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  1. Well I failed my run at level 17. Made a mistake on a fight with a Watershapers guild dragon. Killed a fire dragon before. Anyway I really like Priest/Bloodmage so I started the same class run.
  2. Btw... Do you really need to sail to Fort Deadlight after killing Benweth to get Scordeo's Edge?
  3. I've already spent 53 days and finished "He waits in fire". Not sure if I got enough time for finishing or it's time to restart I'm Bloodmage / Skaen. Also I've never killed Sigilmaster Auranic and don't know how to do this with my class. Tried a bit with my regular save. Looks very hard and risky for now.
  4. Well I did some bounties and explored some Islands. 40% left for level 16. I'm Blood Mage/Skaen. I hope I didn't waste too much time... it's day 35.
  5. Every main quest stage's got its own time limit. First stage before you get to the Adra stone is 4 days.
  6. Does Salvation of Time upply on target in Stasis? Could be a safe way to keep Vela in it.
  7. Ancestor's Memory? It's for an Allied Target but not a Friendly Target. I guess Vela is not an ally.
  8. Finally got my CE (Ukraine). The statue is awesome but t-shirts (add-ons) could be much better.
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