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  1. Good point! That makes a lot of sense. The Play store has enough "maek it for free and I will give you five stars" reviews already, driving the rating down,
  2. You have a point that RotR Kyra is underpowered. My dog chewed up my Kyra character cards (OK - melee was poor there..) and so I play IRL games with cleric deck variant Kyra. This version starts with d10 strength and constitution (instead of d6) and an automatic +2 and magic trait added whenever she uses a sword.
  3. > This goes right over my head As if I play Kyra as a spearhead into difficult locations where her armour proficiencies and healing keep her alive until she's triumphed in a religious frenzy. It's playstyles and particularly team building which are so compelling about this game. OP hasn't got many team building options with two characters, but Obsidian did pick arguably the most fun and straightforward pair. Valeros and Seoni could be the obvious choices for new players, but Merisiel and Kyra are loads more fun. I enjoy playing Lini, but she takes time to understand, and for wh
  4. > Kyra is a bad melee fighter and useless ranged fighter Them's fighting words
  5. No news incoming, but still loads of nuance to chew over. Is there an Obsidian or Paizo Discord server where you guys hang out?
  6. Hi; all minor stuff; and it's taken me a while to get screengrabs of these: GARBLED TEXT ON THE CHALLENGE SCREEN PERSISTENT LINE ON SCENARIO SCREEN JAGGED DROP SHADOW ON SCALING NUMBER (this is hard to see in a still) This is running on a chromebook; VER-1147-20180216 / PFID-44790C3075E8DA3B While I'm here, I'd like to lobby again for keyboard hotkeys, like the steam version!
  7. Thanks for the Tupdate! Gameplay feels peppier, and the layout tweaks make more sense. I've spotted a few (very minor) graphics bugs, which I'll try and screenshot when they pop up, if no-one else beats me to it. For myself, I feel the dev team are right to get RoR gameplay on point, rather than add loads more content, and potentially loads more bugs. The only things I'd personally like to see are keyboard shortcuts on Android (for Chromebooks and BT keyboards) and deeper team management options. Lastly, since Asmodee are fast becoming the Disney of board games, they probably to h
  8. rdgoock - I love your character names - Obama lol. You got a Trump in the party?
  9. The party mechanics could certainly benefit from a quality of life refresh. The set up at the moment favours managing saved games over managing teams of adventurers, and I don't think that's how most of us are approaching the digital game. Jack Shade is right about inconsistencies around which character info is available from which menu, and I feel not having all the information easily to hand discourages thoughtful play. I'd like to see the keyboard shortcuts from the Steam version available on Android, to speed up play for us Chromebook and BT keyboard players, and an option to speed throu
  10. Hannibal, the Steam version has single letter hotkeys - [D] for "discard", [E] for "recharge", [R] for "reveal", [sPACE] for explore etc That would make Pathfinder a lot easier on a laptop configuration device.
  11. Quality of life suggestion here - could keybindings be added to the Android version of the Pathfinder app, as they are in Steam? Pathfinder is 100% compatible with Chromebooks, which is how I play, and it feels weird not to be able to use the keyboard. Bluetooth keyboard users on Android tablets would benefit too. Thanks!
  12. Here's an odd one - All the adventures, both completed and uncompleted alike, show with a lock icon onn the party screen. It's hardly a game breaker, but I'm sure it didn't used to do that...
  13. There's alot that Obsidian could do with the gold acquisition. More variety in the daily / weekly challenges would be a start; some kind of stats and leaderboards to build the community could be next. If we're online anyway this shouldn't be too difficult. Sentinels of the Multiverse has weekly challenges, and hunts to unlock variant cards with the winners getting props online.
  14. And somehow I'm labelled the "supreme pedant"? Jenceslav, this is almost as cryptic to me as your math-based explanation of permadeath
  15. That's about the size of it! That character is dead, so you roll another one and start again. "Permadeath" is just today's gamer slang for what's always happened in the "real" world of tabletop rpgs and hybrids like the Pathfinder card game. A lot of gamers today don't want this; and I can see why if they've got alot of hours and maybe real world money invested in their characters. Me I always play permadeath; I like to develop my toons and build my teams, and I want to feel the "real" consequences when my plans go wrong. But there's totally nothing wrong with just keeping that tick off and e
  16. There is a log being produced if you look at your saved games folder (if you're running on steam/android) Cool - I'm poking around right now; is that the text file with the current date, in the LOGS folder?
  17. @MrBishop - I'll give this a go later today and report back! Some kind of rogue-style text based adventure log would be really helpful for stuff like this, and also good for stats heads like me. I have to keep taking screen grabs to remember what's happening, especially with multiple games on the go, and being old and everything....
  18. Pathfinder really turned a corner with the last patch - fixing the log-in and character name issues that were dogging play. I'm ready to pay hard cash for more stuff, but I feel bug squashing and quality of life improvements are needed first. Party selection screens, stash, collection and shop UX still feel a bit arbitrary and must be bewildering for newcomers. Also some of the cutscenes and intros are lacking in polish, especially compared to the early ones, with their flocks of birds, waves, etc. But I like how the devs are managing to drip feed new content into the world. There's
  19. I'm seeing this too - on the last boss. Had to forfeit. I'll check for VRT next time
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