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  1. For any jedi you want good STR, as however good you are with force powers, you will probably want to use your saber occasionally. The other musts are "either" WIS or CHA, this depends on your intentions. If you are going for a "pure alignment" character then I would suggest high WIS, if going for a mix/neutral then CHA will be more important. You can compensate for lack of intelligence (skills) with other characters. Remember if you want the best implants you need at least CON 16 at the start, a level 4 mental boost system adds 3 to WIS, CHA and INT, very useful for any jedi (consular in particular) while the level 4 physical boost is outsanding for a good guardian +3 to STR, CON and DEX. If you are thinking generally, then the Level 4 "forgot the name, sorry" gives +2 to all stats. Therefore for a guardian I agree with "The Dark Master" although I would go WIS 12, CHA 8 if you are after a pure LS or DS character. For a first timer the high CHA would be better, as you generally tend towards a mix of LS and DS first time round, until you get the hang of the game.
  2. Arnie... seriously, his muscles are so big that he doesn't actually have full range of movement in his elbows, so him, with a lightsaber. Don't make me laugh... Although seeing him dissected alive by maul or dooku would have been cool (and he's far too old to play anakin anyway.) Edward Norton - now I think he is a very good actor, who has made good films (watch american history X and you'll see how good he can be.) but really he is also too old to play anakin. I don't mind hayden christennsen (or however you spell his name) but really he just comes across as a whiney baby as anakin. I have no other suggestions though so I'll leave it at that Laterz... KILL JAR JAR BINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. For a good laugh, and a good look at what MMORPG's can do to "perfectly normal people" http://mrtwig.net/ep/1008.html Enjoy. Laterz...
  4. Bare knuckles vs lightsaber result no knuckles, no head, torso in peices. your winner lightsaber :joy: Thank you, thank you all {lightsaber bows to the enormous crowd} Laterz...
  5. I use PC version and never had a problem. Quite useful in the trayus academy for seeing the enemies behind the doors and in the jekk jekk tar cantina on nar shaddaa for locating all the aliens in each room. (And in the subsequent maze) But other than that, fairly useless. Of course it can detect stealthed people well. Laterz...
  6. Yet he gets his arse handed to him by Obi-Wan, who in the end kills him with a blaster... lame. I mean having 4 arms, each with a lightsaber and getting beaten by a jedi with just 1, pathetic. Plus he couldn't use the force. Worst in the poll, no doubt.
  7. I have had problems before. You could try saving your game, returning to windows, reloading. Sometimes the game doesn't recognise it straight away. If that doesn't work, I'm out. :'( Laterz...
  8. You have a seperate slot called weapon focus/proficiency/specialisation lightsabers, I thought that would be a clue.... No, the melee upgrades do not affect lightsabers. You are better going with: dueling - single saber offensive two weapon fighting - saberstaff/2 lightsabers offensive jedi defense - improves deflection (defensive) or if high dex, low str - finesse lightsabers. I generally only level up lightsaber and blaster pistol proficiencies, as they are what my character uses. Plus two weapon fighting and jedi defense for a good all rounder. Laterz...
  9. Sounds to me a little bit too much like the start of Jedi Academy. Not that there is anything wrong with that. "
  10. One point I would have to add is this: You get more lightsabers playing DS than LS, as you can get them by killing the jedi masters. You find it much more difficult to get influence with the characters you can turn into jedi when playing DS (apart from atton) this means you are likely to have less jedi in your party (especially as you get hanharr over mira if you are DS) This doesn't quite tally up, more lightsabers for less "jedi" and less lightsabers for more jedi. Yet another great example of fore-thought in KotOR II. :crazy: Laterz...
  11. Watchman OT stands for Original Trilogy (New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) Laterz...
  12. Blasphemy, may the gods of KotOR strike you down where you stand. LOL. He has some of the best lines in both games, to not complete him, is to limit your enjoyment of the game. Plus he adds to the storyline Plus, when upgraded he isn't half bad in combat, for a droid anyway. Laterz...
  13. When it comes to getting sabers, I think that the ways you get them are: 1st Lightsaber - the three parts. For each instance that you would get the parts after completing the quest you get a lightsaber. Therefore (at 2 parts/lightsabers per planet) 1 for completing the quest (assuming by completing both on dantooine) 1 for defeating visas (total 2) 2 on dxun (total 4) 2 on nar shadaar (total 6) 2 on korriban (total Then if playing DS 1 for killing Vrook 1 for killing Zez-Kai-El 1 for killing Kavar (?1 on Vash's Body?) Grand Total (playing DS): 11 (?12?) This is up till Malachor, and I don't know if you get more there, or if you can get one from Nihilus (don't think so). Laterz... PS - almost forgot, Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber.
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