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  1. The lightside.... And then fall to the darkside. It would make life interesting.
  2. Only movies are absolutely canon. I'm just happy that Plo Koon was killed like other ones. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You cannot say the movies are absolutely canon, all of the EU have to be approved by the GL himself so they are canon also.
  3. Starwars.wikia.com, I had to count them myself since it doesn't give you a specific number, so it's give or take a few Jedi.
  4. 73, including the Expanded Universe, including Yoda, Obi-Wan, Swan, and Vos. There others missing.
  5. She did, but she was wounded, not dead and was able to get to Dooku.
  6. He was actually a good lightsaber duelist he killed some good jedi and sith like Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Cin Drallig and Serra Keto <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Count Dooku was old, you could tell that from Episode 2 when after fighting Anakin he looked tired. Asajj Ventress didn't die by Anakins hands, heck she didn't die at all. Cin and Serra you're right about though.
  7. You can, as the sun gets older there are heavy elements in it, if you could find out how to draw the elements from it, it's possible. You Jupiter if you wanted to for it's gases for fuel, but the problem would be getting those fuels out of Jupiters massive gravity well.
  8. But they didnt have any mention untill after RotJ, They made a few appearances but nothing in KotOR <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They mentioned, Canderous saw one remember? When he is telling you the story of the astroid that departed for another Galaxy. It could have been a Vong Yorik-stronha... A spy sent to look at the Galaxy they were going to invade 4000 years later.
  9. The Exile served with Revan during the Mandolorian Wars, when the Wars end, Revan takes the Republic Fleet in his followers to the Unknown Regions(The First Time) seeking out the Star Forge. HK-47 Wants the Exile killed but Revan lets him go. Then Revan comes back with the Fleet which is "new and improved" and he wages a war against the Republic, during all this the Exile goes back to Coruscant and faces exile by the Council. Thus during the wars the Exile drifts from planet to planet. Revan at the time get's boarded and get's betrayed by Malak and the Jedi "rescue" him. He gets his memory wiped and the memory given to him is of a soldier, and then you have the events of KotOR 1, then after the game, Revan seems to get his memory back and departs for the Unknown Regions(The Second Time) once again to face the "True Sith". Then a few years after you have KotOR 2 and the Exile, then after that game he departs for the Unknown Regions seeking Revan. That's the games in a nutshell. Also the HK-50s and 51s are based off of HK-47s design, they were programed by GOTO to hunt for the Jedi Exile and kill him, or something along those lines...
  10. K1, it was funner and it was orginal plus it didn't have all the glitches that K2 had.
  11. Episode 6, intense fights, a good ending to the movies, Ewoks*shudders*, at least they weren't as bad as Jar Jar. The prequels I hated, so they weren't even my first choice anyway, it was close between the Empire Strikes back though.
  12. Departed for the unknown regions the first time, with Republic Fleet. Rakata Prime is in the unknown regions.
  13. Yes I know, just stating a fact.
  14. Taris looked pretty good and Mannan I enjoyed the rest seemed rather... ordinary.
  15. He did, HK-47 went wanted him killed when Revan departed for the Unknown Regions, Revan let him go.
  16. Don't we all, because blacking out for one kiss is just ticking me off every time I play the game.
  17. Bah, same fisher will kick solid snakes butt, just like what like what he did with Gordon from half life. Just like in this picture: [x]
  18. Not funny man... Green: Jedi Consular Blue: Guardian Red: Any Sith Yellow: Sentinal Purple: Focus, and Power
  19. What do we actually know if anything about KOTOR3? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Truthfully, we no absolutely nothing at all. The Old Republic spans thousands of years so it could be anything. If they want to milk the series for all it's worth they could make four, or five more games and turn into final fantasy wannabe.
  20. Give the guy a break... Anyway, I wish I could help ya, but I have it for the X-box...
  21. Well, he wore dark Jedi robes, his facial appearence was of the dark skinned avatar with the spiky hair, also he had a double bladed lightsaber.
  22. To help you out alittle, how about take off your caps lock.
  23. I've seen that before, but that wasn't how I viewed the Exile... At all...
  24. Well the game was rushed and didn't Bioware do the same thing with K1 also?
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