some Steam), so I don't expect Obsidian to have an incentive to fix my particular situation, but I'll say this: GOG is currently running a round of their "GOG Connect" initiative, where a user can 'import' the games they own on Steam into their GOG profile, and where "eligible games are made possible by participating developers and publishers". So I'll kindly look into the possibility of making Pathfinder Adventures available on GOG Connect. Should that be the case, I'd swallow my pride and common sense, and I'd actually get the game on Steam, "just this once" , knowing that I can then peruse it on my platform of choice. Thanks in advance for any effort you might make in that direction.






    *not a literal usage of the word 'literally'



    We haven't made an official anouncement about this, but one of the main reasons that the Ambassador Program is not available on GoG is due to the GoG version being delayed.


    I can't get into the specifics, but our game requires an online connection (and PlayFab account) to make use of many of its features. We will be working with GoG to find solutions that they feel will give their community the best DRM-free experience possible.

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