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  1. Meh. I don’t care about office politics. Make a good game , I give you money. Capitalism friends. Makes gaming great.
  2. I took a half day for Pillars 1 and played deep into the night. Although it was an awesome experience the lack of sleep and piled up responsibilities forced me to miss a few days of play time and it kinda ruined the initial start of the game. I plan on a more balance pace of a few hours a night and maybe a long session on a weekend till I have completed my first run. Maybe some other of you older guys will see where I’m coming from haha. I can’t infinity my infinity games like I did when I was 18
  3. The conversation of DOS2 vs Pillars 2 is more interesting than the OP.
  4. Do they have any banter though More than side kicks but less than companions Haha.
  5. Oh man. Seems like as we approach release more of these unfounded , strange concerns are popping up. Anyhow Obsidian , you clearly owe the man an answer. Haha
  6. Seems like an odd thing to get upset about. Although in context , I have a job, wife and kids.
  7. I would like Pillars 2 to have a compelling protagonist. No offence to Thaos but I never understood his motivations till the very end of the game and even still it seems more likely that we were kindred spirits verse bitter rivals.
  8. I did in my younger years while playing BG1/2 but I found it was terrible for retaining the story. I would wake up in the morning , after an amazing sleep I might add, and be totally lost plot wise because I had forgotten most of the major points from the previous night.
  9. I haven’t played the beta but one of the mechanics I didn’t like in POE was the spells per rest. For someone who doesn’t play RPG’s to min/max and more for the story , I found myself constantly “saving” these per rest abilities for more difficult fights instead of experimenting with how I could chain certain spells/abilities together. Especially with the limited amount of camping supplies available that I could carry. I see both sides of the argument but my personal preference is always towards giving tools to the player to experiment with verse limiting it to a single use.
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