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  1. I just upgraded and was greeted with message that I had one level 1 character and got 2 chests for my trouble. The thing is I had 6 level 40 characters. Back when the end of quest mode announcement was made I grinded a team of 6 charters up to level 40. Valeros, Sajan, Seelah, Ezren, Lini and Kyra. All have been level 40 for months and I last played them a few days ago. My tablet is always connected and I regularly do the dailies, just did the one for yesterday. To have all that work done and not get the reward is really disappointing.

    Hey, RabidGnome. I'll pass this onto our support team to look into granting you your rewards.

  2. I just updated the game to 1.2.6 on my iPhone 6. After opening it for the first time on the new version I received the expected notification of rewards for Quest levels, and went to the "create party" screen where I remove the only existing party member (a fully leveled Lem) and added my existing fully leveled characters Lini, Seoni (frostfire) and Seelah and took the opportunity to change their nicknames. I hit the Decks button and realized that I needed to shift some cards around between characters, so I hit the red back arrow at which point my game crashed. I start the game back up and only Lini shows in my party (without nickname), while Seelah and Seoni are not under My Characters at all! 


    I restart the game and it's still only Lini (and my other experienced characters) but no Seoni or Seelah. I remove Lini from the party and try to Add Character and then Lini is missing too! Thankfully she re-appears in my party if I go back to the main menu without finalizing the party and hit "Start" again. I can consistently reproduce the latter issue of Lini not appearing in My Characters when I remove her from the party, so I'm guessing this is related to how I lost Seoni and Seelah. However this does not appear to happen to other characters, ie I can add and remove them and they show up in My Characters as normal.


    Any help is appreciated. That's two out of 3 of my best characters and all their cards gone, so I'm hoping against hope that something can be done.


    Hey, StormShaper. Sorry to hear about the troubles. I'm going to pass this onto our team to see if there is anything we can do.

  3. I'm sorry, but how do I link my accounts? I'm in the iOS app and I see the PFID, but I've no idea where I'm supposed to be entering that code into.


    Currently we don't have the ability to link your PlayFab ID to the Obsidian.net account. That functionality will be coming in over the next couple of days. Once our site is ready I will write another post describing how to link your accounts properly.

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  4. Hello, Brandon!


    Would you be so kind to clear things out for me on such a case:

    Since we're about to hit the PC launch, which is scheduled on 15th... and the qualification for the Embassador clearly states that "You have to spend at least 25$ in mobile game before the PC launch"...

    Is it still possible to participate in this awesome action by purchasing "Rise of the Runelords Bundle" via mobile Store today, on 14th?


    Yes. If you purchase $24.99 worth of content before the PC launch you will be considered part of the Pathfinder Ambassador Program.

  5. Does this expire?  


    I don't think I want to be a day one supporter of the Steam version despite being a day 1 supporter of the mobile app + board game.  


    I feel too burned over the last year by many of the decisions made.  


    However, I need to understand if by waiting if I will get burned even more despite fitting into the "Ambassador" Description.  


    I have no issue waiting until more content is added to the game or a humble sale or both.  I've already invested enough of my money into the economy at this point and a 10% discount doesn't cut it for me personally.


    All the best  


    The upgrade DLC key should not expire. As far as I know, Steam keys never expire.


    The coupon might, but I am unsure of that. Once I find out more I will inform everyone. The answer may be slow since most folks on our end are wrapped up in E3 business.

  6. I think this is very reasonable. Thank you.


    Just to be perfectly clear....what is the playfab ID? I only know my ID within the Mobile game. Of course I already have my steam and obsidian accounts


    Also, when you refer to rewards...I assume you mean in Mobile, Challanges, Rewards.


    You can find your PlayFab ID by going into Options then Settings. There is a 16 digit ID at the bottom of the menu. I mispoke when I said rewards page. I meant the Products page for your Obsidian.net account. This is where you can usually collect digital rewards from Obsidian games. I'll talk about it more when I write the email about how to redeem your keys.



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  7. ATTENTION: The Ambassador Program ended on 08/17/2017 and is no longer active. If you feel that a mistake was made and you should qualify for the Ambassador Program, please contact support@obsidian.net.


