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  1. I guess for balance reasons? Though it does seem slightly counterintuitive, yeah, since wands, scepters, and rods, are all things you shoot magic out of. Though Durance prefers to hit things with his (yeah, I know, it's a staff, not a wand/scepter/rod).
  2. I only see it an issue when it's early on, though you can kind of get by with loot and quest rewards. I find that the main money sink early on is the Stronghold
  3. The only reason I was resting a lot early on was because the casters were low level and didn't have that many uses per rest (or spells). Now, at higher levels, pretty much the only times I rest is to recover from a bad fight (that I survived) or one character gets hurt badly, or I want to reset uses before a fight that I know will be tough. Also, what's a Vancian caster?
  4. Forgot, heh. Can't for the story characters though. I want to retrain Caroc however, since one rogue (my char) already uses a spear/pike type weapon. You can even for story char, exept lvl 1 Forstorey characters, yes you can change skills, but not stats like might, dexerity, or intelligence.
  5. Some examples of how chants are set up for the builds would be nice actually. Also, not sure how to build Kana, not sure I entirely understand how to build it correctly or do the chants correctly.
  6. Forgot, heh. Can't for the story characters though. I want to retrain Caroc however, since one rogue (my char) already uses a spear/pike type weapon.
  7. I meant respeccing (or rebuilding), not rerolling (as in starting a new one from scratch), I conflated the two. sorry. Fixed my mistake, thanks for letting me know on it.
  8. After reading that the Ciphers have a LOT of gameplay to them (don't know if more than the others), I've been thinking of rolling a cipher (maybe wood elf, not sure) with a scientist background (why is that background only in 'living lands'? The animancers are basically scientists too, though more in the way alchemists are scientists than real world science) which uses ranged weapons. I've also found that the dominate ability is pretty potent, heh. It's less of a min/max build and more of a RP build, but I'd like to be able to get the most out of it as I can. However, I'm not sure what weapon, ranged or otherwise, and YES, I know what thread this is, lol. I would prefer ranged, but this is going to be a high int and per build, so, I dunno.
  9. Build this https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92285-class-build-the-vampric-leech/ follow it and you will be very durable I can't change the characters base stats with respeccing/rebuilding. edit: conflated 'rerolling' with 'respeccing/rebuilding'.
  10. Not sure if I'm missing something, but I've talked to Iovara, found the staircase that should lead to it, but for some reason I can't use the stairway. I can't click on it (cursor goes 'invalid location') and there's nothing that I can interact with to get down the stairs. edit: I did look at the wiki, but it offers no help to this particular problem. EDIT: I have White march 1 and 2, if that matters. Edit3: And, I did do a forum search trying to find the issue, but I didn't find anything relevant. edit4: Wait, just had a thought, maybe it got hit by the graphics bug where sometimes things disappear after a rekiad, edit5: Yep, I fell victim to that graphics bug, the interact button that should be there, reappeared after I restarted.
  11. Anybody tried this with Maneha? It's the only low dex barbarian build that I see on here. Going to try it myself however.
  12. Perhaps I'll rebuild Maneha with this one (it'll be a while before I get the equipment though). Also, is the lore part just for RP value or is it essential to this build? Then again.... her dex is a paltry 9 :/
  13. The endurance loss is the one I'm frustrated with, not health loss. With what Blades of Vanatar said, maybe I am doing things wrong as I just click attack and have them go at it.
