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  1. I don't agree that's what he said in the article, but I'm certain that's along the lines of what he'd say if asked to elaborate(and I still don't agree with some particulars, but my disagreement isn't my issue here). I'm not at all certain that's the viewpoint of the residing anti-romance brigade, who seem more to think that not only are romances hard to do right, but that they're nigh impossible to do right, and anything less is masturbatory pandering. Since I was vague earlier, let me be clear now: I'm not mad at Obsidian for this, and I won't miss them in this particular game—I might not even play it, as I don't like the setting. I'm merely annoyed by the knee-jerk celebration, because I think even badly done romances are worthwhile. Even if you don't bother with them(which I didn't in Deadfire) you can use that to say something about your character.
  2. Now try putting them back in context. He's not saying "Gosh, we just don't have the time to do romances"; he's saying not only are romances not a positive for roleplaying, but that they actively harm it. "Waters down your roleplaying...", what do you think that means? He's talking about people who compromise their character in pursuit of a romance — saying or doing whatever it takes to unlock them, even if it's not in keeping with who the character is*. And since they want to focus on enhancing roleplaying, they're not going to bother with romances. It's a design choice from the viewpoint that romances are bad, not a cost saving measure. *Bad roleplaying. You can keep your convoluted redefining of commonly understood words.
  3. That quote says nothing about limited resources, and it's actually just about the worst reasoning I've ever seen. What other options would like they to take away to protect people bad at roleplaying? All the posts on the first page celebrating this weren't about that either, which was my post was mocking. You're the one actually spinning here. The anti-romance sentiment that dominates this forum is not about a concern for resources.
  4. Souls aren't drawn to you because you're the Herald of Berath, they're drawn to you because you're a Watcher: There was absolutely a conflict with Xoti's motivations. She started out with the intention to keep them from the Beyond, she just couldn't bear the burden. It was weird you couldn't tell her you wouldn't stand for it.
  5. Bug, huh? I wouldn't have sided with Aeldys if I had to do this. Guess I'll have no choice but to go it solo since everyone's asking for insanity.
  6. I was wondering that myself. If I had to guess, it's based on your reputation level with them. The VTC were my second highest and they showed up in my Príncipi playthrough.
  7. I don't want to criticize because it's not as if I'm lending a hand, but the Pillars wiki is one of the least fleshed out I've seen.
  8. I didn't take the "no surge of innovation or prosperity" to mean progress was still going onward. That ending is slightly different if you sided with RDC too. Although, I find it interesting that empowering Berath results in a more stable seasons and less wars and/or natural disasters. That suggest the gods have an effect on Eora's ecosystem. It was this slide that makes me think progress is still happening. Sided with Aeldys in this playthrough.
  9. I was under the impression that rapiers are as heavy or heavier than any other 1H sword, and even 2H swords.
  10. Yeah, I was expecting to at least be able to suggest a god, whether he agreed or not. I would've liked to hear his thoughts on each of them.
  11. I don't think it's fair to say things become stagnant under Berath. They become steady. There aren't any soaring periods of creative inspiration, but neither are there periods of despondency. Progress is still going ever onward, come what may. Highly appealing to my stoic sensibilities.
  12. Souls are still going to the In-Between, they're just not going to the Beyond. Not that that changes your point.
  13. Yeah. After you get your ship you can go right to the Ashen Maw and he'll be there, as you see.
  14. I don't know about the rest of the questions but this one is answered in the game for the current situation (if the gods are to be believed) - kith have few generations at most, then the consequences will start to show. A few generations for the Beyond to empty of all souls now, yes, but I'm suggesting that there was a time when the Beyond was brimming with new souls that had yet to enter the cycle; that old souls and new souls used to pass from the Beyond and into Eora. This serves as a potential answer to his question of how populations could have grown without the fragmentation of a living soul dying. He seems to be approaching it from the viewpoint that all souls were just dumped into Eora at once, which would mean there'd be no waiting souls in the Beyond if anything on Eora gave birth.
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