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  1. Hey, everyone. We have done more investigation. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like something that Obsidian can fix. From what we can tell it looks like there is a problem with the Nvidia driver for El Capitan.


    The only workaround that we are aware of is to take your game out of fullscreen mode by pressing CMD-F.


    We will continue to see if there is anything we can do, but we might be at the mercy of Nvidia and Apple to fix the driver.

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    I wonder if we do? Could it be that it's the new file that was originally called draining that is showing as missing because it was renamed? I don't have a current save with any draining weapons to check...


    I've consolled in Tidefall and when I save/reload, it loses the Draining enchantment.



    Is this only a problem on GOG? I am not missing the file when I check the latest Steam build and I just checked the build we submitted to GOG and it has the file in it.



    GOG player here.


    If there are two separate patches for WM and no-WM games will it be necessary to install both in order to patch the game properly?


    That was the case with 2.01

    Yup. From here on out, if you have WM content, you will need to install both patches to get completely patched up.


    Will it matter what order you install them? I assumed I would only need the WM version and have already installed it.... :(


    It shouldn't matter.

  4. Hey, everyone. Looks like there was a little bit of miscommunication on our part which caused confusion in the update notes.


    The note that mentioned "Draining Item Mod should only drain 15% attack speed now" was incorrect, but it requires a longer explanation.


    In The White March a new Item Mod was created that was intended to drain a small amount of attack speed from an opponent and grant it to the weapon's user. Erroneously, this mod was initially named "Draining." Because we already had an Item Mod named Draining in the base game it was causing the old Item Mod to get removed from older weapons when it shouldn't have. To fix this issue the new Item Mod was renamed to Ambushing. This meant that weapons that use the attack speed draining effect used the Item Mod named Ambushing and the older weapons that used the Endurance draining effect used the Item Mod named Draining.


    The update notes incorrectly referenced the older name (Draining) when mentioning that a bug with the Item Mod had been fixed. This is the cause of the confusion.


    Unfortunately, Ambushing doesn't properly describe the Item Mod effect, so it is being changed to the name "Time Siphon."


    In conclusion, Draining is remaining the same (Endurance draining) and Ambushing is now named Time Siphon (and has had its attack speed siphoning reduced to 15%). The name change for Time Siphon will take place in the 2.03 update.


    I apologize for the confusion that this caused.

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  5. Hey Guys! Great work on patch 2.02 can't wait to try it out - unfortunately i have GOG version so i can't play it yet and it makes me wonder - if i started game two days ago - currently trying to beat Path of the Damned + Trial of Iron and in Expert Mode does GOG achievements work retrospectively? Can i still play it and implement the patch later on when it's live on GOG or in order to get the achievements i will actually have to start a new game?


    To be honest, I am not sure if they will work retroactively. I think some of them might (because he have added in some retroactive checks for some of our achievements), but others may not.


    If your beta build is up-to-date with the latest beta, then nothing will download. This is the correct procedure. It will only download something new if your beta didn't get updated to build 749 OR if you never downloaded any betas in the first place.


    I think you're under a misunderstanding. That's to say, you could not opt out of the beta. It was still listed as "Pillars of Eternity [beta]" even when not in the beta. Any other time I've opted out, it will remove files and download new ones. (At least on Steam.) This time no files were downloaded and it froze me in beta (despite being listed as "none (opt out)" under the game's Properties.


    Edit: I'll grant you this isn't the beta bug report forum, but it's always good 'fax to keep people (who are trying to update that it won't happen the way they expect) well-informed so as not to look for their pitchforks.



    EDIT: Nevermind... looks like you tried this.


    Thanks for the info. I have seen this bug in Steam before, but I have never had to uninstall the game.


    Next time try switching your branch to the default branch and completely closing out of Steam. When you come back into Steam it usually fixes the branch problem. Steam can be a fickle beast when it comes to updating builds.

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  7. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer



    Hey, everyone. The Eternity team is currently hard at work on the second part of The White March, but that doesn't mean we don't have time for updates and fixes for Pillars of Eternity and the first part of The White March! In this backer update we will share some of the fixes that have gone into 2.02, show off some cool swag, and let you know about some novels by a couple Obsidianites. In future updates we will discuss some of the things we are doing for the second part of The White March.


    Update 2.02

    Not only does Update 2.02 introduce some important fixes for the game, but we have even added in GOG Galaxy achievement support for you achievement hunters.


    The update is currently live on Steam and will be live on Origin and GOG within a day or two.


