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  1. Sorry, for the bad communication on the subject. We have been working on the DVD patches/installers, but there have been lots of issues with the Mac version of the patches and installer.


    As I am sure you have noticed the Windows and Linux patches are updated, but we are still unable to get the Mac DVD patches to build correctly.


    We have also released the DVD expansion for download on the backer portal. You should see it under your products. Just check under your expansion section and there should be a download link. Unfortunately, this is Windows and Linux only.


    We have not given up on Mac (and the expansion is ready for release once we get the patching issues solved), but it is slow going right now.


    I apologize for the delay and the lack of communication.

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  2. We have also made the questline to defend your keep available through debug commands. To access the questline, do the following:

    • Enter debug mode by entering iroll20s into the console. You can bring up the console by pressing the ~ key.
    • In the console, enter the following command: SetGlobalValue b_Enable_Yenwood 1
    • Enter the Great Hall of Caed Nua and speak to the messenger.

    At this point you will be able to start the quest,

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  3. Hey, CD Baby is a company we are using to distribute our soundtrack and to collect royalties from streaming services (like Spotify). One of their options is to also collect royalties for videos on YouTube that are playing the soundtrack music.


    Since Obsidian wants to promote people making Let's Plays we are currently in the process of having CD Baby not collect royalties for YouTube. They mentioned it could take up to a month to completely remove the claims from YouTube.


    You can ignore the claim for now, and soon (within the month) it shouldn't be a problem.


    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  4. Hi! Wanted to try and give the Localization Builder a try, but this is as far as I get:


    D2alZ.gif(infinity load)


    I don't have Excell, probably why this happens (it's looking for Excell I presume?). After watching the video I thought it'd work without Excell to use the program and that if I wanted to read the files I'd need Excell (I guess I was being naive and wishful thinking? :p)


    What's the Process called so I can close it without having to restart my computer?


    Hey, Osvir. It does require Excel to work correctly. Should just be LocBuilder.exe.

  5. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer




    Hey, everybody. We have lots of cool Pillars of Eternity news for you today. Everything from our Update 3.0 Beta to a last chance to get your very own copy of Lords of the Eastern Reach.


    Last chance at Lords of the Eastern Reach!


    As most of you know, Lords of the Eastern Reach is a card game from Zero Radius Games that is based on the Pillars of Eternity license. The game had a successful Kickstarter last year and Zero Radius Games is about to send the game for printing.


    If you didn't get a chance to put in an order, but want to get your hands on the game in the near future, there is still time. Just head over to its Backer Portal and make a pledge! Even better, if you already have an account made for the Pillars of Eternity Backer Portal it will work with the Lords of the Eastern Reach portal.


    Update 3.0 Beta




    In preparation for The White March - Part II launching next month we are putting out a 3.0 Beta on Steam.


    The 3.0 Update comes with a ton of changes, bug fixes, and new features. We need your help in looking over everything to make sure that the community is happy with the direction of some of these changes. If you are able, we would really appreciate that you opt into the Beta patch and supply feedback in our forums. As always, you guys are what helps to make Pillars of Eternity the best game it can be.


    Here is a small list of features and changes that we would like feedback on:


    • The value/feeling of Athletics and Survival, both on their own and relative to other skills. Do any of the Survival bonuses feel way out of line with the other bonuses?
    • How do Knockout Injuries feel? Are they too punishing? Not punishing enough? Do any injuries feel way out of line with other injuries?
    • Assuming you like the idea of Story Time, how does it feel to you? Does it make the game more enjoyable for you, or does it just remove combat as an obstacle that you didn't like in the first place?
    • Do you like the new Stronghold Adventures? Do you like the narrative elements of them? How do the unique items you get from them feel? Do any of the unique items seem out of line with other items considering their relative difficulty level (i.e., comparing Minor to Minor, Grand to Grand)?
    • Do you like the presentation and content of the Stronghold Visitor Dilemmas? How do you feel about the setup of the scenes? Are there any dilemmas that you don't like? Do you feel like the dilemmas all give you a good range of options for resolving them?
    • Does the combat in the last third of the main game (from Elmshore on) feel better? Specifically, have we removed enough battles that feel like trash mobs or filler? Have we improved the fights there so they are a) challenging and b) more interesting?
    • The same question, but on levels 7, 8, and 11 of the Endless Paths of Od Nua.