    Hello, everyone. Brandon here. I wanted to talk about the Pathfinder Ambassador Program.
    What is the Pathfinder Ambassador Program?
    This program is a thank you to all of the Pathfinder community members that have supported us over the past year. Obsidian would like to show its appreciation for your support by giving you an exclusive upgrade DLC for Pathfinder Adventures on Steam. This DLC will upgrade a base version of the Steam game to an Obsidian Edition - free of charge.
    This means you will get:

    • All Epic and Legendary Treasure Cards
    • Legendary Dice Sets
    • All Iconic Alternate Character Equipment Sets
    • Edér, Pallegina, and Obsidian Golem Promotional Cards
    • Exclusive Legendary Cards
    • A Rune and Charms Starter Pack
    • 5000 Gold
    • Future Deck 1 of the Rise of the Goblins
    • Future Poog and Ranzak Goblin Characters

    ... all for the price of the base Steam game.
    We'd also like to offer our Ambassadors a 10% off coupon to help you pick up the base version of the game on Steam.
    Who Qualifies for the Program?
    If you have spent $24.99 or more on the mobile versions of Pathfinder Adventures before the PC version launches you will qualify for the upgrade DLC and the coupon.
    Even if you have not spent $24.99 we would like you to get in on the fun. Anyone who has played the mobile version of the game before the PC version launches the 10% off coupon and access to the Edér, Pallegina, and Obsidian Golem promotional cards. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting us.
    How do I Redeem my Rewards?
    We are still working on the exact process (and I'll send out instructions once it is all hammered out), but the basic idea is as follows:

    When Can I Redeem my Rewards?
    Soon™. It may not be at Pathfinder Adventures PC launch, but it won't be long afterwards.
    We are working on everything right now and once we have more information about it, we will let you know.


    Update: It's now available! See the redemption instructions above.
    That's it for now. Once we get the exact process for reward redemption we will create another post to inform you on how to collect your rewards.
    Once again the entire Obsidian team would like to thank you for your support over the past year.

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  8. Question:  Would it be too difficult for you guys to add the lore for locations and scenarios to the cards?  Like the flavor text for the locations, for example?


    I haven't given it much thought. While there wouldn't technically be anything stopping us from doing this, it would need a new UI to display everything. It is pretty unlikely that we would target that feature, to be honest.

  9. Hey, everyone. Brandon here. I'm a designer on Pathfinder Adventures. I just wanted to answer a few questions and give some clarification on points we have discussed over the past few days. I will likely post this in response to a few different threads so feel free to post this anywhere you think people might have these questions/comments. Thanks, everyone.


    • "I've already spent a significant amount of money on your mobile version. Why do I have to repurchase the game on PC?"

    This is a good question and if I were in your shoes I'd ask the same thing.


    The PC version of the game is not using a free-to-play model for revenue generation. There are both business and technical reasons for this. This means folks that purchased content on the mobile version of the game will need to repurchase the content on Steam or GOG.

    That said, we are working on a way to hook up players who have purchased a lot of content for the mobile game. Things like free upgrades and coupons to lower the price. I don't have any specifics right now, but that info should be coming out soon.


    • "If I merge my PC/Android/iOS accounts, does that mean I will see all of my unlocked/purchased content on all of these platforms?"

    Yup. For example, if you had some special promo cards on your iOS account and you merged it with the PC, they would show up on the PC build of your game - even if we don't have that content for purchase on the PC. It works in reverse too. If you purchased the Obsidian Edition on Steam and linked your accounts you would unlock the treasure cards on your mobile versions.


    • "Why didn't you just make more content? All I wanted was more content."

    Two things: content is by far the most time consuming thing that the team works on AND the Pathfinder team is only a handful of people.


    We felt it was really important to put out a PC version of the game. It is probably the best way for us to expand our user base. We have had most of the team focused on creating this build for the past few months. Because the team is small, we can really only be focused on one thing at a time. This meant that content creation was getting pushed off a bit.


    While pushing off content creation isn't ideal, we felt it was the best for the long term health of the product. More people playing equals more money equals more content for the game. It sounds like a cold calculation, but it is the reality of the situation. Same goes for the Asmodee deal. Working with Asmodee expands the game's reach and gives us a better chance to create more content for the game.


    At this point, we have started making more content again. You guys know about the Goblin campaign we are working on, but we also have some other things we hope people will like. We'll be able to talk about it in the next few weeks, I think.


    • "Why did you create Feature X? Nobody's asking for it and I don't think it adds anything to the game."

    Most of these new features were requests or designs from me. All of these features came out of a want to make the game more accessible to current and new users. In particular, I was focused on making the game easier to get into and more intuitive for people.


    I realize that some people think the game is way too easy, but the vast majority of new folks that play the game don't understand how it works right off the bat. You can only tutorialize so much before people stop paying attention so there is a fine line to walk. This is an important thing for the team to resolve. 