    Check out some of the changes below:


    Major Fixes
    • GOG Galaxy achievements now work.
    • A party member using a movement speed modifying item now should walk at the same speed as the rest of the party outside of combat.
    • Added more optimizations for save and load.
    • Fixed an issue where some players were not able to talk to the Steward of Caed Nua to start The White March quest lines.
    • Fixed issues with Respec not working correctly with some edge case abilities and talents.
    • Fixed some problems that were being reported with self-targeting abilities (Like Frenzy).
    • Fixed problems with chanters not being able to set their chants properly after they have retrained.


    • All Summoned weapons are now considered universal weapon type.
    • Fixed a number of issues with Nature's Bounty.


    • Soulbound weapons are properly unbound when the bound soul dies.
    • Fixed issue where weapon switching recovery could go negative.
    • Ambush Item Mod should only drain 15% attack speed now.
    • Shadowflame from Ninguath's Grimiore is now 4th level.
    • Removed enchantment cost of the Cumbersome item mod.
    • Lowered the enchantment cost for Spellstriking Confuse and Spellstriking Thrust of Tattered Veil.


    • Small Balance changes to the Alpine and Sky Dragon attacks.
    • Fixed a number of issues with the Devil of Caroc's reactivity in the soul awakening quest.
    • The Hunter's Favor should properly resolve if Thyrsc and Suldrun are killed before completion.
    • Stronghold attacks can now happen if the player level is over 13.
    • Caroc and Zahua now have a place in the stronghold.
    • Alpine Dragon is now set to never gib.
    • Vamrel's conversation will only fire once now.


    Miscellaneous Notes
    • Quick items on the ability bar are now sorted by slot.
    • Afflictions display like other status effects on the party bar.
    • Fix a number of hotkey binding issues and bugs.
    • Accuracy for Bestiary entries now account for stances and shields.
    • Fixed a problem with Accuracy being reported incorrectly until the party enters combat.


    Hey, where'd you get that shirt?



    As some of you saw in our last update, DRKN has produced some cool Pillars-inspired shirts and sweatshirts.


    Recently, Obsidian's order came in from DRKN and we had some fun posing for the camera.




    If you didn't get a chance to grab one last time there is still hope! Just head over there and grab yourself some of that Pillars swag.


    Novels by Obsidianites



    A while back we introduced you guys to some novels by Carrie Patel (Narrative Designer, Pillars of Eternity) and Andrew Rowe (Systems Designer, Armored Warfare).


    If you enjoyed those books we have some really good news, Carrie's second book in her Recoletta series is now available.


    Cities and Thrones: Recoletta Book 2

    From Carrie:


    Revolution transforms the city of Recoletta. The new leaders dethrone the old oligarchs, open up the secret archives, and establish a new government based on change and transparency.


    Months later, Recoletta is in shambles, the farming communes have revolted, and neighboring cities scheme against the crippled behemoth.


    Inspector Liesl Malone, now chief of police, must protect her city from black market barons, violent insurgents, and the excesses of her new government. Meanwhile, Jane Lin has fled to the city of Madina, where she learns of a plot to crush Recoletta. Jane must decide whether—and how—to save her old city from her new home.


    Cities and Thrones is the sequel to the critically acclaimed novel The Buried Life, and it's available in bookstores now.


    If you are interested in the series you can also find the first book here.


    Forging Divinity

    If you didn't get a chance to pick up Andrew's book, Forging Divinity, the first time, now's your chance.


    From Andrew:


    Some say that in the city of Orlyn, godhood is on sale to the highest bidder. Thousands flock to the city each year, hoping for a chance at immortality.


    Lydia Hastings is a knowledge sorcerer, capable of extracting information from anything she touches. When she travels to Orlyn to validate the claims of the local faith, she discovers a conspiracy that could lead to a war between the world's three greatest powers. At the focal point is a prisoner who bears a striking resemblance to the long-missing leader of the pantheon she worships.


    Rescuing the prisoner would require risking her carefully cultivated cover - but his execution could mean the end of everything Lydia holds dear.


    If you are interested, head over to Amazon and pick up a copy.


    That's it for now. Look for our next update that will talk a bit more about The White March: Part II.

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  8. Hey, everyone. Update 2.02 is now live on Steam. If you would like to see some of the fixes for 2.02, please check them out here.


    Due to a last minute fix, we were a bit late in sending builds to Origin and GOG. They should have their updates live within a day or two.


    Be on the look out for a backer update later in the day that will have some additional info for you.

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