    For a more in-depth look at some of the changes and fixes, head over here and check it out.


    Obsidian Tools Localization Builder


    Hey, modders! Have you been looking for an easier way to translate Pillars of Eternity into different languages? The Obsidian Tools Localization Builder is the answer.


    With the Localization Builder you can quickly and easily translate Pillars of Eternity and The White March just like we do here at Obsidian.

    To get more information about the Localization Builder watch the video below. This video will tell you a bit about the Localization Builder and explain how to set it up.



    Note: The Localization Builder requires a legitimate copy of Excel to work correctly. If you use a pirated version it may not work properly.


    Note: It is also for Windows only. We have no plans on making OSX or Linux versions for the future.


    You can download the Localization Builder here.


    You can download the associated Excel files here.


    Unofficial Translations


    With the release of our Localization Builder, the Eternity team wanted to showcase some of the unofficial fan translations for Pillars of Eternity. Everyone here at Obsidian really appreciates the hard work that you guys put in to spread the game to as many people as possible.


    Here are some languages below:



    German localizations here. (Created by Phobi666)



    Italian localizations here. (Created by improbabile)



    French localizations here. (Created by r-e-d)



    Spanish localizations here. (Created by MemnochPSA)



    Japanese localizations here. (Created by fackman and Synctam)


    If people would like to assist in getting more translation fixes in, they can post here on the forums.



    German localization thread here.



    Italian localization thread here.



    French localization thread here.



    Russian localization thread here.



    Spanish localization thread here.


    If you would like to perform translations in new languages you can use the Obsidian Tools Localization Builder. Just check out the video above.


    That's it for this update. Our next update will be about Pillars of Eternity's latest companion, Maneha.


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  6. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer


    Hey, everybody. We have a small update with a big announcement today. We are also going to do a spotlight on two of our new creatures from The White March - Part II.


    Be on the lookout for our next update where we will feature our new companion.


    The White March - Part II Early Next Year


    We have some great news for all of you fans that have been waiting for the second part of The White March expansion. You can finish your journey through The White March with the second part of the expansion in late January 2016. Once an exact release date is decided on we will announce it in an update for you guys.


    Vithrack Brutes and Luminaries


    In the second part of the expansion we are introducing a larger slice of vithrack culture. Players will encounter brutes and luminaries, two distinct classes of vithrack. While brutes build and feed the colony, luminaries are its scholars and historians. Both varieties can be formidable foes for adventurers who encroach upon their territory.


    Vithrack Brute



    Vithrack Luminary



    Pillars of Eternity Official Soundtrack




    The Pillars of Eternity official soundtrack is now available for purchase at your favorite digital music retailer. It's also available on streaming music services - like Spotify. If you would like to download a track (or the whole album) head over to Amazon or iTunes and grab a copy.


    Short Stories

    In our last update we showed off our first short story, The Ratcatcher. This time, we have a new batch of short stories to share with you.


    Blood Register



    Available Now!


    While conducting a census of rural Dyrwood, Neolas a public servant and his elven bodyguard Gacgen take their assignment into the wilderness of Eir Glanfath: one seeking his family of birth, the other to cure an epidemic.


    The Reaping



    Available now!


    Edér finds much has changed in Gilded Vale in the time since he left to enlist in the Saint's War. Tensions within the town boil over at a religious harvest festival known as Gaun's Reaping, and Edér is forced to take sides among neighbors and old friends.


    Until He Started Screaming


    To be released soon.


    Novice wizard Aloth Corfiser is shackled to a patron he can't abide and an Awakened soul he can't silence. He finds unexpected allies among a student group of spellwrights, but what he learns about them--and what they ask of him--threatens the entire academy.


    You can head over to our Short Stories page to download all of them now.