    The board game version of the game has the benefit of knowing that the users will read through the entire instructions before they ever start their first game. This means that the first scenario can immediately start with very little ramp up. By necessity the digital game needs to be more user friendly.


    So, in that vein, we attempted to make UI and current features more intuitive - even if it diverged from the board game a bit. While I feel there are still things we can add to the game to help, I feel like we were successful.


    In other updates we will be adding in other features that the community has identified, so be on the lookout for that in the future.


    • "Why did you add in consumables (Runes/Charms)?"

    There are a few reasons for this.


    First, they can really help new players get past a scenario or situation that they are having a difficult time with. I don't expect that players will be using these items for all instances, but it does allow them to get out of bad situations. This also applies to folks trying out harder difficulties.


    Second, this gives us something to allow PC users to purchase with gold. Originally, we were going to remove gold from the PC version, but these consumable items allow players to spend their earned gold on bonuses in the game.


    Lastly, this will also help out the mobile monetization. If people enjoy using these items they can purchase (or grind) additional gold to get more.


    It's important to note that players don't need to use any of these consumables. They are there for folks that need a little boost to complete some content or get out of a jam, but they are never required to complete the content. If you would prefer an experience closer to the card game, you can safely ignore those UI buttons and you should have the same experience that you are able to get right now.


    • "Have you considered a difficulty increase for the current (or new) content?"

    It's unlikely that we would increase the difficult of current content, but we are exploring how to make the game more difficult in future content. I have some ideas and once we announce new content I can get into the specifics.


    • "Why did you remove quest mode?"

    Unfortunately, with the size of our team, it was too difficult to keep quest mode running while also creating new content. The decision was to focus our team on creating new content instead of new quest mode content. We are also sad to see it go, but it is the right decision at this time. Removing quest mode should also resolve other bugs and issues that were being caused by it. These weren't insignificant and should make for a better experience.

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  10. To your point about the changes, we should have a blog post coming out next week that goes over some of the features/changes.

    The roll success chance was something I requested a few months ago. After watching new users play the game (physical and digital) one thing that became apparent was that many people drastically overestimated their chances of success. Hopefully this bit of UI will help new players understand when they need additional help to succeed on a roll.


    For users that would rather not see the UI, it can be turned off from the options menu.

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  11. Hey, guys. I am the designer behind the Stash. I figured I would drop in and let you know why we decided to include the Stash in the game.


    There are a handful of issues I was trying to address with this new feature:

    • As some of you have already noted, many folks were creating characters specifically as mules to hold cards. My thought is, if this is how people want to play the game, we should accommodate them to some extent. The Stash makes this process much easier and allows users to make characters that they actually want to use in the campaign, instead of just to hold cards.
    • One big problem that I identified when I first came onto the project was our treasure chest system. The previous implementation of treasure chest cards only added the treasure cards to the campaign's box. Users didn't get anything immediately from the chest. It doesn't feel good to purchase a chest, open it, and not get an immediate reward from it. I wanted to remedy that by giving users copies of the cards that they found from treasure chests. To do this I needed a place where users could get a copy of those cards and assign them to their parties. The Stash works well for that purpose. It also allows us to grant copies of promo cards, as well.
    • Anecdotally, I noticed many users (especially new users) are hesitant to banish cards because they are removed from your character deck permanently. This also means that users are less likely to keep cards in their decks that have banish costs. Having the Stash allows users to experiment with using banish cost cards without losing other items that they may want to keep.
    • There are many scenarios where specific cards would be much better choices than others. The stash allows users to swap out cards that wouldn't normally make the cut for a character deck, but may be really good for a specific scenario. For example, if you found the Birdcruncher Crown you may not keep it in your deck because you consider it too special case, but with the Stash you can swap it in and out for scenarios that make sense. Think of it as something similar to a MtG sideboard.

    For those of you that only want a 1:1 board game translation, I completely understand where you are coming from, but I do feel that the Stash will make the game better for a large majority of folks. I wouldn't have pushed to add it, if I didn't believe that. Also, since the Stash isn't a required system, you do have the option of just not using it. If you would like a purer experience you should just not use the Stash. The gameplay should be the same as what you currently have in the game.

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  12. Update by Justin Britch, Lead Producer


    The House of Wael



    For any backer that would get the novella as part of their rewards (If you pledged $50 or more) it is now available on Steam and through the Backer Portal's ‘Products’ page.  With this final reward in place, the full Pillars of Eternity experience is available to our backers.