  14. I realize that this is my first runthrough of the game and I'm on easy, so, I shouldn't worry about it too much. However, I'm feeling frustrated with it losing endurance really fast and fainting too much. Not even Durance (heh on that guys name) had that much of an issue. In easy battles, he's fine, but on more challenging battles, it's a real problem, and I feel like I've built it wrong, using it wrong, or both. The build that I tried to go with is the caleb rogue build in this steam guide (which is out of date however, and is similar to the don juan build on this forum. Currently level 5 (though not far from 6) race: Hearth Orlan Background: Old Vailia, Aristocrat Attributes without equipment (includes race and background bonus though): M: 12 C: 10 D:10 P: 19 (because rogue) I: 16 (because smart aristocrat) R: 11 Skills (I noticed that the builds listed in here rarely go into the skills, but I'll list anyway): Stealth: 6 Athletics: 1 Lore: 3 Mechanics: 5 (probably could have bumped it up one level or two) Survival: 1 Talents: Weapon Focus: Soldier Two-Handed style Abilities: Crippling Strike Crucible of the Soul (automatic Watcher ability I think) Dirty Fighting Minor Threat (Orlan racial ability) Reckless Assault Second Wind Sneak Attack Speaker to the Restless (Watcher ability) Equipment: head: none (though I do have the Footpad's Hood which I got recently and I could equip that) Neck: Minor Cloak of Protection (+5 of reflex, will, and fort. Was trying to improve the endurance problem) Body: Mail Armor Hands: Fulvano's gloves (+2 dex) Feet: none (just realized that I've neglected that, heh) Waist: none Ring/Accessory: Gaun's Pledge (that ring you get from the start) and Minor Ring of Protection (+5 fort, reflex, and will. Again, trying to solve the endurance problem) Weapon/Shield: Fine Spear (Trying to get to that tall grass pike, but don't have the cash atm), Medium Shield (Heater) So, any ideas as to how I can fix the issue of him losing endurance quickly and easily? It's only in the somewhat challenging fights that it's a problem. I'm just a bit frustrated because this is on EASY and I just feel like I'm doing something wrong here.
  15. Okay, and yeah, I've taken to pretty much just winging it. However, I am feeling frustrated with the rogue as it loses endurance too fast and faints a LOT. I'll ask that in the builds section.
  16. It's my first time playing, yeah, just thought maybe it'd be good to get all 8 of the characters before I got too high a level. Or is the level thing (mainly what the author of the guide was compaining about) not a problem anymore? Considering that the guide hasn't been updated in almost two years.
  17. I looked at the ones in the list of posted builds and didn't really see any mention of companion names, though I did skim fast. Probably should search in the section for the names of the companions.
  18. The reason I'm asking is because I followed the advice in this steam guide to get the companions early, only one problem, I ended up triggering a map encounter which is three levels higher than my party's actual level. The particular encounter is avoidable, so, it's not a gamekiller (I do have to be careful however) So, basically I'm asking, is it worth it to try and grab them quickly (at least the first four anyway) or if it doesn't matter? Like if the problem that the person who posted the guide (which is over two years old, don't know why I didn't notice that the first time) doesn't exist anymore.
  19. (not sure how much of a necro is okay around here, but within 6 months seems reasonable) I'm finding myself using the camps a lot to refresh the spell counters on the spellcaster characters. At level 4 though, so, kinda in the early part.
  20. Isn't the latest version 3.05? That's the one I have off of Steam. Anyways, I've been wondering about that as well. Sometimes the load time is pretty short, sometimes it's a while. Tyranny (another Obsidian game) also suffers from that problem on occasion, but the topic here is Pillars of Eternity. So, yeah, I've been experiencing that problem.
  21. @moderator: Not sure if this should go in the builds section or here, so, if needed, you can move it. Hey, I'm newish to this type of game (at least the DnD style of character building), but certainly not new to RPGs in general. I also play Tyranny, but the build system is less complex there. I understand the various stats, so, it's not an issue of understanding them, but knowing how to build them well, and also difficulty deciding how best to build them or something. So, my question is, what builds are recommended for the story companions (as opposed to the hireable build-from-scratch companions)? I'm trying to figure out how best to build (or at least re-spec) them as I've read that they aren't built very optimally, though Aloths stats are pretty good and would be fine with pretty much anything. I'm currently playing on easy and I have the White March 1 and 2 DLC, running v3.05. My current character is a rogue. Also, I've looked at the build compilation thread in the build section and found some that might work. I've also looked at this steam guide, however, I was told that that one is overrated, and I've noticed that it's out of date. Oh, and another thing, I've seen in that guide that the guns suck now, but I see a few gun based builds in the build compilation thread. My thoughts on what I'd like to use, or fits best or something or would work best. Hearth Orlan Rogue (my character): 'don juan rogue'. This is similar to the Caleb build in the steam guide that I linked. Aloth: witted wizard (Fits his high int stats) Durance: 'fire priest', well, he IS a priest of the fire goddess. Though I kind of want a dedicated healer/buffer rather than a damage dealer (potshots are okay though). Eder: Can't decide on one. Hiravias: Don't know what build to use. Sagani: storm and plague caller maybe, not sure. Kana: chillfog? I think he's more of a support/buff role? Not sure. Grieving Mother: Controller type? Not sure how her class should be used or what build. Pallegina: Don't know what build. OR, should I stop worrying too much and just wing it? editwhiletyping: Dang preview post keeps eating the links.
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