    That's it for this update. In our next update we will highlight the new companion in The White March - Part II.

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    Hey, Jayngo. We tried to reproduce the issue over here with a few different iPads and we aren't running into the same problem. We were able to get it working in iBooks just fine. Do you have any additional information that might help us figure out the problem?

    Serious issue with the .epub on my nook. 


    Font looks to be about 100+. Only a couple of characters on the screen at a time. My guess is that it's not scaling correctly and that what I'm seeing is the first letter and a half of the first and second line for each page.


    Hope this helps.


    P.S. It's a nook simple touch. Had no problem with the Wasteland 2 epubs.



    Thanks for the additional information. I will pass this on.



    Would be cool to see some more in-depth stuff about the making of the expansion. Many of these updates are just sort of a news post with the latest goings on which is mostly old news for those of us following the game.

    It'd be nice to get some behind the scenes stuff again, though I obviously understand it demands more effort and time to do.


    There is actually a different reason why the updates have slowed down when it comes to expansion content.


    The White March doesn't have anywhere near the amount of new content that the base game does. This means that when we show an area or a new creature, we are actually showing a larger portion of the game to everyone. We have to keep some stuff under wraps for you guys. =)


    Talking about our creation process might be more fruitful, but I am not sure what you guys may want to hear about.


    What suggestions would you have for future updates?



    Yeah, I definitely understand that. Personally I'd be happy with just a video where one talks a bit about... I dunno, the sorta initial brainstorming perhaps, if there's a particular design goal for that part of the expansion, any particular things the team wanted to improve upon and why and so forth.


    I don't really need any super in-depth stuff (like you say, I want to be unspoiled) but it'd just be great to have a very "high level design talk" without going into specifics too much. Maybe talk with Justin Bell to see what he wants to accomplish with the score, the artists discussing how they've improved... and so on and so forth.


    Not sure if that's too vague but...


    I'll talk to everyone and see what we can whip up.

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  9. Yep, my PoE copy updated. So, GOG can work fast when they have to ;)


    I know you were just being facetious, but to defend GOG a bit, the lag in updates is usually because we have to redeliver a build to them because of a last minute change. It causes them to have to redo their QA and patching process.


    Because they are on Polish time and we are on California time it can mean a healthy lag in the updates.


    Luckily we didn't have to do any last minute changes with this update so they were able to get it out a few hours after we launched on Steam.

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  10. Would be cool to see some more in-depth stuff about the making of the expansion. Many of these updates are just sort of a news post with the latest goings on which is mostly old news for those of us following the game.

    It'd be nice to get some behind the scenes stuff again, though I obviously understand it demands more effort and time to do.


    There is actually a different reason why the updates have slowed down when it comes to expansion content.


    The White March doesn't have anywhere near the amount of new content that the base game does. This means that when we show an area or a new creature, we are actually showing a larger portion of the game to everyone. We have to keep some stuff under wraps for you guys. =)


    Talking about our creation process might be more fruitful, but I am not sure what you guys may want to hear about.


    What suggestions would you have for future updates?


    We love all of our backers equally. =)

    Seems to me that the Windows backers get more love than the Mac OS & Linux ones:



    It’s been reported six months ago, and still nothing to see…



    There isn't much we can do about this.


    We are using Shroud for our cloth simulation. At the time we were implementing it, it worked on Windows and Mac. We thought it would also be available for Linux before we shipped the game.


    Unfortunately, the Linux port of Shroud didn't come through and there was a bug on Mac that was causing some pretty severe issues that we couldn't fix.


    The only thing we could do in time was to disable cloaks on Linux and Mac.


    We were investigating switching our cloth simulation, but it isn't a small change and could dredge up a lot of bugs for us.


    Our apologies to our Mac and Linux fans.

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    We still aren't ready to give many details about the second part of The White March, but the team wanted to share some of the cool work that they have been doing with the backers...


    "with the backers"?


    Are there still outstanding backer rewards from the PE Kickstarter, or does this refer to something else?





    Love it.