    The House of Wael is a multilayered narrative that tells the story of a young boy's encounter with a strange house that might just be the work of Wael, god of mysteries. Taken in by its stern caretaker, the boy is introduced to a building where rugs grow food, where stairs are as likely to end in a pit as a floor, and where the gods' deepest secrets line the halls like artwork in a museum.


    Yet, for all its puzzles, the most challenging may be the one the boy needs most desperately to solve: discovering the way out.


    We really appreciate the ride you have taken with us over the years. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to achieve so much with Pillars.


    Update 3.04 Beta and Feedback Contest

    Update 3.04 is now available as a beta branch on Steam and we would love feedback on some of the changes in the patch, or major issues you would like to see addressed. We are running a contest on our forums where you could win Obsidian and Pillars of Eternity swag by participating in the beta. Full details here.


    To view the current patch notes for 3.04, head over to the Obsidian forums and check them out.


    Also, if you’re using the standalone CD version of Pillars of Eternity, you can find the Windows, Mac, and Linux 3.03 patch on our website. If you purchased the expansions, you can find the standalone installers on the site as well.


    Pillars of Eternity Survey

    We want to hear back from you about how you played Pillars of Eternity. Your feedback will help us make better games in the future. If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and opinions, you can find the survey here.


    Figin' it Forward: Wasteland 3



    InXile is back with a sequel to their first crowdfunded game, Wasteland 2.  Wasteland 3 is a party-based role-playing game that will take place in the lands of frozen Colorado, where survival is difficult and a happy outcome is never guaranteed. Players will face difficult moral choices and make sacrifices that will change the game world. Wasteland 3 is introducing vehicles, story-driven multiplayer, a revamped dialog system, and your own base of operations. Check it out here.


    That’s everything for this update. Thanks everyone!

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  13. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer


    Hey, everyone. We have lots of goodies for you today. In this backer update we will talk about our latest game Update (3.02), show you a GDC presentation by our Game Director, Josh, and introduce you to Obsidian's recently announced new project.


    I'll just get right into it.


    Announcing Tyranny - Obsidian's Newest RPG

    At GDC 2016, Obsidian and Paradox announced our upcoming title, Tyranny!




    Tyranny is a different take on the classic RPG story, where evil is victorious and you are, more or less willingly, a part of the conquering army. You have power in this world; lots of it, and your choices matter. Choice and consequence are core to the game and it has a branching narrative that ensures each game will be different. Learn more about Tyranny!


    Pillars of Eternity Update 3.02

    Today is the release of our latest game Update, 3.02. It is currently live on Steam and will be up on GoG and Origin within a day. This Update contains hundreds of great fixes and, if you haven't played Pillars in a while, it's a great time to jump back in.


    Here are some of the major fixes:


    • Fixed an issue where some player's game would reset after completing The White March - Part I.
    • Fixed an issue where some players couldn't activate the White Forge or enter Durgan's Battery.
    • Fixed an issue with the final Eyeless Scripted Interaction becoming stuck if you selected yourself.
    • Fixed an issue where some players would get stuck at the Caed Nua End Slide.
    • Fixed multiple issues where some players received black screens on load/transitioning.

    For the full notes please head over to the Obsidian Forums and check them out.


    Josh's GDC Talk

    Last week our Game Director, Josh Sawyer, gave a talk about attributes in Pillars of Eternity. The talk, Gods and Dumps: Attribute Tuning in Pillars of Eternity, gave an in depth look into the history of attributes in RPGs and how that history guided our decisions in Pillars of Eternity. If you are interested in Pillars and the systems of the game, you shouldn't miss it.


    If you would like to see the slides from the talk you can get them here (PDF Warning).





    Our friends at Raw Fury have just launched a sale on their first title, Kingdom, an award-winning and IGF nominated sidescrolling strategy game that has enamored thousands of kings and queens with its pixelated charm, simplistic design, and brutally challenging and addictive gameplay. It's 50% off right now, making it just $5, and with 83% positive ratings on Steam it can't be that bad.


    Play the role of a king or queen atop their horse and enter a procedurally generated realm primed to sustain a kingdom, then toss gold to peasants and turn them into your loyal subjects in order to make your kingdom flourish. Protect your domain at night from the greedy creatures looking to steal your coins and crown, and explore the nearby, mysterious forests to discover curious and cryptic artifacts to aid your kingdom.


    You can check out the trailer here.

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