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  1. I'm pretty much in agreement with this whole thing. I still had fun, and I felt that my Watcher organically fell for Tekehu despite coming into the game with unrequited/unspoken feelings for Eder. But I didn't find Eder as consistently caring or kind like I remember him being in the first game. He still seems to care, but as Gala said it felt... distant. And he was pretty bitter speaking about everything Eothas despite it being one of his 'Likes'. He very much felt like a depressed shadow of his old self. His nicest and funniest interactions often weren't with the Watcher at all. I a
  2. Add your key from the portal, mate. Then you'll find it in your library and an option to pre-load. Easy as pie! If you're less familiar with the Obsidian site, it's here to redeem/manage your pledge: http://eternity.obsidian.net/backer/pledges Then after that, here to get your key:http://eternity.obsidian.net/account/products Enjoy! ^_^
  3. He/she should be able to get the key right away. Aha! I didn't realize the keys were already generated, I was looking at the orders page and seeing the "pending". Yeah it's not super intuitive lol I think once your pledge is redeemed the code can actually be generated on the 'My Products' page
  4. Posted in the codes thread: "Regarding Scavenger Hunt rewards and GoG users ObsidianEric said this on reddit two hours ago: Quote I believe we have a solution, been talking to GOG. It won't be ready for launch (most likely) but GOG players WILL be able to get the Scavenger Hunt items or I will die trying..." Forgive the poor formatting, I'm on my phone lol
  5. You can actually get the key right now and preload the game (if you choose Steam anyway). But yes, as they said you need to redeem the pledge in the Backer portal first
  6. I'm not sure if it's up to date but since Ascendant adjusts Soul Whip, the last numbers I saw for non-Ascended Draining Whip gave +150% Focus I'd say if you really want to gear toward being Ascended as much as possible, it sounds pretty feasible to me *Disclaimer- haven't played beta so really can't speak to how it feels myself
  7. It's kind of the opposite, actually. Multiclassing in Deadfire isn't really about versatility at all. Because you only get +1 ability per level up, and +1 for each class when reaching a new power level, you can't possibly fully explore the options in both classes, which means you have to be very selective and focus on what synergizes. If anything, pure classes are the ones who can become truly versatile by focusing all their ability points into a single class' tree. Versatility in the sense of your role, not versatility within each class. Versatility in the number of possibilities you can re
  8. From my understanding, multiclassing is more versatile but not necessarily more powerful. There are a couple classes that most seem to think would be better as a multiclass than keeping single (ranger and rogue I believe), but overall single is as much a strong choice as multi. It really depends on what you're trying to get out of it. Single classes get access to tier 8 and 9 abilities while multiclass does not. And they reach each tier a bit sooner. Plus they have one more ability point to spend by the end. Multi gets access to two trees and two resource pools but progress a bit slower. And
  9. I believe the 20 starting accuracy stays constant regardless of multiclassing, but the deflection gets averaged like the rest. Most seem to have base 20 deflection though as well (barring some outliers) That is of course assuming the site has the most recent and correct info -shrugs-
  10. https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Classes I think this site has been doing well keeping up to date with its info. There's a chart further down that shows starting defenses and such for each class. If you want to see the starting ones for a multiclass, each of those has a page too I believe. And yes, multiclass characters currently can only get to Tier 7 abilities in their respective classes from all I've heard : )
  11. Pretty high I'd say Personally I don't think they'd hide codes in a playthrough stream before the game releases. Too many people are skipping them to avoid being spoiled and I don't think Obsidian would try to force that on us :3
  12. I think Josh said the main narrative was about the size of PoE1(?), but that overall the game and content was larger. Glad to see you're so excited now though ^_^ Tuesday can't come fast enough lol
  13. It's really only important/'losing out' if the dialogue options you really want for your character are the high Resolve ones. As you say, it's far from a requirement. But sometimes it can be worth it for those who really want it ^_^ That said, I've no complaint over how they chose to assign stat effects. I don't play hard difficulties on my story runs so it's pretty manageable regardless of how I initially assign stats. Looking forward to checking out that ability tree video in greater detail when I get home from vacation though!
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