    I turned off helmet visibility for most of my characters with the cheat console, but for this I think I'll have to turn it on again... :)



    Could have been worded better. I meant that the dev team wanted to share the cool stuff they were doing, with the backers.

  13. And will Pumpkinhead be available on November 1st?


    And THIS!


    "Using store filters now only shows the appropriate items instead of graying out other items in the store panel."


    The graying out is very annoying. I'm glad to read that clicking the appropriate item will only display those items the merchant has to offer.


    Technically, pumkinhead mode only works on specific days. So, you could just change your system clock if you want more pumpkinhead fun.

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  14. Is pumpkin head mode reliant on the game being updated to 2.03? If so, then GOG version players will probably miss it because it won't be on GOG by the 31st. :/


    I just checked and the patch isn't on GOG yet.


    Edit: I just read Brandon's post from the "Update 2.03 is Live" thread. It should be on GOG within the day.


    I was informed by GOG that the update should be live on their side.

  15. Reminder to GoG people who don't use Galaxy: You will need to install both the 2.03 patch for the base game AND the 2.03 patch for TWM for a successful update. I've just confirmed this with Brandon.


    Yup. The official word from GOG is that they are unable to support having one patch for base game users and one patch for base game + expansion users. Their suggestion was to use Galaxy if possible. Unfortunately this means multiple patches for those of you that are playing the expansion on GOG with manual patches.

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  16. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer



    Hello, everyone. Happy Small Harvest! The Pillars team has been hard at work squashing bugs and finishing up The White March - Part II, but that doesn't mean we don't have time for a little fun on the side.


    In this update we will talk about the Small Harvest holiday, our brand new short stories, and show off some cool new art from The White March - Part II. We'll also go over the latest update that was released, 2.03, and all of the new stuff that is included.


    In future updates, we will release more exclusive info on The White March - Part II.


    The team also has a special Halloween treat for Pillars of Eternity fans... Pumpkinhead Mode?

    The Small Harvest

    In past generations, the Eothasian autumn festival of the Small Harvest was celebrated by most immigrants to the Eastern Reach. Farmers and the villages that relied on them came together to share food and drink from the season's earliest crops and give thanks to the gods for their good fortune.Children would bring food to distant farms or to elders who were unable to travel on their own and priests of Eothas would line the roads with small candles. In exchange for the food that children brought, the farmers' families would craft small dolls from corn husks or carve a variety of exaggerated faces into small gourds, leaving them outside as gifts. Poor or elderly families would simply spend time with the children and thank them for their charity.


    In the years following the Saint's War, the Small Harvest has taken a different tone in the Dyrwood and Readceras. Since the destruction of St. Waidwen, whom many believe was a manifestation of Eothas, most Dyrwoodans have no interest in celebrating the holiday. Those who continue to leave out dolls or carved gourds are generally viewed with suspicion and resentment, often finding their dolls burned and gourds smashed by angry neighbors.


    If you want to read more about the Small Harvest and how it is celebrated in Eora, check out our Small Harvest lore page.

    Pumpkinhead Mode
    For those of you playing Pillars of Eternity on October 30th and 31st you'll get a special surprise if you turn on Big Head mode in your options.
    Go ahead. Try it. We'll wait.
    The Ratcatcher and New Short Stories



    One of Pillars of Eternity's very own Narrative Designers, Carrie Patel, has a brand new short story featuring Sagani and Itumaak.


    Without spoiling too much, Sagani runs across a foul murder in a small village and is determined to find out what really happened.


    This is the first short story in a new series of stories that we will be releasing over the coming weeks that will feature familiar characters and some new faces. Here are the release dates for the other stories:

    • Blood Register by Paul Kirsch - November 3rd
    • The Reaping by Eric Fenstermaker - November 10th
    • Until He Started Screaming by Carrie Patel - Released Date TBD

    To find The Ratcatcher and future stories, head over to our Short Stories page.
    The White March - Part II
    We still aren't ready to give many details about the second part of The White March, but the team wanted to share some of the cool work that they have been doing with the backers...


    ... like some new Vithrack concepts (a.k.a. nightmare fuel).



