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  1. if you die, I bet you find the dirt side fast.
  2. I love Hk enough that I play through most the game with just him and my exile fun fun.
  3. I spent like 10000 hours lvling my wicked cool jedi, wait it dosn't matter all the bady's are attuned to your lvl. So if you finshed at 15 or 30 it dosn't matter beyond having more stats or force powers.
  4. sorry wish i could help but everytime i've fought him hes died before he could use heal.
  5. Got it through savegame editor, hated the way it looked, and put back on the dark jedi robe.
  6. strongest sith ever would hands down have to be well anyone currently holding the title Lord of the what eva who cares amugjigers.
  7. Do you have mods, say the savegame editor and have done this with one or more party members, allignments. This happens to me when I do as I said before.
  8. all my jedi masters are naked at the trail true story oh yeah....best play through yet.
  9. I would go and find the sexy hutt I could and mate with it.
  10. My exile liked to take blaster shots to the balls and continued to walk just like any other guy, i just want the scar thing from fable if by some force god I get hit in the eye i want to be blind in that eye and it either gone or white, and I want to see scars from blasters or lightsaber hits if they do happen.
  11. I have an idea, lets say we just wait it out and stop talking about it and maybe it will happen once we all shut up oh and mass effect is going to be awsome, the 10 min preview and behind the scene thing was sick.
  12. I've seen and played alot worse, I don't see it being the games fault if your hardware can't run a game from 2004
  13. Like anothers have said I've always had those 3 as jedi, bau dur, handmaiden and atton and never really had any problems lol. I found it rather boring run it, run touch the darkness get some codes fight some sith leave.
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing a few of the planets from the clone wars animated series. Or maybe Hoth not sure if I spelled that right, the ice planet that exar's spirt rest on.
  15. Are we forgetting if it does get made it will go to the xbox 360, and big alot bigger well could be, and even have entirely different story lines from different area's something i thought was promised in kotor and kotor but really it only changed the final scene not the game in general.
  16. You really can't compare game and movie charecters, i mean if the game charecter only had say 2 force powers hes gonna get boring quick. But as far as weakest I don't believe there is a weakest or strongest, they all have their weaknesses, and strengths that one or the other won't have. Untill Lucas ups and says who is the strongest or weakest face it we will never know, it's just a story bla.
  17. Kill them both off then it won't really matter move ahead say I don't know 100 years later. Problem solved.
  18. about another million people found this bug your crying about oh 3 years ago it's easy to deal with. The game isn't that glitched, it has a few problems yes, the ending is sad and some what dispointing, but hopefully that will be fixed in time. But crying about things you have no control over, and at that hasn't been touched by OB for 3 years then whats the real purpose of crying other then making yourself look like a moron.
  19. There is so much good in the pink it draws you, the pink is so hippnotic.
  20. if they make another movie which they won't lucas said hes done with star wars movies. They are working a drama for tv, and something pure Cgi, but if they did make another movie i would rather see about Darth Krayt, and cade skywalker.
  21. understand the post that took play before had joking at the topic starts spelling
  22. all the kool kats go with the pink side. Super hippy lighting yeah
  23. I think some one needs to good look at some simple color, and photo tut's for photoshop, and no i hope they never make a 3rd one unless bioware does it, and it's on the 360 and looks half as amazing as mass effect and or fable 2
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