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  1. Do you even have to kill it? Can you not just run to the shuttle and take off?
  2. Yeah, heh-heh I didn't do too well on the swoops in KOTOR I or KOTOR II and as Weiser_Cain said there really isn't much a reward if you do manage to win. Unless there is a quest tied to the swoop race... Like the one on KOTOR I, Tatooine... But yes, I still stand by what I said before - practice, practice, practice.
  3. Yeah well, I guess we'll only find out the Exile's true fate is to wait and see if a KOTOR III comes out.
  4. Let's just say he had a troubled childhood.
  5. My Revan was male, extremely evil, bald with a tad of facial hair around the bottom of his mouth... He weilded a double-ended 'saber, probably wasn't as powerful as some of your guys characters, but he got the job done. If there was a profit to be made he was there and anyone who crossed him would end up dead. If he had the chance he would also slaughter the innocent and he wished he could have cut down Carth when he had the chance.
  6. But the mask is good... You got to admit that Krookie.
  7. Let's just hope that day doesn't come eh? Don't give people ideas Serius...
  8. Awesome mask mate. I for one think that is near or exact to the real deal. Well done... Damn, if I were you I'd wear that everywere.
  9. :D Sounds good! "Sleep old man... sleep... sleep forever! Mwhaahahahaha!"
  10. Let's just try and stick to the original question shall we?
  11. Yeah I must also admit, I haven't actually spent too much time on the tracks... They're, as you said, much more difficult than the KOTOR I tracks and really a waste of credits, unless you're good at them. I'm more of a Pazaak man, myself.
  12. I recommend practice, have a couple of free rounds before setting your score, get used to the track, try and remember where tough obsticals and speed ramps are and figure your way around the tough spots. After a couple of rounds you should be able to improve your time, but patients is the key.
  13. Recently I just fought Vrook in a battle or should I say, the battle? Anyway, I found he uses alot of Force, so maybe if you have the Force power you should try 'Force Drain'. I found it really handy, once you have drained all or most of his Force power he is unable to heal or hurt you, then you may switch to offensive and attack him. Once the Force is out of the way he isn't very hard. Good luck!
  14. Yeah, I knew what the word "necro" itself meant as the word is located in my name somewhere... But thanks for the info on "necroposting," really helped.
  15. Yeah, and when he begun sucking the life out of those dead Republicans the fight became much more complicated. On my light side file I did not have a Force power that could destroy the tanks so I had to keep soildering on! Eventually Malak ran out of dead Republicans and I took him down in the end.
  16. I liked Kavaar. He was pretty friendly, and did not seem to hound the Exile about his/her choices back in the Mandalorian wars like the rest had.
  17. What an interesting question. I'd have to say Sasha was the more usless out of the pair. At least GO-TO could fight and Sasha was soo annoying... I was glad to have thrown her out of the ship as soon as I could.
  18. My first file (darkside), I killed him no sweat. It was my second attempt on lightside where I started to slip up... I died once in that fight.
  19. Or maybe it seemed easier because the Exile was powerful... who knows... Uh-oh, we've strayed from the original question!
  20. Yeah me too. I prefer to let my companions do what they're good a doing.
  21. Speaking of Jedi Masters, I'm kind of surprised that the other Jedi Masters were not as hard to kill as Vrook. I mean, they're Masters... they shouldn't have been as easy as they were.
  22. Atton: Did you find the emergency supplies? Exile: Yeah and there seems there's some clothes in here to. Atton: Damnit! Atton: I mean-good.. we can't have you running around half naked... it's destracting, for the droids. Note: I am not sure if that is the quote exactly, but you get the gist of it.
  23. :"> Oh.. Sorry, I did not know there were 'dates'. Thank you Sturm, I will make sure I know the 'dates' before I post in the future. Sorry guys.
  24. If you look at the droid, it bares the marks found on Bao-Dur's remote.
  25. I thought the tank droid was fairly easy. The trick is, is to plant a whole bunch of mines down in front of the door before the tank droid wanders out of its room. :D But if that fails you can also throw a bunch of ion grenades at it, some Force powers are pretty handy, such as 'Disable Droid'. Hope I helped.
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