    Or some of our new helms that match Pillars of Eternity unique armors.



    Or a new cave to explore. (First pass render with no paintover yet)



    Stay tuned to future updates so you can see the latest art and design details from The White March - Part II.


    Update 2.03
    The team has been hard at work continuing to fix bugs and add polish to Pillars of Eternity and The White March.


    Our latest update has many fixes, some cool new changes to the fighter, and we have even added some new key bindings to help support the Steam controller.


    Here are some of the changes:

    Steam Controller

    • Pillars of Eternity now has support for the Steam controller. The default template will be set once the update is live.
    • There is a suggested configuration that can be found on the templates that are accessed in Steam's big screen mode.
    • New key bindings have been added to support additional actions needed for the Steam controller control schemes.

    Fighter Changes

    • Base Deflection raised up by 5.
    • Knockdown gets a 1.20 damage multiplier (no longer gets bonus Crush damage).
    • Disciplined Barrage raised from +10 to +15 Accuracy.
    • Armored Grace has been scaled from -15% to -20% Armor Recovery Penalty
    • Clear Out base Crush damage increased from 10-16 to 15-22. Scales every 3 levels after 7 by 15%.
    • Into the Fray's damage scales every 3 levels after 5 by 15%.

    Major Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that was causing certain quests to take experience instead of granting it.
    • Fixed a problem with chanters not being able to set their chants properly after they have retrained.
    • Fixed an issue where retraining was allowing characters to obtain unlimited skill points.
    • Using store filters now only shows the appropriate items instead of graying out other items in the store panel.
    • Fixed multiple issues with the stronghold and how it interacted with DLC content.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the main character to lose his or her background shortly after character creation.

    Party/Companion AI

    • Can now enable/disable AI on multiple non-pet characters at the same time.
    • Fixed issues where AI would not automatically attack enemies.
    • Fixed issues where AI would engage enemies that were hidden by fog of war.
    • Fixed an issue where AI casters would cast per-rest abilities despite the option being turned off.
    • Fixed an issue that caused AI controlled party members to attack other party members that were charmed or confused.
    • Reviewed and updated what spells/abilities are cast in AI profiles for multiple classes.


    • Multiple enemy types have been given immunities to certain afflictions.
    • These enemy types have had their bestiary updated to reflect these immunities.
    • Fixed multiple issues regarding NPC reactivity after completing certain quests.
    • Fixed multiple bugs regarding Enemies/NPCs detecting stealthed characters and how they react to stealthed characters that they detect.
    • Rebalanced requirements for full bestiary unlocks for certain enemies that were not unlocking on easy difficulty.
    • Added additional bestiary information for multiple enemy types.


    • Minor Grimoire Imprint has had multiple fixes and now works as intended.
    • Fixed an issue with the Ranger's Stalker's Link ability adding too much accuracy in some situations.
    • Fixed an issue that caused certain buffs and abilities to persist after combat ended.
    • St. Ydwen's Redeemer's Revive the Fallen ability now works correctly.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Chanters to choose an extra talent.
    • Fixed an issue where the debuff "Bonded Grief" would not be removed after reviving animal companions.


    • Fixed an issue with The Siege of Cragholdt that kept the quest from progressing.
    • Fixed an issue with the Grey Sleeper questline that would cause it fail after completing it.
    • Fixed multiple issues with the "Sacrificial Bloodlines" quest.
    • Fixed an issue that would break game progression after talking to Maerwald.
    • Fixed an issue that didn't allow the player to complete the game after killing Thaos.


    • Fixed an issue with the Herald of the Old Flame achievement being awarded prematurely.
    • Fixed an issue that kept players from receiving White March Part 1 achievements.


    • Fixed an issue that caused enchants to be removed when a character retrained.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Sentinel's Girdle to be equipped in a ring slot.
    • Fixed enchantment issues with Badgradr's Barricade.
    • Fixed an issue where the draining modification on weapons would disappear.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Sabra Marie to be mis-categorized.


    • Fixed multiple issues with Korean text.

    That's it for now and have a great Halloween from the Eternity team!

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